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Optimize & Socialize Your Digital Marketing for 2014
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Optimize & Socialize Your Digital Marketing for 2014


Webinar for the Silverpop book club on the book Optimize, by Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing.

Webinar for the Silverpop book club on the book Optimize, by Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing.

Published in Business , News & Politics
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  • 1. Optimize & Integrate Digital Marketing 2014 @LeeOdden   Image:  Shu+erstock  
  • 2. Consultant,  Author,     Speaker,  World  Traveler     @LeeOdden   TopRankMarkeAng.com   MarkeAngBlog.com   OpAmizeBook.com  
  • 3. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   instagram.com/leeodden  
  • 4. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Website Newsroom Book Google+ White Papers Twitter Articles Facebook Guides YouTube Webinars Flickr Guest Posts Events eBooks Blog Social Creation & Curation Community  >  300K   LinkedIn Slideshare Pinterest
  • 5. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   BIG Changes in Search
  • 6. @LeeOdden     @LeeOdden   What  if       disappeared   tomorrow?  
  • 7. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden  
  • 8. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   What  impact  would  it   have  on  your  digital  marke<ng?   On  your  business?    
  • 9. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Google Dominates Search Should Google Dominate Your Marketing?
  • 10. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Why Not Focus On Optimizing for: Customers   Experiences   Outcomes   OpAmizing  for  consumers,  experiences  &   outcomes  transcends  Google,  Social  or  Content.  
  • 11. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Optimization is More Than Search Topics   Content   Media   Customer   ABract   Engage   Convert   Share   Interact   Conversion   Community  
  • 12. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Optimized Planning: What & Why 1.  View  Search,  Social  &  Content   from  360  Degrees  -­‐-­‐  HolisAcally   2.  OpAmize  Everywhere:     MarkeAng  &  PR,  B2B  or  B2C,  SME  or  LE   3.  Research,  Audit  &  Listen   4.  Set  Goals,  Create  a  Roadmap  
  • 13. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Optimized Implementation: How Audience  &  Personas   Keyword  &  Topic  Research   Content  Plan   Crea<on  &  Cura<on   Content  Op<miza<on   Social  Networking   Promo<on   Measure  &  Refine  
  • 14. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Customer Information Journey Consume   Act   Discover  
  • 15. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   u What  are  they  interested  in?   u Where  do  they  look  for  it?   u How  do  they  prefer  to  consume   that  content?   u What  formats  and  media  do  they   like  most?   u Why  do  they  share  &  buy?  
  • 16. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Customer Focused Optimization Customer   Discover   Consume   Op<mize   ABract   Engage   Interests   Needs   Pain  Points   Search   Social   Content   Media   Social   Device   Act   Convert   Share   Buy   Refer    
  • 17. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Optimized & Socialized Framework awareness Who are you writing for? Preferences Pain Points Behaviors interest What do they care about? Search & Social Data Sources consideration What stories will connect you? Editorial Calendar, Repurpose purchase Make it easy to find & share Social & SEO Networking, PR, Linking
  • 18. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Let’s Optimize Some Robots ZRobot  –  Goals:   •  Increase  product   awareness   •  Grow  networks   •  Increase  citaAons   in  media  &  social   •  Increase  sales   Automate  your  cleaning  with  ZRobot   All  New   Get  Mean  With  Your  Clean!   ZRobot  Dirt  Terminator   New  series  of  dirt  zapping  robot.   Available  May  5,  2015:   Pre  Order   Small  Business   Owners   Save  Money   Ninjas  Clean     Without  being   seen!   Stressing  Out   over  Dirt?   Bring  in  ZRobot   Special  Offers   Buy  Now     Go  Shopping   Whlle  ZRobot   cleans  for  you   Scien<fically   Tested     On  real  dirt!  
  • 19. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Buyer Personas: Goals Carrie   Stan   Maria   Small  Biz  Owner   Single  Professional   Tech  Savvy  Mom   Low  cost  cleaning   Save  on  office  costs   Easy  cleaning   New  tech/gadgets   Efficient  cleaning   Save  Ame  
  • 20. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Buying Cycle Optimization Maria:  Tech  Savvy  Mom   Buying   Cycle   Keywords   Social  Topics   Awareness   housekeeping  Aps   Time  Saving  Housekeeping,   NapAme  Cleaning   Blog  post,  arAcles  in   relevant  magazines   Interest   robot  cleaners,   automaAc   cleaning   What  types  of  automated   cleaners  are  there?   DemonstraAon  video   Considera<on   robot  cleaner   reviews   What  are  the  best  robot   cleaners?   Product  feature/benefit   list.  Comparison  to   compeAtors   Purchase   robot  ,  Zrobot   how  to  buy,   Zrobot  prices   Where  can  I  buy  a  Zrobot?   Store  locator,  geo-­‐specific   store  pages,  FB  fan  pages   Reten<on   Zrobot  cleaning   Aps   How  to  get  more  uses  from   your  Zrobot   Blog  posts,  guest  posts,   video   Advocacy   Zrobot  fans,   Zrobot   accessories   Zrobot  mom  user  group  Q   and  A,  Aps   Facebook  Fan  page,   Forum,  Zrobot  Newsle+er   Maria   Mom   •  •  •  •    Customer  Pain  Points   No  Ame  to  clean   5  small  children  who  spill  and  make   messes     Light  colored  carpet   Cannot  afford  a  weekly  maid   Content  Type  
