Using Email to Engage your Market
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Using Email to Engage your Market

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Email marketing is a cost-effective and widely used online marketing tool to acquire new customers and build loyalty with existing customers. ...

Email marketing is a cost-effective and widely used online marketing tool to acquire new customers and build loyalty with existing customers.
In this session, we discussed:
- The benefits of Email marketing
- How to develop effective email lists
- How to create compelling messages that get results
- How to measure and improve campaign results

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  • 1. Welcome!Using Email to EngageYour MarketDecember 7, 2012
  • 2. Overview• Why Consider Email Marketing?• Building and Managing Quality Lists• Developing Effective Messages• Measuring Campaign Results• Getting Started• Email Campaign Peer Reviews
  • 3. Top Floor Technologies • Website Design & Development • Search Engine Marketing • Social Media • Email Marketing • Web Analytics & Conversion Improvement Maximizing Online Marketing Results for Hundreds of Businesses Since 1999
  • 4. Email Usage 210 billion emails sent per day 2 million emails sent every second 1.3 billion email users 516 million business email inboxes worldwide Globally, mobile users have surpassed desktop users
  • 5. Marketers Using Email 92% of all marketers employ some type of email marketing 65% of marketers planned to increase email marketing spending in 2012, while only 3% planned to decrease11MarketingSherpa 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report
  • 6. Key Benefits Highly targeted and immediate (dynamic, personalized content) Measurable and Cost effective Drive sales and up sell current clients Build customer loyalty
  • 7. The Results  66% of email marketers surveyed agreed that email is the most cost effective marketing tool at their company.1  Marketers said they enjoy an ROI two to three times greater with email than any other direct marketing.1  Email marketing delivered a $40.56 return for each $1 spent in 2011 (Direct Marketing Association).21Forrester Research, 2Direct Marketing Association
  • 8. Build Your List Organically Existing Customers Sales Leads Trade Shows & Events Sign Up Link in Email Signature Social Media Leverage Your Website Traffic with Sign Up Boxes on Your Website
  • 9. Sign Up Form Examples
  • 10. Tip: Keep sign up forms simpleand offer meaningful value toyour target audience. Letthem know what to expectand when to expect it.
  • 11. List Segmentation Reach segments of your list with relevant messages Segmentation of your list can yield an increase in open rates of approximately 14% Possible segmentation methods  Demographics – gender, age, geography, company size, etc.  Behavior – email response, purchase history, browsing history, etc.  Customer Lifecycle – buyer vs. prospect, stage of customer journey, products/services purchased, etc.
  • 12. Purchasing Lists?  Not recommended … but if you must:  Make sure your landing pages are aligned to your list’s interests.  Don’t mention the fact that it’s a rented/purchased list.  Test results against your other lists.  Don’t sacrifice quantity for quality.  Instead of using large list collectors, consider specialty lists (from trade publications, associations, trade shows, etc.)Source: B2B Magazine, E-Mail Marketer Insight
  • 13. CANSPAM Compliance Put your contact info in footer of emails. Use a current email address. Have consent to contact your list. Offer immediate un-subscribe action.
  • 14. When asked why recipientsstopped subscribing to opt-inemails, more than half saidthe content was no longerrelevant, and 40% said theywere getting too many offers.- Forrester Research
  • 15. Attributes of Successful Messages Timely and relevant to the reader Not over-selling Clear and compelling calls to action Formatted to look good in multiple email clients Effective landing pages
  • 16. Topics to Consider Upcoming events Special promotions Product reviews Insider information Free tips, expert advice Information that will help your readers
  • 17. Email Message Examples
  • 18. Landing Pages Clearly related to message content Simple call to action Less information is more Mobile friendly
  • 19. Subject Lines Keep it simple Don’t be overly flashy or pushy Clearly and concisely describes the purpose/content of your email Directly relates to expectations you set with subscribers during the opt-in process
  • 20. Designing for Readability Keep width to 600-650 pixels Test for compatibility with various email clients Consider responsive design for mobile devices Leverage the preview pane
  • 21. Responsive Design for Mobile
  • 22. Responsive Design Tips Single-column layouts that are no wider than 500 to 600 pixels work best on mobile devices. Links and buttons should have a minimum target area of 44 × 44 pixels. Keep your message concise, and place important design elements in the upper section of the message. Source: Campaign Monitor
  • 23. Run Designand Spam Testing Source: Campaign Monitor
  • 24. Basic Metrics to Track How many people you sent the email to How many opened it, how many times How many unsubscribed How many forwarded the email What links they clicked What they did after clicking a link
  • 25. Overall U.S. Industry Averages Email Open Rate – 19.9% Email Click Through Rate – 5.4% Remember, the best benchmark is your own results. Analyze your results and pursue continual improvement. Source: 2012 Silverpop Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study
  • 26. Hundreds of VendorsGood list of vendors at
  • 27. Important Closing Considerations Running a campaign takes more than just having a platform. Ensure that you are managing your list well and developing great messages. Don’t forget marketing 101 – understand your target market and plan your campaigns with them in mind. Integrate your email marketing with other efforts.
  • 28. Thank You!Upcoming Top Floor Technologies EventsGoogle Analytics Fundamentals (webinar)January 9, 2013 – 2:30 to 3:30 PM | Online WebinarMaximizing Your SEO Results (seminar)February 7, 2013 – 1:30 to 4:30 PM | Top Floor Technologies - New Berlin, WIvisit for details or to register