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A quick review of lessons learned on the Limerick Institute of Technology campus while immersed in the early days of e-publishing.

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  • A brief survey view of the six-month experiment at the Limerick Institute of Technology. I’ve used the technology described in this slide deck. I expect to revise some of the tools before the next running of the e-publishing module in January 2013. Most of the revision will evolve by following https://plus.google.com/#s/e-publishing
  • Bernie Goldbach’s first-hand experience with e-publishing at third level in the Limerick Institute of Technology, shared at the Dublin Institute of Technology’s e-learning summer school (#elss12), June 20, 2012.
  • We started with years of old PPT files and converted them to epub and mobi files. Along the way, we met Scrivener.
  • If you are serious about increasing the efficiency of your epublishing workflow, you need Scrivener from Literature and Latte.
  • calibre - ebook .com gives me a one stop solution for most of my e-book needs. I use it primarily to harvest content supported by RSS feeds. If you have a blog, you can use Calibre to produce clever learning material via RSS.
  • This is an expensive program that my college has under license. It’s powerful and it cleans up old PDFs well. Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro software lets you deliver highly professional PDF communications. I use this fully-featured program to create and edit PDF files with rich media. I need Acrobat Pro to ensure I can secure docs as well as to open secure docs. A big plus: PDFs can be used to gather student and team feedback very efficiently within the PDF itself.
  • Elements cost me EUR 80 a few years ago.
  • We used Kindlegen to ensure total compatibility with Amazon Store policies. Download Kindlegen after reading T&Cs: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000234621
  • I spent $3.99 with www. ebookmagicapp .com and got a fun and easy custom book maker for our iPad. It allowed me to easily create iBooks just with the iPad. It exports files as PDF for widespread use and as and ePub for iOS.
  • Simplenote for iOS is a powerful and elegantly wonderful piece of glue. Reader John Tierney uses Andronoter on his Galaxy II to sync to Simplenote and he uses Syncpad on Chrome. In some apps, you can share notes with specific people by tagging the note with their name. Start here: http://www.simplenoteapp.com
  • The lecture halls are filled with touchscreen devices.
  • Students value words on paper. They read longer with crisp fonts on screen and stay with content they can swipe or tap or pinch. We continue to survey students about their opinion of “handouts” and I have to convince new students that a digital PPT is a “handout”. I want to break the assumption that all learning material needs to be printed on dead trees.
  • My motivation is driven by keystrokes already registered. I have a lot of product in my digital stash.
  • This meant pulling everything into one portable terabyte and backing that up with Crashplan.
  • I keep projects in portable terabyte containers. Lately, I need a strong power source to power the newer USB 3.0 terabyte drives. The USB ports on computers must be putting out clean 5V power.
  • Synchronicity with colleagues will extend your practise. If you’re on a Mac, you’ll love Scrivener’s tie-in with Dropbox. http://www.dropbox.com
  • You can access Crashplan from any touchscreen. This means you can see you work in progress on your iPhone or Android handset. http://www.crashplan.com/
  • I also use ReadNotify.com for tracking docs I send and Adobe’s built-in mail service facility for tracking the delivery and opening of PDFs related to essential study materials in the courses I teach. Besides Blurb, Smashwords and Lulu are at the top of the my list of preferred channels for e-publishing material I create.
  • We have become digital consumers. As third level educators, we are digital curators.
  • All Word files are not created the same. Expect post-processing issues with metadata inside the Word docs.
  • A book makes the best-seller list in Ireland when achieving 40,000 sales. It would be straightforward to shift an essential epub to 40,000 college students in Ireland.
  • Research by nxtbook media.
  • Pinboard.in is an elegant link-sharing system. I religiously pin things to http://pinboard.in/u:topgold/t:eprdctn. I’m also on http://delicious.com/topgold where I’m making a stack for our e-publishing module in LIT.ie.
