Why YOU? (AdviserEdge Melbourne 2013)


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This is the Powerpoint version of the presentation on personal branding and value proposition creation for financial advisers (Slideshare do not host Prezi presentations sorry folks)

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Why YOU? (AdviserEdge Melbourne 2013)

  1. 1. Why YOU? Tony Vidler, CFP, CLU, ChFC
  2. 2. 3,000 advertising messages per day
  3. 3. Play video: why chose you
  4. 4. ...the road ahead... What is a “brand” How to build your brand How to use your brand
  5. 5. Importance of “Brand” with Social Media Social Media Examiner noted that 72% of their clients reported closing more business as a result of social media efforts, and 52% reported increased lead generation results. Brand awareness matters: brands in the initial-consideration set can be up to 3 times more likely to be purchased eventually than brands that aren't in it... “Winning the Consumer Decision Journey”. McKinsey Report, by David Court
  6. 6. The Brand challenge for Professional Advisers Being different... While fitting in!
  7. 7. When People think “Branding”...
  8. 8. What is a Brand? USPUSP IdentityIdentity PositionPosition
  9. 9. Your Brand ...is what people believe about you...
  10. 10. Barack Obama
  11. 11. BRAND Obama?
  12. 12. Steve Jobs
  13. 13. Steve Jobs
  14. 14. Elle Macpherson
  15. 15. BRAND: Elle?
  16. 16. PeterGarrett
  17. 17. BRAND: Garrett
  18. 18. Julia Gillard
  19. 19. BRAND: Gillard?
  20. 20. Value proposition + Brand identity + Positioning = a “brand” Mo st advice busine sse s co m pe te o n “appro xim atio n” and “re latio nships” All financial advice businesses are approximately equal – to The Customer ...Until “relationships” come into the equation – this is a differentiator
  21. 21. Strategic Value Proposition Reduce below industry’s standard Do something Above the industry’s standard Create What the industry Has never offered Eliminate Industry takes for granted Your Business’ Brand Position
  22. 22. When Business Brand and Personal Brand do not mesh...the customer thinks...
  23. 23. Are you serious? In the abse nce of strong brand positioning the customer uses these decision making filters: Price Delivery – availability and convenience Relationships
  24. 24. The Business Brand and YOURBrand meet... IdentityIdentity PositionPosition
  25. 25. Advocacy begins with familiarity
  26. 26. Why deal with you? You have to know: 1.Why are you so special? 2.Who are you targeting? 1.Why should they deal with you? These are the essential ingredients of your value proposition
  27. 27. Unique Selling Proposition Worksheet how to say......My Brilliance! + My Passion! = YOUR gain What do you do? How would a customer describe what you do? Customer's Alternatives Why would a potential customer choose your competitors in lieu of you? The IDEAL Client is: A "Good" Client is: Your Key Differentiators for the IDEAL client are: Your Key Differentiators for a Good client are: KEY Value to the customer? KEY Value to the customer? Secondary Value to the customer? Secondary Value to the customer THE Essential Value Proposition what makes me unique... what I do to create value... how the customer benefits from that.... YOUR Unique Selling Proposition is therefore:            
  28. 28. EXAMPLE: Adviser to the Advice Industry (is a positioning statement) I get my customers more customers (is the value proposition) My service is unique and advisers love it, as they get practical tools and help that they can use easily and quickly to remove risks from their business, and create new business opportunities. The key benefits are advisers have safer and easier businesses to run, that make more money for them and grow in value. (It may not be great, but it seems to work!)
  29. 29. YOURProposition Checklist Ag re at value pro po sitio n: Defines what you DO Is different to competitors Creates interest, or intrigue Is strong and confident Is about an outcome Uses simple language Is succinct Is convincing – because YOU believe it
  30. 30. Consistent imagery Business cards: Websites: Brochures: Video’s: Presentation materials: Front Back
  31. 31. How will it lookwhen Mumsees it on TV? Brand Management is ethics in overalls
  32. 32. Your Behavior is what gets you in. Or OUT.
  33. 33. The Strategy  Marketing systems feed the funnel  Website is the core of the content marketing, or engagement, strategy  Social media feeds the funnel, AND, produces content and traffic to the website and blog.  Email, e-zines & social media provide ongoing engagement; and deliver content.  When they have an itch, they know I am the scratcher  When they have an itch...the sales process begins A CLIENT (SALE) RESULTS
  34. 34. Getting attraction...and traction...
  35. 35. Brand Positioning & Awareness
  36. 36. Does it work? My Objective: 25 clients p.a. I need: 200 “right” prospects I have & am actively engaged with: Newsletter: 1,400 prospects Linked in: 1,400 prospects Twitter: 1,900 prospects Blog: 2,300 prospects Best Estimate: 2,200 “right” prospects. There is no prospecting problem.
  37. 37.  Clarify your core offer  Know your target market  Know how they benefit from you  Put that into a “value proposition”  Work out where they are, or are going to be, and be there.  Your value proposition HAS to fit with the overall business branding  Marketing the brand goes beyond just you & the customer  Customer benefit must be “outcome” focused  Engagement marketing is critical Creating that buzz...
  38. 38. Personal Branding is about being different... While fitting in!
  39. 39. Your Influence is created by: ...which becomes your Brand
  40. 40. Yourbranding is the key driverbehind why customers would choose you. Your Value Proposition is the power within the brand.