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Blank Screen Creativity


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Presentation delivered to the 2012 Learning Innovation Network about "Blank Sc

Presentation delivered to the 2012 Learning Innovation Network about "Blank Sc

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  • A presentation by Bernie Goldbach.
  • I blog at, talk at and share videos at
  • conducted continuous, semi-structured and informal interviews with selected students and respondents. The researcher developed interviews using the ethnographic process recommended by Spradley (1979). The data that the researcher collected from classroom observations, exploration, investigation, and surveys of student attitudes toward such classroom environments assisted in preparing the analysis of findings. Artifacts (for example, tape recordings and computer software) also assisted in the data collection and analysis processes.
  • Students Turned Off by Turnitin? Perception of Plagiarism and Collusion by Undergraduate Bioscience Students Andrew Thompsett and Jatinder Ahluwalia, November 2010 School of Health and Biosciences, University of East London
  • Expanding Minds: Developing Creative Thinking in Young Learners Robert Fisher, 2006. This paper is published in CATS: The IATEFL Young Learners SIG journal, Spring 2006 
  • Nicholas Negroponte: From being digital to digital beings.  IBM Systems Journal 39 (3&4): 417-418 (2000)
  • Hanging Out ,  Messing Around , and Geeking Out: Kids Living and Learning with New Media by Mizuko Ito.
  • Simply the best work about creativity shared at
  • From the beginning of time, creatives acted.
  • Connecting with tribes enhances everyone’s work.
  • Deviations are okay.
  • From Jason Theodor.
  • From Jason Theodor
  • Snapped during an audio preparation session.
  • I use Google Plus.
  • This work emerged as part of the “Octaver” project in October 2012 at
  • Foot warmers optional.
  • Hazmah and Griffith, 2006 NATIONAL FORUM OF APPLIED EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL-ELECTRONIC VOLUME 19 NUMBER 3, 2006 1 Fostering Problem Solving & Creative Thinking in the Classroom: Cultivating a Creative Mind!
  • You need a curatorial process underneath all your creative work.
  • Biros do not require power. Handy that.
  • automatically hoovers the flow from three of my Twitter accounts. This shows part of
  • More than 90% of the images created in our modules are available through Creative Commons licensing.
  • Word cloud arising when first-year students were asked what interests them.
  • We arrange guest lecturers through Google Hangouts.
  • We connect with lecturers in other third level institutions through Google Plus.
  • Well-spoken during LIN 2012 in Dublin, Ireland.
  • According to Torrance and Safter (1990), students prefer to learn creatively by exploring, questioning, experimenting, manipulating, listening, and testing
  • Malcolm Gladwell’s research on outliers shows a true professional has spent 10,000 hours on task.
  • Robertson K (2005).  "Active listening: more than just paying attention" .  Aust Fam Physician   34 (12): 1053–5.  PMID   1633349
  • From Jason Theodor’s Creative Method.
  • From work with Google Docs emerges major conclusions, automatically peer-reviewed.
  • From the study of Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out. The photo is a screenshot snapped on my iTouch during a Google Hangout.
  • Sometimes it’s as basic as cutting strips out of storyboards and repasting print documents
  • I’m very findable.
  • I’m very findable. I blog and talk about education, technology and being a dad to a very creative couple of kids.
  • Transcript

    • 1. BlankScreenCreativityUnleashing the creativeprocess, one blank screen at atime. @topgold
    • 2. I’m Bernie GoldbachLimerick School of Art and Design @topgold
    • 3. I teach third level creative students how to communicate throughMedia Writing, Public Relations, Social Media and AppliedCommunications in a BSc degree programme.I need to ensure our graduates can populate digital channels with theircreative work.I need to inculcate a collaborative spirit to ensure our graduates canwork with designers, art directors, copywriters, front end developers,programmers, marketers, and analysts.Our graduates need to surmount blank screens and be creative. @topgold
    • 4. -- My research includes continuous, informal interviews with students.The Process -- Followed ethnographic process recommended by Spradley (1979). -- Digital artifacts (Flickr,Things I’ve done to investigate Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter,blank screen creativity. Audioboo) assisted the data collection process. @topgold
    • 5. -- Borrows from JasonThe Creative Theodor’s Creative Method and System.Experience -- Learners bring their own devices. -- Teachers identify creative oases.Things worth sharing -- An effective process shares eureka moments @topgold
    • 6. Learnersarrive in acopy-and-paste modeStudents who actually“engaged in writingassignments... exhibitedhigher levels of critical thinkingand overall understanding oftheir topic...“Thompsett and Ahluwalia, 2010 @topgold
    • 7. What promotescreativity is aquestioningclassroom.Ask unusual andchallengingquestions.Value diversity.Robert Fisher, 2006 @topgold
    • 8. A transformation hasoccurred. We havemoved from "atom-based" economy, andtowards one focusedaround the creation,manipulation,communication andstorage of electronicbinary digits or "bits".Nicholas Negroponte, 2000 @topgold
    • 9. Stress is part of thelandscape with KidsLiving and Learning withNew Media.Mizuko Ito, 2009 @topgold
    • 10. JasonTheodor’sCreativeMethodIt’s about action, connectionand deviation. @topgold
    • 11. @topgold
    • 12. @topgold
    • 13. @topgold
    • 14. @topgold
    • 15. The Creative Method @topgold
    • 16. ActionStart simple.Draft a response.Record 90 second audio. @topgold
    • 17. ConnectionCommunities emerge.Sharing happens. @topgold
    • 18. ConnectionUsing Audioboo to easily aggregateshareable creative work. @topgold
    • 19. DeviationNew pathways lead tounexpected results. @topgold
    • 20. Improving Focus @topgold
    • 21. Essential Elements of Focus -- Capture -- Catalogue -- Review @topgold
    • 22. CaptureThe tool must always be in your pocket or purse. @topgold
    • 23. CatalogueAuto-file in a searchable stash. @topgold
    • 24. CatalogueLeverage searchable community artifacts. @topgold
    • 25. ReviewCross-reference your own media objects. @topgold
    • 26. Creative CollaborationMeeting creative people in Google Hangouts. @topgold
    • 27. Creative CollaborationMeeting creative people in Google Hangouts. @topgold
    • 28. Failing Collaboration “Most collaborations fail.But we don’t hear about them.” Ewan McIntosh, LIN 2012 @topgold
    • 29. LearningCreativelyStudents prefer to learncreatively by exploring,questioning, experimenting,manipulating, listening, andtesting.Torrance and Safter (1990) @topgold
    • 30. ActionIt’s about doing.It is the act of creating.It is about learning how to failwell.It is a journey of 10,000 steps.Jason Theodor (2010) @topgold
    • 31. ActiveListeningIt’s more than just payingattention.Robertson K (2005) @topgold
    • 32. FacilitatingThe weakest of us—theEmpaths, the Crazies, and theDreamers—need to break ourinertia and build upmomentum.Theodor J (2010) @topgold
    • 33. ProductionWe extract significant valuewhen producing sharedreflective documents.Google Docs used in public and privatemodes. @topgold
    • 34. Critique(There is) an emergingconsensus that the mostengaged and active forms oflearning with digital mediahappen in youth-drivensettings.Mizuko Ito, 2009 @topgold
    • 35. ConclusionUse the creative method to unlock blank screens. @topgold
    • 36. Circle MeOr follow me @topgold. @topgold
    • 37. Happy Creating!Bgoldbach AT @topgold