Optimize Workshop - Social Media & SEO Tactics for Content Marketing #fusionmex

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Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing presents on tactics for integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing at Fusion Marketing Experience in Antwerp Belgium.

Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing presents on tactics for integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing at Fusion Marketing Experience in Antwerp Belgium.

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  • “Setting up a Winning Customer-Centric Content Marketing Strategy”Lee Odden, Author: Optimize, CEO: TopRank Online Marketinghttp://optimizebook.comhttp://www.toprankmarketing.comhttp://www.toprankblog.comWho are your customers? What do they care about? What content do you need to create in order to guide customers through the sales process from attention to purchase to advocacy? Get answers to these questions and more with a customer-centric content marketing strategy. Improving content marketing isn't about creating more content. It's about content that's meaningful vs. mechanical for customers that also inspires engagement and business outcomes. Effective content marketing helps brands reach more people ready to buy, refer and share. This workshop will provide the framework for an Optimize and Socialize approach to content marketing to attract and engage customers across the buying cycle. 
  • https://www.marketingsherpa.com/barrier.html?ident=31928
  • https://www.marketingsherpa.com/barrier.html?ident=31928
  • https://www.marketingsherpa.com/barrier.html?ident=31928
  • https://www.marketingsherpa.com/barrier.html?ident=31928
  • http://www3.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?R=1007647
  • Take inventory of your content and media. Anything digital published online can be optimized for findability.
  • framework for content marketing strategy and practical optimization and social media marketing tips to grow business online.
  • Show a company website screen shot with details on a marketing "problem". Something simple like increase online sales of their product
  • Example: LO approved Concept Date: 12/22/2011Copy Approved By LOGraphic Ready for DesignerGraphic Sent to DesignerFinal Graphic Sent to WileyFeedback:
  • The intersection of SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing arms marketers with a 360 degree opportunity to attract, engage & retain customers online.
  • mix of content types, optimized)
  • Creating great content helps us reach our social goals


