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An online summer reading program for MISD 3rd and 4th grades using Bluebonnet nominees.

An online summer reading program for MISD 3rd and 4th grades using Bluebonnet nominees.

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  • 1. MISD Summer Book Club *
  • 2. * • Celebrate 21st Century Skills • Celebrate reading • Celebrate friends/be social
  • 3. * Introduce one Bluebonnet Book Learn to access eBooks Learn to use Edmodo responsibly
  • 4. *Marie Medina *Robin Shipman *Melanie Jefferis *Allie Brewer *Teresa Caddell *Christy Scroggins *Amanda Vu *Amy Toombs *Kim Simmons *Molly Walker *Emily Young *Tracy Clark *Carol McKenna *Lesley Norris *
  • 5. *Texas Library Association Award *20 nominees annually *Suggestions from librarians, teachers, parents, students. *Committee considers student interests, content, reputable reviews, and literary quality. *Fiction and nonfiction books represented. *
  • 6. *
  • 7. * Arlington Public Library Ivonne Kiefer Cristen Williams Bogi Huddleston Mansfield Public Library Yolanda Botello
  • 8. * * Computer Lab * TechLink bus
  • 9. * * Closed environment * No private information required from students * Students can only join classes by the invitation of their teacher * All communication is archived * Teacher has full management control Students use this code to sign up
  • 10. * Badges awarded by teachers Students share their learning style and goals
  • 11. * The backpack: Unlimited storage for documents, videos and other resources Students can only join groups. They cannot create groups Students receive notifications for grades, assignments, alerts or replies Students can only send messages to the entire group or directly to the teacher Parents use this code to create their account or add student to their existing account
  • 12. *
  • 13. * ▸Internet + Etiquette = Netiquette ▸Netiquette is the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet. ▸The Golden Rule is your rule of thumb ▸Remember, no one can hear your voice or see your facial expressions.
  • 14. * * When you answer a prompt the more you elaborate, the better. * A picture (with explanation), an example, or a story of your own are great responses. * Use examples from the novel. * Yes/No answers are boring! Explain. * Use emoticons, but not tons of them = )
  • 15. *
  • 16. *
  • 17. * * “I like green.” * “ Blue  !!! =-) ;-)” * “I hate purple because my sister loves purple, and she is so annoying.” * “Thx for askin. I luv all colorZ cuz I M N artist!”
  • 18. * * “My favorite color is blue. It makes me think of the ocean, and makes me feel calm. I must have a hundred blue shirts. ” * “I love the color pink. It’s hard to explain why, but I just feel happy when it’s all around me. My whole room is pink!” * “I like red. Until I read Counting By 7s I never knew that it was so important to the plant world, and that red represents good fortune in some cultures. I like it even more now.”
  • 19. *
  • 20. *
  • 21. To create an account, use the parent code located on child’s Edmodo homepage *
  • 22. *
  • 23. Choose STUDENT, enter the code w3hqig *