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B2B Social Media Marketing for Success - Moscow 2013
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B2B Social Media Marketing for Success - Moscow 2013


3 top benefits of social media for B2B companies, 10 B2B social media tips and trends, 1 model for successful social media marketing. Presentation at Moscow social media conference by Lee Odden of …

3 top benefits of social media for B2B companies, 10 B2B social media tips and trends, 1 model for successful social media marketing. Presentation at Moscow social media conference by Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Бизнес для бизнеса социальные медиа для Успеха (B2B  Social  Media  for  Success)   10 Tips & Trends for 2014 @LeeOdden  -­‐   Image:  Shu+erstock  
  • 2. @LeeOdden   Agenda: Break it Down       3 10 1 Benefits  of  B2B  Social  Media   B2B  Tips  &  Trends  for  Social  Media     B2B  Social  Media  Model  for  Success  
  • 3. @LeeOdden   Why Should B2B Marketers Care About Social Media?
  • 4. @LeeOdden   90% of all data in the world has been created in the last 2 years. IBM: “Understanding Big Data” Internet connected devices NOW Source; ABI Research Image: Shutterstock 10B
  • 5. @LeeOdden   Ubiquitous Connectivity 2020   Ericsson  Whitepaper   50B Create   Consume   Publish   Interact   Transact  
  • 6. @LeeOdden   B2B Marketing Is More Than Just eBooks Email Case Studies Print Publications Videos Research Reports Direct Mail White Papers Infographics Webinars Newsletters Blog  Posts  
  • 7. @LeeOdden   B2B is Social
  • 8. @LeeOdden   And Social Media is On Fire 1 Billion 259 Million 1 Billion/MO 500 Million 883 Million 195 Million 148 Million 70 Million 130 Million
  • 9. 3 @LeeOdden                          Benefits: Social Media for Business Awareness:   •  Marke?ng  &  Sales   •  Media  Rela?ons  &  PR   Reten-on:   •  Customer  Service   •  Community  &  Advocacy   Opera-ons:   •  Recrui?ng   •  Collabora?on  
  • 10. @LeeOdden   Social Media Marketing Maturity Ini-al  Stages…   Status Quo Listening Protect Focus:  Discovery   Focus:  Maintain     “What  are  people   “Our  customers  do   not  use  social  media”     saying  about  our     brand  on  social   networks?”   Focus:  Reputa-on   Management   “We  need  to  take   control  of  our     brand  on  social     media”   Marketing Focus:  Promo-on   “Let’s  promote  our   marke?ng  &  ads  on   social  networks”   Community Focus:    Give  to  Get   “Listen  to  customers,     create  useful  content   and  posi?ve  experiences   on  social  networks.  Grow      community  and  earn   customer  a+en?on     to  buy,  refer  &  advocate”  
  • 11. @LeeOdden   B2B Social for Marketing Thought  Leader  eBook     Performance  -­‐    2  weeks:   43,000+  views  on  Slideshare   1,000+  PDF  downloads     5000+  visits  of  interviews   3,300+  Retweets   200  “likes”   130  G+   100+  inbound  links   100’s  of  referrals  to  event  
  • 12. @LeeOdden   B2B Social Content Marketing 56k   68k   Next  Closest  Popular  Preso   6,514  views  |  1  year  ago   125k  
  • 13. @LeeOdden   10                          B2B  Social  Media  Tips  &  Trends   Image:  Shu+erstock  
  • 14. @LeeOdden   1 Growth of Social Media comScore  MMX  2013   Top  Global  Socnets:   1.  Facebook   (53%  global  market  -­‐  #3  in  Russia)   2.  LinkedIn     3.  Twi+er   …   9.  VK  (Vkontakte)     10.  Odnoklassniki  
  • 15. @LeeOdden   1 Growth of Social Media In  the  U.S.     50% of B2B Buyers Use Social Media to Identify Solution Providers Source:  Demand  Gen  Report  B2B  Buyer  Survey  
  • 16. @LeeOdden   1 22% Post ?s to Social Networks In  the  U.S.     2013   Demand  Gen  Report     B2B  Buyer  Survey   Sources  of  Content  to  Make   B2B  Purchasing  Decisions:   50% 48% 35% 33% Blogs  
  • 17. @LeeOdden   2 Converged Media - Shared Paid   Earned   Owned   Shared  
  • 18. @LeeOdden   3 Social Media & Content In  the  U.S.     Biggest  Gainers:   Slideshare  up  90%   Google+  up  70%   Instagram  up  300%  
  • 19. @LeeOdden   3 Social Media & Content Effec-veness:   LinkedIn  62%   Twi+er  50%   YouTube  48%   Slideshare  45%   Vimeo  40%   Facebook  30%   Pinterest  26%   Instagram  23%   Vine  22%   Google+  21%   In  the  U.S.    
  • 20. @LeeOdden   Social Media is More Than A B2B Content Promotion Channel Social Connects Brands to Buyers Across the Entire Sales Cycle Photo:  kishjar?  on  Flickr  
  • 21. @LeeOdden   3 Understand the B2B Buyer Discover Search Keywords Social Topics Advertising Publications Events Word of Mouth Consume Text, Images, Audio, Video Mobile, Tablet, Computer Formal, Funny, Long, Short Act Social Share Engage Subscribe Register Inquire Buy
  • 22. @LeeOdden   3 B2B Social & Buyer Journey Newsletter Social Ads PPC Email Media Website consideration interest Email PR Blog purchase Store Word of Mouth Engagement   with  the   Brand     Inclusion  in   more   prospect   dialogues   retention FAQ Knowledge Base Ecommerce Radio TV Print Create  Top  of   Mind   Recogni?on   Social Networks Blog Online Ads awareness Community Forum Reviews Increase  in   inquiries  /   sales   mee?ngs   advocacy Promotions
  • 23. @LeeOdden   4 B2B Buyers Are People Too Humor:   Cisco  ASR  9000:     A  perfect  Valen?nes   Day  gil  because  it   has  6.4  terrabites   per  second,   400gbpps  per  slot,  6   ?mes  the  mobile   backhaul  capacity.  
