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Slide share lead forms

  1. 1. ORGANIZATION NAME Marketing Solutions SlideShare Leads LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. ORGANIZATION NAME SlideShare Leads • SlideShare Leads Overview • Lead Form Set Up • Basics • Creating Campaigns • Advanced Options • Custom Questions • Lead Collection • Exporting Leads • Case Studies • Best Practices • More Information
  3. 3. ORGANIZATION NAME SlideShare Leads Overview Any paid SlideShare Channel can collect leads • Silver: 30 leads/month • Gold: 75 leads/month with Geo targeting • Platinum: Unlimited leads, with Geo targeting and Custom questions
  4. 4. ORGANIZATION NAME Lead Form Set Up From the Pro Dashboard, click “Start a campaign”
  5. 5. ORGANIZATION NAME Lead Form Set Up
  6. 6. ORGANIZATION NAME Lead Form Set Up: Basics Part I Preview (yellow box on right) Shows preview of form as changes are made Campaign name: For internal reference only Title: A short question/call to action at the top of the lead form • Default is “Want to know more about our products?” Subtitle: A short phrase (140 characters max) to follow up to title • Default is “Give us your contact info and we’ll get back soon with details.”
  7. 7. ORGANIZATION NAME Lead Form Set Up: Basics Part II Geography: Options are: • Worldwide • United States • Western Europe • Individual countries • Content is viewable worldwide, but lead forms are only shown to selected geography • Only available with Gold and Platinum Accounts • It is not possible to select multiple geographies Company/Organization: Checking “Yes” will include on form Show message field: Checking “Yes” will include blank Message in lead form
  8. 8. ORGANIZATION NAME Lead Form Set Up: Creating Campaigns Show Lead Form on: Can specify whether to include lead form on • All my uploads • Same form will appear on all uploaded presentations • Uploads tagged… • Lead forms will only appear on presentations with specific tags • Choose uploaded file… • Lead forms will only appear on specific presentation
  9. 9. ORGANIZATION NAME Lead Form Set Up: Advanced Options Show “Get in touch” button: Yellow button appears at bottom of every slide of presentation; clicking immediately brings up lead form Position of lead form: Options include: • Inside the player • Before last slide/page or end of video • After slide 10/page 1/120 sec of video • After selected slide (only available when specific presentation is selected) • On file download • When a presentation is downloaded • Make form compulsory to view further • Form cannot be skipped and must be filled out in order to proceed Collect phone numbers?: Checking “Yes” will include on form Collect postal address?: Checking “Yes” will include on form
  10. 10. ORGANIZATION NAME Lead Form Set Up: Custom Questions Custom Question 1: Question (75 character max) can be added. You can create yes/no questions, open field, or drop-downs. Answer Choices: For open-ended questions, leave blank; for multiple choice questions, list one answer per line (+ Add question): To add additional questions Platinum Accounts can also add custom questions and multiple-choice answers
  11. 11. ORGANIZATION NAME Lead Collection From the Pro Dashboard, click “View leads”
  12. 12. ORGANIZATION NAME Lead Collection Overview Campaign Name For internal purposes only Files included Presentations in the Campaign Total Leads Total Leads collected, (and via SlideShare and LinkedIn content ads) Status Active or stopped
  13. 13. ORGANIZATION NAME Exporting Leads Leads collected on SlideShare can be exported in several ways Downloading a CSV file • Click on a Campaign Name in Leadshare Campaigns overview • Choose period of time from “Download CSV” dropdown and file is created CRM Connectors • SlideShare Leads connect seamlessly with: • Eloqua • Marketo • Via Launchpoint (a third party app) • Salesforce • Via Slide2Lead (a third party app by Mansa Systems)
  14. 14. ORGANIZATION NAME Case Studies heivers-slide-share-case-study Acheivers SlideShare Case Study ow-marketo-uses-slideshare-for-inbound- marketing-and-lead-generation How Marketo Uses SlideShare for Inbound Marketing and Lead Gen
  15. 15. ORGANIZATION NAME Best Practices • Always position lead form within player • Always include lead form on download • Always show “Get in touch” button • For lead form, ask for only as much information as necessary • Incentivize the form • For example, provide something (eBook, whitepaper) if the form is filled out • Customize the Call to Action (CTA) • Use different CTAs depending on the content (organize by tag or individual assets)
  16. 16. ORGANIZATION NAME More Information on SlideShare Lead Gen Marketo „s 10 tips for using SlideShare for Lead Generation (2013) Generation.pdf Hubspot‟s 7 ways to Optimize Lead gen on SlideShare SlideShare-Presentations-for-More-Traffic-Leads.aspx CMI: Use SlideShare to Turn Your Marketing Channels into Lead Gen Tools lead-gen-tools/