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Optimize Strategy - Integrated SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing #fusionmex
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Optimize Strategy - Integrated SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing #fusionmex


Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing presents on developing an integrated online marketing strategy focused on SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing at Fusion Marketing Experience in Antwerp …

Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing presents on developing an integrated online marketing strategy focused on SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing at Fusion Marketing Experience in Antwerp Belgium.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • Digital Marketing Integration: Social, Search and ContentLee Odden, Author: Optimize, CEO: TopRank Online Marketinghttp://optimizebook.comhttp://www.toprankmarketing.comhttp://www.toprankblog.comEvery 60 seconds there are over 1,500 blog posts, 90,000 tweets, 700,000 Facebook status updates and over 700,000 search queries on Google. The sheer volume of content produced and shared by connected consumers is overwhelming. With independent search, social media and content marketing efforts, brands are hard pressed to find an effective model for integration. The search and social web are reliant on content and it is through more effective content marketing that brands can cut through the noise to meaningful customer engagement and sales. This presentation will outline key trends in the relationship between consumers and content by understanding Discovery, Consumption and Sharing preferences and how a content marketing strategy that integrates the best of SEO and Social Media can boost Digital Marketing effectiveness. 
  • What happens in 60 seconds on the internet?
  • of brands social media content (FB or Twitter) doesn’t rank in top 20 on Google for brand name
  • The intersection of SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing arms marketers with a 360 degree opportunity to attract, engage & retain customers online.
  • As marketers gear up for the fourth quarter, the busiest time on their marketing calendars, nearly two-thirds (63.4%) say they are planning to increase focus on social media over the next 12 months, while nearly one-half plan to increase focus on email (45.5%) and content marketing (45.3%), according to a new survey from Bizo.Moreover, among those who conduct social marketing, most (97%) say social media is now more or equally important to the marketing mix than it was in the previous year.
  • Who cares about great content?
  • Customers do53% of time spent on the Internet is directly attributable to content consumption. AOL Nielsen May 2011
  • Buyersphere Report 2011
  • They want to be educated and their behaviors for information discovery, consumption and sharing have changed
  • They want to be educated and their behaviors for information discovery, consumption and sharing have changed
  • Buyersphere Report 2011
  • comScore & Telefonica
  • eCirlce
  • framework for content marketing strategy and practical optimization and social media marketing tips to grow business online.
  • By creating a silo for your social media across your organization you cannot effectively target your customers via social media


