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Social Objects as Realia
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Social Objects as Realia


Presentation for the University of Limerick's Web 2.0 and Language Learning Conference, June 1, 2012. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

Presentation for the University of Limerick's Web 2.0 and Language Learning Conference, June 1, 2012. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

Published in Education , Technology
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  • At the the University of Limerick Conference on “Web 2.0 and Language Learning” I presented "Social Objects as Realia" in which I explained the challenging precipice of information overload facing both educators and students in our connected society. Web 2.0 technologies have extended the reach of education by facilitating the publishing, sharing and curating high-quality materials. This talk explores the myths, the pedagogy, and the processes of learning the language of collaboration in the knowledge society. It offers a survey view of microblogging, pinning and tagging of personal content while offering cautionary notes about marking and reusing copyrighted content. The talk ends with a quick annotated review of effective tools worth considering when treating social objects as realia.
  • Wikipedia tells us “realia” are objects from real life used in classroom instruction by educators to improve students' understanding of other cultures and real life situations. A teacher of a foreign language often employs realia to strengthen students' associations between words for everyday objects and the objects themselves. In many cases, these objects are part of an instructional kit which includes a manual and is thus considered as being part of a documentary whole by librarians. Realia are also used to connect learners with the key focal point of a lesson by allowing tactile and multidimensional connection between learned material and the object of the lesson. They are best utilized for simple objects lending themselves to classroom settings and ease of control with minimum risk of accident throughout the student object interaction. Technology has begun to impact the use of realia by adding the virtual realia option, whereby three-dimensional models can be displayed through projection or on computer screens, allowing the learner to see detail otherwise difficult to acquire and to manipulate the object within the medium on which it is displayed. The option of zooming and looking within objects makes virtual realia an important learning tool in technical environments where it may be difficult or impractical to examine an object in as much detail manually, such as the workings of living organs or machinery containing hazardous parts, such as combustion engines.
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  • 1. Bernard @topgold GoldbachLimerick Institute of Technology
  • 2. Realia• Objects from real life used in classrooms to improve understanding.• In language learning, realia strenghthen associations between words for objects and objects themselves.• Realia connect learners with key focal points.• Tactile and multidimensional connections between learned material and objects of lessons.• Best results when simple.
  • 3. Realia for Active Listening
  • 4. Active Listening via Hashtags
  • 5. Listening to #edchatie
  • 6. Listening to #edchatie memes
  • 7. Learning Emerging Trends
  • 8. Learning Social Etiquette
  • 9. Learning Real World Tweets
  • 10. Learning Private and Extended Circles
  • 11. Learning Community Composition
  • 12. Learning Effective Collaboration
  • 13. Learning Creativity
  • 14. Learning to Critique
  • 15. Learning to Curate
  • 16. Resource: G+ Realia
  • 17. The Big Bird is Social Sharing
  • 18. Reality:Notifications Drive Engagement
  • 19. Teaching Privacy through Flowcharts
  • 20. Effective Realia is Layered
  • 21. Realia Can Be a Ghost Town
  • 22. Realia Can Be Circled
  • 23. KPI: Effective Realia Piques Interest
  • 24. Tactic: Embrace Real People
  • 25. Tactic: Seek Ambient Intimacy
  • 26. Resources: Albums, Sets, Streams
  • 27. Resource: Hangouts
  • 28. Tactic: Hangouts on Air
  • 29. Tactic: Leverage Transmedia
  • 30. Resources for Realia
  • 31. Realia’s Analogue and Digital
  • 32. Realia and Audioboo
  • 33. Resource: Audioboo.fm
  • 34. Resource: G+ Educators
  • 35. Tactic: Read and Share
  • 36. Tactic: Connecthttp://gplus.to/topgoldhttp://twitter.com/topgoldhttp://youtube.com/topgoldhttp://linkedin.com/in/topgoldhttp://www.insideview.iehttp://audioboo.fm/topgoldhttp://flickr.com/topgoldhttp://facebook.com/topgoldhttp://pinboard.in/u:topgold/t:collaboration
  • 37. Tactic: Share and Share AlikeThis presentation is available on SlideShare.net/topgold.Please share and share-alike.Bernard @topgold Goldbach, University of Limerick, June 1, 2012.