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Tools4ever Identity and Access Management -A step-by-step transition from requirement to realization
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Tools4ever Identity and Access Management -A step-by-step transition from requirement to realization


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Identity & Access Management (IAM) is increasingly being deployed in organizations. This stems from the recognition that a forward-looking approach to Identity & Access Management is crucial to …

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is increasingly being deployed in organizations. This stems from the recognition that a forward-looking approach to Identity & Access Management is crucial to achieve cost savings and foster innovation. In this whitepaper you will learn:
• What is Identity and Access Management
• IAM in terms of: HR System, Data Warehouse or Core Registration; Workflow and Self Service; Access Governance; Authentication; Provisioning; and Access Governance.
• What are the distinguishing features of Tools4ever’s IAM.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Tools4ever Identity and Access Management - A step-by-step transition from requirement to realization More and more organizations are starting to implement Identity & Access Management, or IAM, due to its ability to help cut costs and promote advancement. From a technical viewpoint, IAM is necessary to foster cloud applications, which make it possible for users to access the company’s system through their own devices and in a variety of settings. It allows companies to manage identities of users and give them access to certain networks. The most important aspects of IAM include: Authentication Management: This factor authenticates the identity of a user, which is typically done by using a username and password combination. Other solutions to authentication management include discarding the need for usernames and passwords and substituting it with simpler solutions such as two-factor authentication. Examples of this are mobile phones or smart cards. Authorization Management: This stage is vital to ensuring that the user is only able to access certain resources that are required for their contributions. It is a combination of procedures that monitors and guarantees that the access rights are precise and appropriate. Outlining and handling the access environment, approving deviances and verifying these through managers or a support team are typical areas of focus. Administration:This element is used to manage the identities by generating, amending and removing accounts for various users throughout the entire system and its applications. The correct tools can be used to make this an automated process instead of a manual one. This is typically done by combining administration with the system of Human Resources and management of the workflow. Monitoring and Auditing: This factor is necessary to oversee the entire arrangement of the IT. The actions of each and every user is monitored and collected in data and can be linked to their access rights that are determined by Authorization and Administration Management. The applicable data is gathered, compared, examined and stated for assessment purposes. These conclusions also help regulate procedures and improve IAM systems.
  • 2. There are many modules involved in Tools4ever’s IAM solution. The key source of information in the system of IAM comes from the organization. The organization is responsible for deciding the resources of IT that are necessary to implement business developments. The benefit of IAM systems is that it automates processes that would otherwise have to be approached manually. An organization is ever changing, due to variations in hiring of new employees, flexibility or change of job positions/departments/locations and employment dissolution. The information regarding these changes can be delivered to the system of IAM via workflow management or the Human Resources system. HR systems are an increasing preference for organizations to use as central processing in order to manage users, networks and assignments. Those that are not part of the HR system are not given any capabilities, such as computers, access cards and so on. Another advancement of IAM solutions allows those involved in the HR system to access various components on their own. For example, it gives permission to managers to observe data and make changes on their own. Employees are able to access information quickly and easily, such as leave days, salary information, job reports and other information. This tends to result in higher quality data that is modified at a quicker speed. The unique aspects of Tools4ever IAM offer solutions to many reoccurring problems of Enterprise Identity & Access Management. This process makes it easier for organizations to handle the various features of management of identity and allows companies to implement it in an effective manner. The key features that set Tools4ever IAM apart from other solutions include: 1. Operational Methods Divided into Stages 2. A Wide Variety of Links (or Connectors) 3. An Endways Portfolio 4. Scalability
  • 3. With over 10 years of practice in the IAM field, Tools4ever boasts a remarkable reputation. It has a more notable track record than its competitors such as Oracle, NetIQ, SailPoint and Microsoft due to its elasticity, practical nature and resilient pioneering efforts. Tools4ever offices can be found all over the world, which allows customers to receive local help and makes it easier to comply with local regulations and laws. Unlike its competitors, IAM has been able to successfully implement its methods in a matter of weeks, as opposed to several months or years. The pricing of Tools4ever is also hard to beat, especially when you consider its advantages in terms of IAM resolutions. To learn more visit