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Virtual Physician software

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1 Medicalknowledge Com

  2. 2. THE PURPOSE. 1MedicalKnowledge.com was founded in 2005. What the company does is it provides physicians with the software so that they can virtually see their patients over the Internet. It allows the Doctors to see more patients in a given day from anywhere* including after hours. An average Doctor sees 50 patients a day and this program allows the Doctor to see as many patients as they wish. Most patients go to the Doctor for colds, flu or some minor illness to follow up. Most of the time the patient doesn't want to get out of bed much less sit in a crowded Doctor's waiting room. The program allows the Doctor to provide a virtual consultation to assess the patients health issue. Seeing the patient over the Internet saves the Doctor time, the patient time, and they both save money. *computer with software installed.
  3. 3. 21st. CENTURY HEALTH CARE The Physician(s) with 1MedicalKnowledge.com software will be able to triage the patient before they come into the Doctor's office allowing the Doctor to ask the necessary questions and review the Patient's case. Follow up interviews can also be detailed over the Internet. With the triage and follow up cases handeled over the Internet more time can be used by the Physician for cases that would require an in office visit. Less staff would be required by the Physician, an additional savings.
  4. 4. THE COST, THE BENEFIT! 1MedicalKnowledge.com offers the Doctor a 90 day free trial period to gauge the patient load for the Doctor or practice and for the Doctor(s) to inform their patients of the new convenience. 0-50 patients use is $100 dollars a month per Doctor, 51-100 patients use is $150 dollars a month per Doctor, 101- 150 patients use is $200 dollars a month per Doctor, greater than 151 patients flat fee of $400 dollars a month per Doctor. The cost is transparent to the Doctor, it is a business expense, tax break, it will allow the Doctor to increase his/her patient load by at least 50% thereby improving their income. The patients are pleased because of the convenience; if and when Universal Health Care happens the speed at which they will be able to see/talk to their Doctor will be increased substantially.
  5. 5. $ EARNING POTENTIAL $ For Physicians and Representatives. This is what you could earn: for every Doctor who signs on to the program a sales representatives earns a 30% commission. One Doctor using the service for the low end of just $100 dollars a month is $1200 a year, you earn 30% or $360 dollars for that one Doctor. If a practice is involved... well you can see the potential. Physicians who use the service increase their patient load by up to 50%. If the average Doctor sees a 1000 patients a month he now sees 1500 patients a month and the physicians charge a nominal fee, such as a $25.00 copay to the patient then the Doctor has recouped his cost in one day! While increasing their monthly income by $12,500.00 The cost is transparent to the Doctor and the patient enjoys the convenience, it's a win win situation.
  6. 6. HEALTH CARE EXPLOSION! The number of of uninsured Americans is 46.6 million in 2005. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The number of Illegal Immigrants ranges from 7.3 million to 20 million, 2008. According to the Center For Immigration Studies. Where will these new users of the system go? Our current health care structure would be over-run and care will become substandard. Doctors must treat more people with less health care dollars faster. The Doctors income will be slashed by the extra work requirements and strain on the system. The answer: 1MedicalKnowledge.com. will increase the Physician's income while making health care with easier access for the patient.
  7. 7. 2006 HEALTH CARE VISITS. Medical Specialty: 66.6 visits/100 people Surgical Specialty: 59.8 visits/100 people Outpatient Department: 34.8 visits/100 people Emergency Department: 40.8 visits/100 people Primary Care Physician: 179 visits/100 people For every 100 people in the United States there are 179 visits to a primary care physician. The program will allow less office staff and more patient contact in less time.
  8. 8. 1MedicalKnowledge.com PHYSICIAN SIGNING REQUIREMENTS 1. Name, address, and phone number of practice. 2. Name of Physician(s), including any degree titles (ie: MD, DO, DCM, etc...) 3. Email address of Physician(s). 4. Domain name optional. Best to have their own domain name, ie: www.familydoctor.com--- which would forward to www. 1MedicalKnowledge.com.This is so the doctor(s) can publish a link to their patients that represents their practice. Otherwise, the doctor(s) will be given a sublink, ie: 1MedicalKnowledge. com/familydoctor.com.
  9. 9. THE CHALLENGE. Many sales people find it too challenging when having to wait the 90 day free trial period. This does take some patience, however, once the program is running and the Doctors are using it signing just 10 Doctors a month the income will be massive. Everything is completely automated through Paypal so all earnings are tracked through a private secure account and can be followed daily. Many Physicians find that change is challenging and the idea of seeing a patient on the Internet too restricting so this is the essential purpose of the 90 day free trial period to get patients and Doctors acclimated to the concept. All Physician earnings are automated as well and can be tracked by the Doctors on line. Aaron Cusimano, MD. 407-970-4902/drdraaron@bellsouth.net
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