Origin of tanzanite with its incomparable characteristics


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Tanzanite is found only in the mines of North Tanzania. It is an off beaten path mineral that gives off a dynamite tinge with the cast of purple. However it comes in other colors such as brownish yellow or purple.

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Origin of tanzanite with its incomparable characteristics

  1. 1. Origin of Tanzanite with its incomparable Characteristics Tanzanite is found only in the mines of North Tanzania. It is an off beaten path mineral that gives off a dynamite tinge with the cast of purple. However it comes in other colors such as brownish yellow or purple.
  2. 2. • History of Tanzanite Tanzanite is basically a new gemstone, found in 1967. It is said that Masai tribesmen were bush walking through the grandeur of Mount Kilimanjaro and came across a stone that was hitting them with its lighting. The mineral was Zoisite and it was a beautiful deep blue with hue of purple. Later on the mineral was named as Tanzanite with the help of Tiffany’s and Co. since then it has got esteemed place in the jewelry market. It is marketed as a gift to a mother with a newly born child because Masai people believe that it brings life.
  3. 3. Created By Fire and Earth • The reality is that it is an anatomy of Zoisite and originally it is dull grayish brown in color which is heated at 500 degrees centigrade release its unrivalled natural beauty. It always required heat treatment that’s why it was never discovered. Until natuMassai tribesman heated the rough Zoisite and the stone we know as tanzanite came into existence. • It was demonstrated to Tiffany & Co. and shown to the world in 1969 after two years of its discovery. It was named as a tribute to the country and reflects the beauty of Tanzanian night.
  4. 4. Beautiful as Sapphire Due to late discovery and far-fetched characteristics it is the only stone to get its name in the official birthstone list by American Gem Society and now has become birthstone for December born accompanying Turquoise and Zircon. The main reason for its rarity is that it is frequently broken during digging up and cutting process makes it difficult to get out of the ground in big pieces. The stone is very fragile that’s why you have to very gentle to this unusual gem.
  5. 5. Hardness and Durability It is not very hard when compared when compared with Diamond at 10.0, sapphire at 9.0. This beautiful Gemstone has a hardness of 6.5 which requires more care, so ultrasonic cleansers need to be avoided. Though it is quite durable but still need to take care that it should not be bumped or knocked sharply. Harder and harder to find The price of this unique gemstone is rising very often due to the discrimination in the ratio of supply and demand. In the year 1997, with the release of Titanic, the gemstone was lifted to all time high. The movie was starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio as the ill-fated lovers of famous ship ruined in its maiden voyage. Kate Winslet put on heart shaped tanzanite pendant with encircled diamonds named as “Heart of the ocean”.
  6. 6. Best Places to Buy Tanzanite Whenever we are making purchase, it has always been a nerve- racking that is it going to be good deal or who to buy from. The best place to buy tanzanite jewelry is online because it gives us chance to money back guarantee with genuine stone. Toptanzanite.com is booming like anything in the online market for tanzanite jewelry. They offer finest cut Tanzanite Loose stones and adorable Tanzanite Rings for your love one. When you are looking to buy best quality tanzanite, you choose to buy from online. E-shopping gives you a chance to buy from largest collection and even you can compare the prices. Sometimes many e- stores offer Amazing Discounts on the purchase with free home delivery.
  7. 7. Tanzanite Video • Take a look and grab some important and useful information about this Stunning and stylish gems stone Tanzanite.