Which is the Best Way to Learn PHP – Self Study through Books or Joining PHP Training Program?
There are two ways...
The better way for such learners is to take up PHP training from the experts. All you need to do is to join
a good PHP cou...
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Which is the_best_way_for_learning_php_self_study_through_books_or_php_training_program


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Which is the_best_way_for_learning_php_self_study_through_books_or_php_training_program

  1. 1. Which is the Best Way to Learn PHP – Self Study through Books or Joining PHP Training Program? Summary: There are two ways to learn PHP – one through self study through books and other through PHP training from experts. PHP training is definitely costly than self study through books but is a more effective method of learning the subject to perfection as compared to self study. ******************************************************************************* Article: PHP is an open source scripting language which can be used for the creation of dynamic websites that can be loaded faster and give better performance for improved user experience. Learning PHP is an added advantage for an IT professional in the present scenario where there is good demand for the programming language. PHP developers have got better salaries and moreover it is easy to learn PHP and also cost effective than other languages like Java, .NET etc. Just as any other learning process, learning PHP too can be done in two different ways either through self study by reading the books or by joining training under the experts. Learning PHP through Self Study using Books Today there are plenty of books written on PHP. These books are the best sources of reference for those looking to learn the programming language on self basis in a cost effective way. For the novice learners who do not have any idea of this programming language, the book called ‘Beginning PHP and MySQL’ can be a good source of learning. Written by W.Jasoin Gilmore, this book explains all the concepts of PHP right from the beginning in order to give better understanding of the programming language to the reader. Head First PHP & MySQL is just an excellent book meant for those willing to become PHP developers. Filled with examples taken from real-world, this book teaches an individual all the essentials of serverside programming using this language, right from the essential basics of PHP and MYSQL to the advanced topics such as form validation, database queries, file I/O operations, content management, and more. Published by O’reilly the book called ‘Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites’ is an amazing book for PHP self study that gives a novice reader an idea of several important PHP concepts including objects, cookies, XHTML etc. One can learn an easy way to build modern websites with dynamic data and can even read about creation of rich Internet applications and websites using PHP through this book. Similarly, there are several other popular books on PHP in which detailed explanation of the basic to advanced concepts of the programming language can be found. Learning through PHP Training from Experts However, reading books is a good idea of learning for those who already have the basic knowledge of the subject but not for the novice learners having no idea of the programming language at all.
  2. 2. The better way for such learners is to take up PHP training from the experts. All you need to do is to join a good PHP course in a reputed institute. Such a course would introduce you to all the important concepts of PHP right from the basics to the advanced and hence will impart the best knowledge of the subject to the individuals. The best thing about these courses is that they are taught under the guidance of experts who have proficient knowledge of the subject. These experts can guide you for better understanding of the programming language by clarifying all your doubts and teaching you the essential tips and techniques for better PHP development. Benefits of Learning from Experts at an Institute Training under expert and experienced professionals Practical training conducted at the institute With professionals to guide at these institutes, you can solve all doubts or problems regarding the subject with their help, which is not the case with the books or self study. Generally these institutes offer certification at the end of training after conducting and exam on the subject. By having this kind of certification one can improve his skills and also enhance job profile for better job opportunities. So, no doubt, training is costlier than self study method of learning through books, but if proficient knowledge of the subject is what you desire, then it is better to go with training because here you will get to learn the experienced professionals. *********************************************************************** Author Box: Tops Technologies is a leading PHP training institute in India based in Ahmedabad city. With nearly 18 branches established across country and yet more to come up, Tops is the best IT training institute that guided several thousands of trainees and IT aspirants to a bright IT career with top level training.