  • 21. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Optimized Content Plan ZRobot  Content  Calendar     Suzy   Business   Owner   Maria   Mom   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Authorship   Topic   Audience   Buying  Cycle   Dates   Titles   Categories   Keywords   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Media  types   PromoAon  channels   PromoAon  messages   Repurposing  opAons   Cross  linking   IntegraAon  with  other  tacAcs   Follow  up  pieces  
  • 22. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Hub & Spoke Publishing How  to   Auto   Clean   Videos   Webinars   Enewsle+er   Microblogging   Blog   Industry  Pub   TesAmonials   ArAcle   Buying  Guide   Case  Study  
  • 23. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Grow Networks & Participate Topic  B   Topic  C   Focus   Topic  A   Topic  D   Topic  E  
  • 24. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   “If you want your marketing to be great you must optimize, socialize and integrate.”
  • 25. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Go Holistic: Content, SEO Social Customer   Needs   Your   SoluAons   Targeted  Topics   Category   Keywords   Keywords   Keywords   Category     Keywords   Keywords   Keywords   Keywords   Tech  SEO  Audit   Topical  Focus   Author  Rel   Keywords   Blogs Social  Topics   AnalyAcs   Monitoring   Conversions  
  • 26. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Optimize for Awareness awareness I need a clean office but my budget is small. interest consideration purchase Blog  subheadings  are  prime  for  keywords.   Breadcrumbs  >  Are  >  BeauAful   Low  Cost  Clean!   Robot cleaners? I never thought of that. The  content  of     the  blog  post  appeals  to  the   interests  of  the  consumer   using  language  that  is  search   and  social  media  friendly.       Tags:  Keyword,  Word,  Key     All  New  Robot   Terminator   Watch  a  Demo   Video   Categories:   Robot  Cleaning   Cleaning  Tips   Save  Time   Save  Money   Efficiency  Tips    
  • 27. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Optimize for Interest awareness interest Demo  Videos:   consideration purchase #Op<mize  Video  Tips:   •  Shoot  video  with  promoAon            channels  in  mind   •  Host  with  YouTube,  Vimeo   •  Embed  video  on  blog,  site   •  OpAmize  with  keywords   •  Promote  video  via  relevant            social  channels   •  Give  the  viewer  opAons:                Share,  Refer,  More  Info,              Purchase  
  • 28. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Optimize for Consideration awareness interest consideration purchase Reviews    &  Product  Pages   Have  you  ever  heard  of  ZRobots  or  robots  for  cleaning  offices?   #Op<mize  Reviews  Tips:   Clean  Times  Mag   Robot  Invasion!   Top  10  Robot  Cleaners  for  Your  Office   1.  ZRobot     Product  descripAons  are  good  for  keywords.   2.  Roombot     Product  descripAons  are  good  for  keywords.   3.  Officebot   Product  descripAons  are  good  for  keywords.     4.  Click  Clean   Product  descripAons  are  good  for  keywords.     5.  Biz  Bot     •  Pitch  your  product  for  reviews   •  Monitor  for  organic  reviews   •  Build  links  to  posiAve  reviews   •  Socially  share  reviews   •  Promote  reviews  from  social   •  Make  your  own  product                comparison  page  
  • 29. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Optimize for Purchase awareness interest purchase consideration Offers,  Store  Locator   Special  Offer!   Store  Locator   Op<mize  for  more   specific  topics:   •  Product   •  Price   •  LocaAons   •  Outcomes   Order   Special  Offers   Buy  Now     Go  Shopping   Whlle  Zrobot   cleans  for  you   Scien<fically   Tested     On  real  dirt!  
  • 30. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   What Would Your Hub Look Like? ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?  
  • 31. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Social KPIs - Business Outcomes Social & SEO KPI’s •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Fans Friends Followers Comments Social Shares Distribution Network Size Links SERPs Search Traffic Tools: Social Media Monitoring Web Analytics Social Media Marketing Management Business Outcomes •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Sign Ups Leads Share of Voice Improved Service Shorter Sales Cycles Increased Order Quantity, Frequency More Referrals Lower Marketing Costs Revenue Profits
  • 32. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Takeaways •  Know  &  opAmize  for  your   customer  first  –  then  SE’s   •  Create  a  content  plan  for  each   customer  segment   •  OpAmize  &  integrate  across  the   buying  cycle:     a+ract,  engage,  convert   •  Monitor  progress  with  KPIs  &   opAmize  for  business  outcomes  
  • 33. @LeeOdden   @LeeOdden   Thank You! @LeeOdden lee@toprankmarketing.com TopRankMarketing.com MarketingBlog.com OptimizeBook.com Get the Book & Get Optimized!