Purchase Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.com: Bobber Motorcycles


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Purchase Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.com: Bobber Motorcycles

  1. 1. Purchase Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.com: BobberMotorcyclesPurchase Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.com: BobberMotorcyclesBobber motorcycles are the motorcycles that have been custom-redesigned in their body bytheir owners or someone else in order to make them as light as possible. Most often their frontfender gets removed and their rear fender gets “bobbed” by making it smaller than it originallywas as it came out of the company production line. All other so-called ‘redundant’ parts alsoget removed in the quest of making them as light as ‘bobbing’ could do.The main difference between a bobber and a chopper is that bobbers are more rugged in theirapproach. Chopper frames are often aesthetically designed and mechanically manufactured.Hence they tend to turn costly. Bobbers are mostly hand built and tend to be as cheap aspossible in their customization.Today, many companies including Harley-Davidson have picked up the trend and have startedmanufacturing them in their production line merging the chopper style with bobber in their“bobber chopper” and “retro-bobber” lines. 1/6
  2. 2. Bobber Motorcycles Bobber Motorcycles: The Harbortown Bobber (motorcycle movie)Bobber Motorcycles: Site DevelopmentBobberMotorcycles.com can very effectively be developed into a passionate authority sitedealing with the passion of all those people who are passionate about their bobber motorcycles.If you are passionate about bobber motorcycles too, you can also sell your bobbed innovationsas well as your complete bobber motorcycles to your reader-subscribers.Purchase Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.com. Here is its EstibotAppraisal:Domain Appraisal – bobbermotorcycles.com 2/6
  3. 3. Your domain appraisal results are displayed below. You can instantly order a professionalappraisal for this domain, check its availability and export this report to PDF by clicking on theappropriate button below.Domain Details: Purchase Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.com Domain: bobbermot orcycles.c om SLD: bobbermot orcycles Keywords: bobb [ c er m hang otorc e ] ycles Language: Engli sh Category: Vehi cles — Mo torcy clesAppraisal Overview: PurchaseDomain NameBobberMotorcycles.com EstiBot Value: $ 1,7 [ c 00 urren USD cy ] » Help me BUY this domain » Help me SELL this domain » Help me DEVELOP this domainLink to this Appraisal: http://www.estibot.com/appraise.php?a=appraisal&k=427 cea15e4f382214be1598dd1a9ebb6&domain=bobbermotOther Extensions: Purchase Domain orcycles.com 3/6
  4. 4. Name BobberMotorcycles.com com net org info biz us taken taken taken taken available available Related Domains For Sale: Purchase [?]Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.commotorcycl motorcycl motorcycl motorcyclesclassics estreettire. esmax.co escreensa.com com m vers.co(Offer) ($625) (Offer) (Offer) Related Sales: Purchase Domain NameBobberMotorcycles.comDomain Source Price Datebanditmotorcycles N/A $405 USD 2006-12-17.comitsmotorcycles.co N/A $10 USD 2007-02-07mantiquemotorcycle N/A $14,120 USD 2007-07-25s.comvintagemotorcycle N/A $14,000 USD 2007-07-25s.commotorcycleseller.c N/A $602 USD 2008-01-01om view 16 more related salesSearch Overview: Purchase Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.com Avg Search Results (keyword): 80,200 Avg Search Results (sld): 223 Avg Ad Count (keyword): 8 Avg Ad Count (sld): 6Traffic Rank: Purchase Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.com Alexa Traffic Rank: 18,701,791 Google Page Rank: 0Type-in Score: Purchase Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.com Overture (domain): 0 Overture (sld): 0 Overture (keyword): 40 Word Tracker 102(keyword):Average Monthly Search Stats 4/6
  5. 5. – bobber motorcycles Average 8,052MonthlySearches: Average $0.43 USDCost PerClick: Average lowAdCompetition:Average Monthly Search Stats– [bobber motorcycles] Average 3,538MonthlySearches: Average $0.43 USDCost PerClick: Average lowAdCompetition:Web Site Status: Purchase Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.com Title: Purchase Domain Name BobberMotorcycles.com > Bobber Motorcycles Metadata Keywords: purchase domain, purchase domain name, domain name, bobber motorcycles, bobber, bobbermotorcycles.com IP: hosts approximately 87 sites Resolve Time: 185 ms Page Size: 10.7 KB Links: 76 Images: 7 Parked: N/A Status Code: 200 Host OS: Unknown Host Web Server: Apache Host Scripting: - Has Adsense: No Has Cookies: No Has CSS: Yes Has JavaScript: Yes 5/6
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