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    Macbeth act presentation Macbeth act presentation Presentation Transcript

    • English 11 Tony Shao
    •  Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare in around 1607 which is a masterpiece which shows the darkest side of human beings.  The Play focuses on the emotional and psychological change of the Lord Macbeth who is the protagonist changing from a justice person to a killer for completing his dream to the king of Scotland; however, he loses everything that gives the meaning of his life, and he dies at last under the blade of Macduff where used to be his friend long time ago.
    •  Macbeth: Thane of Glamis and the general of king Duncan's forces. He promotes to the Thane of Cawdor, and the king of Scotland.  Banquo: a general in the army of Duncan's, and also a friend of Macbeth.  Duncan: The king of Scotland, later is murdered by Macbeth.  Lady Macbeth: Macbeth’ wife who helps Macbeth’s plan to murder Duncan, later the queen of Scotland.  Macbuff: Thane of Fife who finished Macbeth in the end.  The three witches: The witches who told Macbeth and Danquo about their bright future, and that makes Macbeth turn into a killer without mecry.
    •  Scene 1: The three switches meet each other on a desert and wait for the same person who is called Macbeth.  Scene 2:Because of Macbeth’s excellent performance and courage on the battlefield, Duncan promotes Macbeth into the thane of Cawdor as the replacement of Macdonwald who has betrayed his kingdom and has been sent to death right after he is caught during the battle  Scene 3:The witches interrupt Macbeth and Banquo for telling those strange Prophecy, and Macbeth is confused and does not believe it in the beginning. However, after he hears the news of promotion, Macbeth’s mind starts believing the prophecy that is true.  Scene 4: Macbeth meets Duncan for Congratulating to be the Thane of Chawdor and he plans for a visit to Macbeth’s suite; Macbeth realizes that is a great chance to take out Duncan secretly in their castle.  Scene 5: Lady Macbeth plans for murdering Duncan in secret, and tells his husband, Macbeth, what they should do for killing Duncan without being noticed.  Scene 6: Duncan comes to Macbeth’s castle, and receives a wonderful reception from Lady Macbeth; however, only the devil knows what is planning for Duncan.  Scene 7: Everything is ready, Duncan has fallen in a trap that he has not noticed yet, now Macbeth and his wife just have to wait for the right moment to progress their great plan.  .
    •  scene 1: After Mid-night, Macbeth meets Danquo when it is time for him to kill Duncan, and Macbeth tries to pull Danquo to their side; however, because Danquo is faithful to his own king and does not feel comfortable for doing something which he does not suppose to do. Danquo goes to sleep after that, and Macbeth continues his plan.  Scene 2:After Macbeth kills Duncan, Macbeth and his wife hears other neighbors are screaming for the mercy of not killing them and wake from their nightmare. Macbeth and his wife cover the evidence.  Scene 3:Danquo, Macduff and his people find Duncan is assassinated during the night time, and they promise they will find the traitor for Duncan.  Scene 4: The old man believes that will be a terrible disaster happening in the future because of the unusual weather; Ross and Macduff reckon that Duncan’s princes kill him because of the Worth that Duncan owns
    •  Scene 1: Macbeth becomes the king of Scotland, and he is going to kill Danquo because of the prophecy, Danquo’s son will become the king of Scotland after Macbeth, so he hires the assassin to doom Danquo in secret.  Scene 2:Lady Macbeth starts regretting what they have done so far, and Macbeth inspires her and tell her that that is not turning back; they must carry on continuously playing evil game with other like Danquo.  Scene 3:Under the direct order from Macbeth, the assassins successfully kill Banquo; however, Fleance escapes from the chaos created by the assassins.  Scene 4: Assassins report to Macbeth about the result, Macbeth blames them let Fleance escape, and tells them to come back tomorrow for further order. While Macbeth is chatting with the guest, the soul of Banquo appears beside Macbeth and scares Macbeth totally. Due to the unstable emotion that Macbeth has right now, lady Macbeth dismisses the party early and let Macbeth for getting some rest.  Scene 5:In a dessert, three switches are blamed by the Hecate, and commands them to come here tomorrow because Macbeth decides to come again for asking his future.  Scene 6:Lennox starts reckoning that all the murdering is directed by Macbeth after he sees what happen to Macbeth tonight. And he is asking for help from the lord right now, and hopes stopping the disaster to happen again.
    •  Act 1 sense 2: when Macbeth meets the witches.  Act 2 sense 2: after Macbeth kills Ducan. _qj0w&  Act 2 Sense 4” when Duncan’s soul appears. fZ7C5s  (Due to technical difficulty, can’t post video in the PowerPoint, sorry.)
    •  yc  A very funny review of the entire Macbeth act.  Please enjoy.