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Personalized Packages from Santa
- Signed Piece of Santa’s Suit- Reindeer Feed- Best Decorated Christmas      Tree Ribbon 
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-Signed Photo of Santa- “Santa Stop Here” Door Hanger-Christmas Fun
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Top santa letters


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Top santa letters

  1. 1. Top Santa Letters Personalized Santa Letters And Gift Packages From
  2. 2. Gift Packages from Santa
  3. 3. Personalized Santa Letters Your child’s name $9.95 Includes at least 5Edit the entire letter personalizations Choose your closing Signed by Santa Claus Create your own P.S.
  4. 4. Classroom Letter Family Letter , nd Class , Grade a of Hello Family he r’s Name ere is lots . Dear Teac here! Th rs Mem ber’s Names ! Boy is it cold up ol is located ?M , orth Pole City Scho s are Can you belie from the N ow much in . All of u ve it’s been Greetings where. Does it sn e big day ve me a home in Cit ne y family lives arly a year since I’ve vis suit for th rner! The elves ga ject! every ding my rite sub that your fa in last Chris ited your snow usy men nd the co mily has been tmas eve! M s been b s Eve is just arou know it’s my favo . I was so tells me that particularly y how time Claus ha a y ng you family ac good this ye flys! I hear g. Christm her teaches. The has been behavi also tells me very Happy. complishmen ar. Mrs. Clau s preparin Rudolph an t(s), That m bject teac the whole class d List. Mrs. Claus f you all! it’s their favo d the other akes me bo ok on su that Goo ud o rite! I am ve reindeer ha ve been activ s tells me e on the very pro this year. Iv ry pleased to ity family do Mrs. Clau e everyone’s nam n, Good Job! I’m e als uncle, grandp o been keeping an eye see that the whole family es together , to se ed o arents). Plea on is on the Go happy ass work se be sure to other family members od List project cl rk. ready. It ’s tell them I sa (cousins, au that you o nt, e sleigh is id hello! e good w ! Mr.s Claus te lls me that yo Ke ep up th e sure th presents. Whew ur family Fa d to mak p all the Christmas is m en wo rking har is load u irls and boys so and love on such a spec ial time for fa ily Christmas tradition. s have be l we have to do of good g pping by all of e another. It’ milies. It’s su How excitin The elve al long list s also a grea ch t time to crea a wonderful time to be g! one! Now y fast. There is a ard to st o ls and ys and gir cheerful almost d ng forw You’ll be ha te memorie ar gone b s together. . I’m looki er to be good bo ppy to hear H as this ye are pretty heavy Rememb clas s that I’m elves have cle that my sleigh is almost re nts e. another aned it and ady to go! M the prese this Christmas ev ur parents. Tell to pile all th ins e presents in. pected it for safety. No y your homes name and yo e good work. home and pu tting wonde I’m looking forward to st w we just ha ve teacher’s ep up th od rful presents opping by yo listen to and to ke make go ach. under your ur them too you can study so in subject you te See you soon tree. watching ork and , A ur homew earns an ds, do yo s when anyone Rem ember ki st love t so m uch! udolph ju t will help you ou grades! R bu d subject It’s a har soon, See you
  5. 5. Religious Letter Dear Baby’s name, How excited I was to see yo list this year. ur name appe I can’t believe ar on my Chris You are so sp it’s your first tmas ecial! Christmas alre Your (mom & ady. dad/grandm to bring you a/aunt) wro plenty of love te to me to re is so thrilled yo ly presents th mind me u are here. Yo is Christmas. mom/dad! Th u bring so muc Everyone e el h joy to your They just know ves were so happy when you will be on you were born sure to be a go the Good List . od Child’s ge every year so tmas Child’s Nam e, ed to see Mrs. Claus an nder when yo be Merry Chris was so excit d I are so touc u are older. as season. I s on the your family. W hed by the ha sed Christm top boys/girl ppiness you br g a very bles of the very rite e all hope that I hope you are havin t you are one e Child’s favo with you.Ever the magic of ing to od List. I be nose to shin ing all yone is worki Christmas stay your na me on the Go g he wants his practicing fly ng so hard to s dolph sayin er have been very special fo make this Ch whole lis t. I heard Ru vorite colo r. The reinde r you. A close ristmas e it’s your fa e sleigh. much and so family membe color becaus ed to pull th in does anothe r loves you ve e very excit ere you live a special time r close family ry year and ar es it snow wh s. They love to share with member. Ch e No rth Pole. Do fight your family. ristmas is up here in th of snow ball ld little Child’s ge You are one lu owing a lot having lots gift child wou nder! It’s been sn s have been to receive cky in? The elve u would like rtant to Cit y Child lives es! I hear that yo tm as it is impo e me child lik part of Chris vior. It is th Love that and Ga ts are a fun Jesus, our sa While presen Christmas, the birth of ways to cele brate the like to receive. ng of best e true meani ! One of the d spend tim e with remember th at Christmas for Jesus an you can get are our love most special gift as is to sh g of Christm season. true meanin this holiday I had to those we love during ys and girls, l the good bo ts given in on e igh. With al en ing up the sle e most pres y been load record for th th e oven. They I’ve alread might set a cookies from is year. 2012 sh batch of e say hello to start early th pulled a fre down. Pleas M rs. Claus just fo re they cool night! Well eat them be seeing them soon too! ! I better go be smell so good argo. I will istina and M yo ur friends Kr See you soon Baby’s First Christmas Letter
  6. 6. Addressed to Your Child m
  7. 7. NEW! GiftPackages from Santa m
  8. 8. Personalized Packages from Santa
  9. 9. - Signed Piece of Santa’s Suit- Reindeer Feed- Best Decorated Christmas Tree Ribbon
  10. 10. -Rudolph Bell With Story -Signed Photo of Santa -Santa’s Pre-Flight
  11. 11. -Signed Photo of Santa- “Santa Stop Here” Door Hanger-Christmas Fun
  12. 12. FREE Shipping on All Orders FREE gift with all order* Order for More than One Child *While supplies last. Limited Quantities
  13. 13. Merry Christmas From All of us atTop Santa
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