  • http://www.mobileread.com/forums/ offers clever work-arounds and several busy bees populate https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23eprdctn
  • TOC is bleeding edge. MOC offers ideas on how to promote stuff and @cspenn offers epubs as a promotional service. The Evernote podcast helps to GTD.
  • I always learn while reading information shared by @eoinpurcell on Twitter. I’m in awe that Scrivener costs less than Camtasia, another productivity product I use as a college lecturer. If you get involved with e-publishing, you should test your products on the gear used by your readers. That’s why I’ve a Symbian phone, an iTouch, a Sony Ericsson Xperia running Android, a Kindle, and a Windows Phone. I get many of my ebooks to read while enjoying coffee at tables served by free and open wifi.
  • This presentation is shared via Creative Commons at Slideshare.net: http://www.slideshare.net/topgold/learning-e-publishing. The blog post: http://www.insideview.ie/irisheyes/2012/06/sharing-my-eprdctn-workflow.html The list of links: http://list.ly/list/1M4-eprdctn
  • Learning e publishing

    1. 1. Learning ePublishing
    2. 2. LearningePublishingAn immersive experiencewith @topgold from LIT.ie
    3. 3. The Short StoryO Academics want to leverage legacy notes.O High achievers want to read notes.O Efficient e-publishing converts notes to epubs.O Efficient e-publishing changes some workflows.
    4. 4. The Power Tool Scrivener improves writing.
    5. 5. The Harvester Calibre-ebook.com
    6. 6. The Cleaner Acrobat Pro fixes bloat.
    7. 7. The Compressor Photoshop Elements reduces weight.
    8. 8. The Channel Tool Kindlegen
    9. 9. The Easy iBook TooleBook Magic produces simple iBooks quickly.
    10. 10. The AppsO Simplenote for iOSO Flick Note for AndroidO Simple Paper for Windows PhoneO SymNote for Symbian
    11. 11. Strategy: Starting OutO Know your audience’s viewing platforms.O Our students have a range of devices.O Common denominator: Windows laptops.O Common phone: Android.O Survey showed even those with feature phones could see PDFs.
    12. 12. Tactic: Listen to Recipients
    13. 13. Strategy: Audit Your Assets O 10 years of Powerpoint files needed to be converted to Powerpoint 2007. O 10 years of blog posts needed tagging and directory management. O 10 years of white papers, long form documents, and case studies required Acrobat Pro processing.
    14. 14. Tactic: Organise Your Assets
    15. 15. Terabytes of Projects
    16. 16. Tool: Dropbox Syncs with Mac Scrivener.
    17. 17. Tool: CrashplanHave an active and dependable back-uprunning.
    18. 18. Strategy: SyndicateO Adobe offers tracking on PDF emails.O Email epubs via listserv.O Email mobi docs via mailing list.O Cross-publish with RSS feed.O Offer Blurb or other JIT book.
    19. 19. FactContent is happiest when digitised.
    20. 20. FactWhat looks like an epub might originate as MS-Word.
    21. 21. FactThe best-selling books in Ireland could be held by 40,000 hands.
    22. 22. FactsDigital publications are viewed for 20 minutes.Web Pages are viewed for only nine minutes.
    23. 23. Summary of ToolsI’ve snipped and tagged stuff as eprdctn:http://pinboard.in/u:topgold/t:eprdctn
    24. 24. Recommended ReadingO Mobile Reads ForumO #eprdctn on Twitter
    25. 25. Recommended Listening O Tools of Change Podcast O Marketing Over Coffee Podcast O Evernote Podcast
    26. 26. With Thanks toO @eoinpurcell and his helpful tips.O Keith Blount and his Scrivener team.O Affordable Smartphones.O Free wifi.
    27. 27. Happy Publishing! Bernie Goldbach edits http://www.insideview.ie Tweets @topgold http://gplus.to/topgoldhttp://www.slideshare.net/topgold/learning-e-publishing
    28. 28. Thoughts?http://goo.gl/12LXb