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  • 1. Kadrina Secondary School
  • 2.  Age: 15 Birthday: 04.01.1996 Favourite subject: History Hobbies: Gym Free-time:working, having fun with friends Me: Funny, sometimes angry.
  • 3.  Age: 16 Birthday: 15.02.1995 Favourite subject: history Hobbies: sport, cooking Free-time: cook, hang out with friends Me: Im irresolute, friendly and I love to dream.
  • 4.  Age: 16 Birthday: 17.04.1995 Favourite subject:History Hobbies: dancing,volleyball Free-time: cook or spend time with my friends Me: Moody, friendly and funny !
  • 5.  Age: 16 Birthday: 19.04.1995 Favourite subject:History Hobbies: dancing Free-time: Spend time with my friends Me: Friendly, helpful, sometimes moody.
  • 6.  Age: 17 Birthday: 28.09.1994 Favourite subject: AutoCAD Hobbies: Volleyball Free-time: I hang out with friends Me: Im Calm
  • 7.  Age: 16 Birthday: 06.01.1995 Favourite subject: Auto CAD Hobbies:Working out Free-time:Hang out, chill Me:funny/serious
  • 8.  Age: 16 Birthday: 23.03.1995 Favourite subject: Mathematics Hobbies: aerobics and dancing Free-time: I spend time with friends Me: My mood change faster than the weather 
  • 9.  Age: 16 Birthday: 04.01.1995 Favourite subject: Mathematics, history Hobbies: Gym, swimming Free-time: Hang out with friends, rest. Me: I like to help others and I smile a lot
  • 10.  Age: 16 Birthday: 04.03.1995 Favourite subject: AutoCAD Hobbies: Working out Free-time: In my free time I rest or hang out with my friends. Me: Very calm and always in a good mood.
  • 11.  Age: 16 Birthday: 14.04.1995 Favourite subject: Dont have, but maybe history too Hobbies: Dancing, acting, singing Free-time: Having fun with my friends Me: Totally moody, friendly and active
  • 12.  Age: 16 Birthday: 28.11.1994 Favourite subject: physical education Hobbies: Dancing,drawing, aerobics Free-time: spend time with my friends Me: friendly, active
  • 13.  Age: 16 Birthday: 17.11.1994 Favourite subject: History Hobbies: Aerobics and dancing Free-time: Hang out with friends and rest. Me: I smile a lot.
  • 14. 2011