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Tools4ever identity & access management product brochure
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Tools4ever identity & access management product brochure


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Brochure encompassing all of the Tools4ever Identity and Password Management applications.

Brochure encompassing all of the Tools4ever Identity and Password Management applications.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Tools4everIdentity & Access Management Product Brochure Since 1999, Tools4ever has been providing comprehensive, robust software and consulting services for identity and access management. As one of the largest and most recognized vendors of identity & access management solutions, we are known for our no-nonsense approach to identity management. This is demonstrated in our software solutions which can be utilized in every industry including education, healthcare, government, financial services, business and non-profit. Our access management solutions have been installed and accommodated organizations varying in size from 100 user accounts to 300,000 user accounts. Introduction into Identity & Access Management Many organizations of all sizes face complex issues when managing identities and network security. With the multitude of servers and databases used by businesses, effectively supervising all users within a system can prove to be both difficult and ultimately non-productive for all parties. Many of these problems introduced by regulatory requirements in accessibility and management are heavily reduced by the utilization of identity and access management solutions. By integrating identity and access management tools, you can effectively fortify your security management systems with: Improved user satisfaction Increased productivity and business effectiveness
  • 2. Reduced security risks Improved regulatory compliance Reduced dependency on IT and development costs Much more Tools4ever: Identity & Access Management Software UMRA(User Account Management Software for Active Directory Management) is the ultimate complete user management system. By utilizing UMRA into your access management system, the authorized user can eliminate the time and energy wasted on requesting access to applications. UMRA allows simplified access to the authorized user across all systems. Additionally, UMRA offers delegation of user account management through user monitoring and reporting. UMRA Features: Supports a number of applications across many industries BYOD security Identity management in the cloud User activity monitoring and compliance Real use dashboard Much more
  • 3. E-SSOM(Enterprise Single Sign-On Manager) is a brilliantly effective single sign on software solution which enables users to log in just once, after which accessibility is granted automatically to all authorized network applications. Through this access management solution, users can bypass the complexity of varied login information like multiple usernames and passwords. This eliminates the need for login resets and streamlines productivity. E-SSOM features: Strong authentication management with two-factor authentication Cloud SSO Fast user switching Follow-Me option Much more SSRPM(Self Service Reset Password Management)is a password management solution allowing users to easily reset their active directory password based on simple, predefined questions. This allows users to streamline overall productivity by giving them the ability to reset their password themselves, without the need of IT intervention. The “Forgot My Password” button is integrated into the login screen and supported by many popular platforms. This has shown to reduce password reset calls by up to 90%, enabling optimal efficiency for the entire business. SSRPM features: Language support Customizable password policy Advanced authentication Reversible encryption
  • 4. Helpdesk called ID verification Much more Tools4ever is a leader in offering organizations innovative software for identity & access management. Since 1999, Tools4ever have worked in partnership with its worldwide customer base to improve ROI by simplifying the management of user accounts. No matter type of industry your organization specializes in or the size of your user database, Tools4ever is dedicated to providing active directory tools at the level of high quality you deserve. Contact us today!