  • 24. @LeeOdden   4 B2B Buyers Are People Too Marketo  Ac-vity   Coloring  Book   •  Leveraged  brand   language,  keywords   •  Cited  thought   leaders,  authors  
  • 25. @LeeOdden   4 B2B Buyers Are People Too Marketo  Ac-vity   Coloring  Book  App   •  354  registered   downloads   •  19.8%  increase  in   registered   downloads  
  • 26. @LeeOdden   5 B2B Social Media Hubs •  •  •  •  IBM  Voices   Intel  IQ   Social@Cisco   Dell:  Tech  Page   One  
  • 27. @LeeOdden   6 B2B Social Content & Quality 13k Views GE  presents  Compressorhead  in     Union  Square  NYC  11.12.13  (12  Nov)   56k Views 788k Views
  • 28. @LeeOdden   7 Listening for Social Leads “IBM’s  social  media  listening  for  leads  efforts  have   uncovered  millions  of  dollars  in  sales.”   eMarketer   “Seekers”  monitor  social  sites:   -­‐  Government  sites  for  RFPs   -­‐  Blogs   -­‐  Discussion  Boards   -­‐  Groups     Sales  Reps  Blog  &  post  about  events     and  new  info  –  Twi+er,  LinkedIn     Four  key  metrics:     •  number  of  leads  created   •  lead  value   •  win  revenue     •  win  rate.     Image:  IBM  Solware  Business  Partner  Blog  
  • 29. @LeeOdden   8 Social is Hot – Search is Too 4.8 BILLION Yandex  Search  Queries  /  Month   Source:  Search  Engine  Watch  2013   16% Of  daily  queries  on  Google   have  never  been  seen  before     Source:  Google  Internal  Data,  2011   81% Of  B2B  buyers  start  with   search  engines     Source:  DemandGen  Report  May  2012  
  • 30. @LeeOdden   8 B2B Social - SEO •  Search  Discovery   •  Google  Authorship   •  Social  Shares  =  Links  
  • 31. @LeeOdden   Blog   Posts   Tips  &   Examples   eBook   Website   Category   Email   Newsle+ers   Industry  Media   Coverage   Press  Releases   Prospect   Brand   Networking   Guide  to   B2B  Social   Social   Networking   Community   Brand  USP   (Topic  -­‐  Keyword)   Contributed   Ar?cles   Guest  Posts   Topical  Survey   “2013  Topic  XYZ   Survey”   Co-­‐Created   Visual   eBook  with   Conference   SEO   Off  Site   Commen?ng   Topical   Resource   Lists   Speaking  at     Conferences  
  • 32. @LeeOdden   9 B2B Social Media Tools Social  Hubs   Postano     Tint   Rebel  Mouse   Feed  Magnet   Telligent   WordPress     Listening   Trackur   Sysomos   Salesforce   Marke?ngCloud     Management   Hootsuite   Sprout  Social   Wildfire   Social  Op-miza-on   Raven,  Moz,  AHrefs  
  • 33. @LeeOdden   10 B2B Social Measurement Social Content KPI’s •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Visits Views/Impressions Fans Friends Followers Comments Likes Google Plusses Links SERPs Search Traffic Business Outcomes •  Shorter Sales Cycles •  Increased Order Quantity, Frequency •  More Referrals •  Share of Voice •  Improve Service •  Lower Marketing Costs •  Grow Revenue •  Improve Profits
  • 34. 1 @LeeOdden   B2B Social Media Model awareness What customer segment are you targeting? Preferences Pain Points Behaviors purchase consideration What do they care about? What are their goals? Search & Social Data Sources retention What stories will connect your goals with theirs? Content Plan, Create, Curate Buy Cycle Op-mize   advocacy Make it easy to find, share & act SEO, Social Networking, PR, Ads, Email Social Monitoring, Web Analytics, Social CRM
  • 35. @LeeOdden   Important B2B Social Skills in 2014 Segmenta?on   Buy  Cycle  Stories     Social  Content   Crea?on,  Cura?on   Social  Amplifica?on   Community   Measurement   Unified     Strategy   Goals   Resources     What Is Your Business Doing To Master These Skills?
  • 36. @LeeOdden   Takeaways Understand  B2B  buyers:  Where  does  social  fit?     •  Discover   •  Consume   •  Act   Give  to  Get:     Create  value  for  B2B  buyers  (personal/professional)   through  informa-on  and  engagement  -­‐  before   expec-ng  a  lead  or  sale   S-ck  With  It:   Social  media  contributes  across  the  en-re  customer   lifecycle:  Awareness  >  Purchase  >  Advocacy     Be  pa-ent  for  results   Image:  Shu+erstock  
  • 37. @LeeOdden   Thank You Lee  Odden     lee@toprankmarke?   Marke?   Op?   Op-mize  Available  in  Russian  in  2014   h+p://www.mann-­‐ivanov-­‐