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Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
Day1 business of_partnerships_wa
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Day1 business of_partnerships_wa


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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  • Once completed it will take about 4 weeks to ride from end to end
  • In line with research to provide a hot shower and warm bed every other night Promotes economic opportunities
  • Different grades of rides Will implement IMBA grades in the future
  • Community includes Bib Track Foundation, WAMBA and interested community members / trail users Community was the focus and key driver - There was already a long distance walking trail in WA which was frequented by mountain bikers Explain Lotterywest – Dept. Racing, Gamming and Liquor’s grant program in WA Concept plan Trailswest project as Hardwood Trail - ALCOA local mining company
  • Promotion: DEC generic promotion Marketing: MBTF specific marketing activities Maintenance: Through volunteers and for bigger things DEC staff Volunteer Program: Maintenance supported through DEC (funding, insurance and training) and MBTF events and office MBTF - Representing the users of the Trail, the community, businesses, local governments DEC - Through its Recreation and Trails Unit Websites are linked, but MBTF considered primary public access site Political pressure to key stakeholders to ensure completion of MBT is considered priority and money made available
  • Natural experience, not racing Outsourcing makes events less viable and tricky Board - volunteers, mostly not experts - mostly keen cyclists and members - but low skills in business and tourism Yet to develop more business like operations
  • DEC position on board
  • Other partners include: Landowners, eg shires, water corp/authority, dept regional development & lands, private Other community partners, eg Torbay Catchment Group, Australian Institute of Foresters Specific funders
  • Joint application Trail construction is timed with the community tourism development implementation to ensure the community is cycle tourism ready as the Trail progresses.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Business of Partnerships The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation & Department of Environment and Conservation
    • 2. today’s presentation
      • What is the Munda Biddi Trail
      • History
      • The partnership(s)
      • Holistic tourism approach
      • Product branding
    • 3.
      • A long distance off road cycle touring trail – 1000km
      • Munda Biddi means ‘ path through the forest ’ in Noongar language
      • A safer and more scenic alternative to cycling on busy roads
      • Caters for families, groups, beginners and experienced cyclists
      • Links towns and communities
      • Creating sustainable economic benefits for communities
      what is the Munda Biddi Trail?
    • 4.
      • Town or campsite at a day’s ride, every 35 – 45km
      • Passes through a town or shops every few days
      • No campsites within ~20km of towns
    • 5. the route
      • Currently open: Mundaring (Perth) to Manjimup (585km)
      • Under construction: Nannup to Albany (completion end of 2012)
    • 6. latest map (side a)
    • 7.
      • It is conservatively estimated within three years there will be 25,000 cyclists using the Trail, who will be injecting an estimated $13 million into the economy of regional southwest WA
      • (based on an average trip of 3.5 days and
      • spending $150 per day on transport, food,
      • accommodation, supplies and equipment)
      trail user statistics
    • 8.
      • Community initiative in 1998/1999
      • Increased interest in off-road cycle trails
      • User group conflict between cyclists and walkers
      • Getting off the ground....
      • Lotterywest Grant for concept plan
      • DEC commitment in 2000
      • ALCOA sponsorship in 2000
      • Setting up a friends of group (MBTF founded in 2001)
      the beginning....
    • 9. the partners DEC MBTF Land and Trail Managers Maps Public Liability Construction Marketing Volunteer Program Events Calendar Community Engagement & Ownership Maintenance Promotion Merchandise and Guide Books Cycle Tourism Development MOU A long-distance off road cycle trail dream realised through partnerships between the community & government. Funding Stability Specialised staff Political Driver Funding Opportunities
    • 10.
      • DEC
      • Retaining construction staff due to mining opportunities
      • Extensive approval requirements (environmental and cultural)
      • Political project with many key stakeholders
      • MBTF
      • Securing core funding
      • Potential large money raising events don’t fit trail concept and are outside of the Foundation’s capacity
      • Volunteer board of management
      individual challenges
    • 11.
      • Common goal
      • Commitment & time for the relationship
      • Clear roles through MOU
      • Honest communication
      • Transparency
      • Multi level relationship
      • Regular meetings
      tips on relationship
    • 12.
      • $3 million Royalties for Regions (South West & Great Southern Development Commissions)
        • $2.5 million trail construction
        • $0.5 million tourism development
      • $1 million DEC - for construction
      funding partners
    • 13.
      • Landowners:
      • Shires
      • Other government departments
      • Private
      • Other parties:
      • Community groups
      • Individuals
      other partners
    • 14.
      • Trail infrastructure combined with tourism product
        • Cycle friendly businesses (accreditation)
        • Business mentoring
        • Tourism package and itineraries
        • Community engagement & events
      • Timelines synchronised
      holistic tourism development approach
    • 15.
      • Cycle tourists generally stay longer than vehicle based tourists and are more dependant on local services as they travel light.
      cycle tourism Cycle tourism is one of the fastest growing niche markets in the tourism industry worldwide.
      • Cycle tourism is for everyone:
      • leisure and day riders
      • touring cyclists
      • mountain bikers
      • event cyclists
    • 16.
      • Maps
      • Guidebooks
      • Merchandise
      • Events
      • Website
      marketing the trail
    • 17.
      • National Geographic’s Top 10 cycle routes in the world
      • Lonely Planet’s Top 10 things to do for your mid-life crisis
      • CPF Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards – Bicycle Friendly Business
      • Tourism Awards – Adventure Tourism
      • Outdoors WA – Best Outdoor Rec Provider
      • International Media Famils
      public recognition
    • 18.
      • Community Development & Engagement
      • DEC - Trail
      • MBTF - Business opportunities for community, promotions, events, volunteers, trail users
      presentation later today
    • 19. Kerstin Stender p: 9842 4550 m: 0427 197 950 Crystal Reed p: 9481 2483 m: 0422 112 229