  • 1. Digital Marketing Integration Social - Search - Content @LeeOdden @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 2. Bonjour - HalloCEO: TopRankMarketing.comAuthor: OptimizeBook.comBlogger: TopRankBlog.comColumnist:“Aspiring Best Dad in the World” @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 3. @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 4. Every 2 Days, We Create As Much Information As We Did Since the Dawn of Time To 2003 Source: Eric Schmidt – 8/10 (via TechCrunch)@leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 5. Google sites handle 88 billion searches per month worldwide Source: comScore At any given time there are 50-200 different versions of Google’s core algorithm in the wild *Google Inside Search What are you optimizing for? @leeodden - #ionsearch
  • 6. Is All of Your Content Findable? Is it Shareable? Search Social @leeodden - #ionsearch
  • 7. SEO Basics Crawling Keywords LinksImage source: Mr Thắng @leeodden - #ionsearch
  • 8. SEO Basics Have Evolved Products Tech SEO Audit Topical Focus ServicesKeyword Glossary Search WordsCategory Keywords Keywords Social Topics KeywordsCategory Blogs Keywords Social Topics Keywords Keywords Keywords Conversions @leeodden - #ionsearch
  • 9. What About Customers? Customers Experiences OutcomesOptimizing for consumers, experiences &outcomes transcends Google, Social or Content. @leeodden - #ionsearch
  • 10. Customer Lifecycle Content @leeodden - #ionsearch
  • 11. SEO Social Content @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 12. @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 13. Brands Are Betting Big on Social Via MarketingProfs 63% - Social 45% - Email 45% - Content 43% - SEO/M 36% - Video @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 14. “Companies with a high level of social engagement enjoyed an ROI almostfour times higher than companies with no social media presence.” PulsePoint and the Economist Intelligence Unit 2012 The Economics of the Socially Engaged Enterprise @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 15. Impact of Social Brand AwarenessRecruit NewCustomers @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 16. Who cares about great content? @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 17. Customers Do! 53% Of time on the internet is content consumption. AOL Nielsen 5/11U.S.: 27 million shared per day AOL Nielsen 5/11 @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 18. B2B Buyers in UK, France, Germany Italy, BelgiumBuyersphere Report 2011 @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 19. The Problem? Silos!Social Search Content @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 20. Convergence Search Social Content PublicMarketing Relations @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 21. Shift Content Marketing Trilogy Consume ShareDiscover @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 22. Discovery - Consumption - Sharing “I need a digital camera” Asks friends on FB Searches Google SERP: Article Digital camera reviews. Suggested cameras Are they any good? Read our Customer Reviews See Ratings Purchase: Buys a Sony NEX-5 Post to Twitter & FB: “I just bought a Sony Consumer NEX-5 from Cameras Cameras R Us @THX! R Us! @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 23. Let’s Break That Down Article on a digital camera. Previews of digital cameras that show how good tthey are. Article on a digital camera. Previews Article on a digital of digital cameras on a digital camera.Article Previews that show howcameras of digitalcamera. Previews good that show how cameras tthey are. digital of good tthey are. that show how good tthey are. $Consumer Cameras R Us @THX! @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 24. Understand Your AudienceWhat are they interested in?Where do they look for it?How do they prefer toconsume that content?What formats and media dothey like most?Why do they share & buy? @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 25. Discovery: Influential Sources B2B Buyers: UK & Germany Focus on New Media France, Italy & Belgium Value Traditional MediaBuyersphere Report 2011 @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 26. Consumption: Tablets Gain on Mobiles Source: comScore & Telefonica @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 27. Sharing: Twitter leads in sharing of brand content Each shared message will reach an avg of 77 friends Source: eCircle European Social Media &@leeodden - #fusionmex Email Marketing Study
  • 28. What’s a good model for Integrating the best of SEO, Social Media and Content?@leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 29. Optimized & Socialized Framework Awareness > Interest > Consideration > Purchase Research Keywords Content & Optimize Customer Topics Promotion Socialize Segments Message Plan PromotePreferences Search & Topics, SEO Social & SEOPain Points Social Data Calendar, Networking,Behaviors Sources Repurpose Link Building @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 30. @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 31. Evolve Hub Into A Constellation Topic B Topic C Social HubTopic A Topic D Topic E @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 32. CPG Mfg: Only 96 phrases Most are brand terms@leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 33. Fabric Retailer: 4,419 phrases Broad category & brand terms@leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 34. Just Say No to SilosTo scale, companies need to look beyond social for marketing,PR & service & look at evolving a social business. Marketing Marketing Community Customers Customers Public Relations Public Relations Sales VS Sales Customer Service Customer Service Human Resources Human Resources @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 35. Use, Evaluate & RecommendFor Social SEO Best Practices @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 36. Optimize Is a State of Mind Website Blog Book Google+White Papers Twitter Articles Facebook Guides YouTube Webinars FlickrGuest Posts ABO LinkedIn Events Slideshare Press Releases @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 37. 3 Takeaways1 Customer Centric Keywords: Research keywords & Social topics to inspire a social content plan.2 Incorporate SEO, SMO in Processes: Optimize and socialize all content production & integrate analytics.3 ABO: Always Be Optimizing Establish organizational & interdepartmental goals. Cross train on SEO, Social & Content. @leeodden - #fusionmex
  • 38. Thank YouLee Buy the Book – Get Optimized! Free SEO Audit Guide when you order. @leeodden - #fusionmex