Don't Bully-Motivate Others
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  • I hope that school authorities get to put these issues to a close to provide a safer educational community for every child. Yet, just to be prepared, I'm just thankful I found this great application which featured safety app which gets me and my kid connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for you and your friends, or kids if you have with just a press of a Panic Button. Check it here:
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  • 1. Bullying Definition Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived powerimbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someonephysically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.
  • 2. Types of Bullying: • Verbal • Physical • Social •Cyber
  • 3. Verbal bullying is when someone is called names, threatened and made to feel bad. Physical bullying is when someone is hit, punched, pushed or have their personal items stolen and any other kind of physical, aggressive contact. When someone has some physical signs of bullying like cuts, bruises, torn clothes or personal belongings missing they just put it down toover active play or childish games. Many times this isnt the cause and people who are bullied will not tell an adult or someone they trust as they believe it will make the bullies mad and make the bullying a lot worse. Socialbullying is when someone is left out of games, deliberately ignored and has bad things spread about them and made to feel like an outsider. Cyberbullying can be in chat rooms, other online sources, instant messaging, on a mobile phone or even e-mails.
  • 4. Bullying Needs to STOP
  • 5. I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. Do not spread rumors, just your dreams. By: W.B. Yeats & Misty Davis
  • 6. Here are some examples:
  • 7. Once you replace nega Willie Nelson
  • 8. A creative man is motivated by thedesire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.
  • 9. In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet. By: Albert Schweitzer