  • 1. Customer-CentricContent Marketing @LeeOdden TopRankMarketing.com @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 2. Bonjour - HalloCEO: TopRankMarketing.comAuthor: OptimizeBook.comBlogger: TopRankBlog.comColumnist: ClickZ.com“Aspiring Best Dad in the World” @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 3. Goals for this Workshop• Cover the framework for an optimized and socialized content marketing strategy• Learn the value of customer segmentation & personas• Develop a content plan across the buying cycle• Incorporate SEO into content development & promotions• Distinguish KPIs from business outcomes @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 4. B2B Marketing SaaS New company Competitive, 10 year old industry Very ambitious goals Committed to content Walk, Run, Sprint, Watch out! Continuous refinement @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 5. B2B Marketing SaaS Start with questions: Who is the customer? What do they care about? Where do they discover content? What formats do they prefer? What motivates them to act? What stories will we tell to align brand & customer goals? @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 6. B2B Marketing SaaS Audience: Sales, Marketing Execs Keywords: Broad & Category Content: Resource Center, Blogs, Social Content, Media Optimize: Corp Site, Articles, Blogs, Digital Assets, Social Socialize: FB, LinkedIn, G+, Slideshare, Twitter, YouTube Integration: Marketing & PR Measure: Non-Brand Keyword Traffic, Social KPIs, Leads, Conversions @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 7. Hub and Spoke @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 8. Google+ FacebookInteractive Blogs Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Flickr @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 9. B2B Marketing SaaSCustomer segment & product KPIs:keyword strategy drives content 20k+ Blog SubscribersBlogs are at the hub 20k Facebook FansOutposts are for: 41k Twitter Follows• Developing connections• Engaging prospects, customers, 4,800+ LinkedIn Group Membersmedia, candidates• Publishing optimized content 100’s top 10 Google positions• Promoting content “b2b marketing” @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 10. B2B Marketing SaaSBusiness Outcomes:•1,800+ customers, 4 years• 700% revenue growth past 2 years*• Fastest growing SaaS after salesforce.com(Jon Miller, VP Marketing)• SEO & Blogs most effective lead gen source(Jon Miller, VP Marketing) @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 11. How To Optimize & Socialize? @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 12. Content Marketing: Simplified“Aligning customer &brand objectives throughonline content.” @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 13. Great Content isn’t “Great”Untilit’s Discovered, Consumed and Shared! @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 14. So, If You Have Great Content… Set it free! 92% @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 15. Web SitesNews Images Video Local Real-Time Blogs What can be searched, Can be optimized! @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 16. What Kind of Content?• Products & Services • Media: Video, Audio,• Corporate Info Images • Blogs• News, PR • Tweets• Help, FAQ • Status Updates• Job Listings • Comments• Landing Pages • Tags• Newsletter • MS Office Docs• Fulfillment • PDF files @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 17. ShiftCustomer Focused Optimization Discover Consume ActCustomers Attract Engage Inspire Interests Content BuyOptimize Needs Media Refer Pain Points Social Social Share Search Device Social @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 18. Optimized & Socialized Framework Awareness > Interest > Consideration > Purchase Research Keywords Content & Optimize Customer Topics Promotion Socialize Segments Message Plan PromotePreferences Search & Topics, SEO Social & SEOPain Points Social Data Calendar, Networking,Behaviors Sources Repurpose Link Building @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 19. Let’s Optimize Some RobotsZRobot – Goals:• Increase product Automate your cleaning with ZRobot awareness All New Get Mean With Your Clean!• Grow networks ZRobot Dirt Terminator New series of dirt zapping robot.• Increase citations Available May 5, 2012: Small Business Pre Order Ninjas Clean Stressing Out over Dirt? in media & social Owners Save Money Without being seen! Bring in ZRobot Go Shopping Scientifically Special Offers• Increase sales Whlle Zrobot Tested Buy Now cleans for you On real dirt! @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 20. Consumer Personas: Goals Carrie Stan Maria Small Biz Owner Single Professional Tech Savvy MomLow cost cleaning Easy cleaning Efficient cleaningSave on office costs New tech/gadgets Save time @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 21. Customer & Content Optimization Maria: Tech Savvy Mom Buying Keywords Social Topics Content Type Cycle Time Saving Housekeeping, Blog post, articles in Awareness housekeeping tips Naptime Cleaning relevant magazines robot cleaners, What types of automated Interest automatic Demonstration video cleaners are there? Maria cleaning Mom Product feature/benefit robot cleaner What are the best robot Consideration list. Comparison to reviews cleaners? competitors Customer Pain Points robot , Zrobot Store locator, geo-specific• No time to clean Purchase how to buy, Where can I buy a Zrobot? store pages, FB fan pages• 5 small children who spill and make Zrobot prices messes Zrobot cleaning How to get more uses from Blog posts, guest posts, Retention• Light colored carpet tips your Zrobot video• Cannot afford a weekly maid Zrobot fans, Zrobot mom user group Q Facebook Fan page, Advocacy Zrobot and A, tips Forum, Zrobot Newsletter accessories @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 22. Optimized Editorial Plan ZRobot Content Calendar SuzyBusiness Owner Maria Mom • Planned topics • Media • Dates • Promotion channels • Titles • Repurpose plans • Categories • Cross linking • Keywords @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 23. SEO Super Star Says: Incorporating SEO Optimize for People First! & Social Content • Keywords • Glossary • Editorial Plan • Content Campaign • On-Page SEO • Social SEO • Hub & Spoke @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 24. Hub & Spoke Publishing How to Auto Clean Videos Webinars Enewsletter Microblogging BlogIndustry Pub Testimonials Article Case Study Buying Guide #fusionmex @leeodden -
  • 25. Keyword GlossaryCompetitors Keywords Popularity Categories @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 26. Editorial Plan @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 27. Social Object SEO: Process• Identify Topic/Story• Research Search & Social Keywords• Create an Optimized Social Content Campaign• Provide SEO, SMO Guidelines to Social Teams• Promote via Social Channels, Build Links• Monitor Social References, Search Traffic & KPIs• Benchmark and Dashboard Reporting @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 28. SEO Implementation Products Tech SEO Audit Topical Focus ServicesKeyword Glossary Search WordsCategory Keywords Keywords Social Topics KeywordsCategory Blogs Keywords Social Topics Keywords Keywords Keywords Conversions @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 29. Optimize for Awareness Awareness > Interest > Consideration > Purchase I need a clean office but mybudget is small. Blog subheadings are prime for keywords. Breadcrumbs > Are > Beautiful All New Robot Low Cost Clean! Terminator Watch a Demo Video The content of the blog post appeals to the Categories: interests of the consumer Robot Cleaning Robot using language that is search Cleaning Tips cleaners? I and social media friendly. Save Timenever thought Save Money of that. Efficiency Tips Tags: Keyword, Word, Key @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 30. Optimize for InterestAwareness > Interest > Consideration > Purchase #Optimize Video Tips: Demo Videos: • Shoot video with promotion channels in mind • Host with YouTube, Vimeo • Embed video on blog, site • Optimize with keywords • Promote video via relevant social channels • Give the viewer options: Share, Refer, More Info, Purchase @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 31. Optimize for Consideration Awareness > Interest > Consideration > Purchase Reviews & Product Pages Have you ever heard of ZRobots or robots for cleaning offices? #Optimize Reviews Tips: Clean Times Mag • Pitch your product for reviews • Monitor for organic reviews Robot Invasion! Top 10 Robot Cleaners for Your Office • Build links to positive reviews 1. ZRobot • Socially share reviews Product descriptions are good for keywords. • Promote reviews from social 2. Roombot Product descriptions are good for keywords. • Make your own product 3. Officebot comparison page Product descriptions are good for keywords. 4. Click Clean Product descriptions are good for keywords. 5. Biz Bot @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 32. Optimize for Purchase Awareness > Interest > Consideration > Purchase Offers, Store Locator Special Offer! Store LocatorOptimize formore specifictopics: Order• Location Special Offers Go Shopping Scientifically• Product Whlle Zrobot Tested Buy Now cleans for you On real dirt!• Outcomes @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 33. What Would Your Hub Look Like? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? @leeodden - #fusionmex ?
  • 34. Social KPIs - Business Outcomes Social SEO KPI’s Business Outcomes • Fans • Share of Voice • Friends • Improve Service • Followers • Shorter Sales Cycles • Comments • Increased Order • Likes Quantity, Frequency • Google Plusses • More Referrals • Links • Lower Marketing • SERPs Costs • Search Traffic • Grow Revenue • Improve ProfitsTools:Social Media MonitoringWeb AnalyticsSocial Media Marketing Management @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 35. 3 Takeaways1 Research Customer Segments: What do they care about? Translate into topics, keywords & an editorial plan.2 Align Brand & Customer Needs: Develop an approach to story telling with your content that empathizes with customers. Monitor, Refine, Repeat3 Implement ongoing monitoring to for progress and to identify ongoing optimization opportunities. @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 36. Thank YouLee Oddenlee@toprank.org@leeoddenTopRankMarketing.com OptimizeBook.comTopRankBlog.com Buy the Book – Get Optimized! Free SEO Audit Guide when you order. @leeodden - #fusionmex