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Why Do Most Business Fail To Followup?
• Forgetfulness
• focus only on hot leads
• let good leads fall through the cracks
• think people will call them back
• don’t want to be too pushy
• unaware of the impact that following up can have on their business employees knows by heart. We live this culture every single day.While we live this culture every day, it’s our purpose that drives us. Our purpose is to help
small businesses succeed. For more see demo

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  • Welcome to Fixing Follow-Up Failure - Strategies to Convert Your Lead Graveyard into a Gold Mine.Change slide
  • For those of you that aren’t familiar with Infusionsoft, we produce the #1 all-in-one sales and marketing software in the world.Change slide
  • We are located in Chandler Arizona, just outside Phoenix.We currently have over 12,000 customers, over 40,000 users, are being used in over 75 countries and have 379 employees. In 2012, we did just under $40 million in sales.Plus, this year, Infusionsoft secured $54 million in financing from Goldman Sachs and purchased a social media company called GroSocial. As you can see, this is a company that’s going places.Change slide
  • However, being an amazing software company isn’t what has made us so successful. It’s our culture that has driven us to this level of success. We have a mission, a purpose and nine core values that each and every one of our 379 employees knows by heart. We live this culture every single day. While we live this culture every day, it’s our purpose that drives us. Our purpose is to help small businesses succeed. Over 75% of the employees of Infusionsoft have small business ownership experience. They know what it feels like to be in the trenches. They know the trials and tribulations the small business owners go through. They know the personal and professional challenges small business owners face each day. And they use this experience and background to help make our customers more successful.Change slide
  • FOLLOW UP FAILURE? Do you suffer from Follow up failure? Let’s take a brief quiz and find out, shall we? CHANGE SLIDE
  • (Read each of the questions and ask people to right down yes or no. Read the questions slowly so they can hear you and understand you)CHANGE SLIDE
  • Please give yourself one point for every “YES” responseIf you scored more than 3 points, you probably suffer from FOLLOW UP FAILURE. Don’t feel bad. The majority of small business owners suffer from FOLLOW UP FAILURE so you are in good company. The good news is, you’re in the right place to learn how to overcome this issue in your business. CHANGE SLIDE 
  • Now that you have identified that you suffer from follow up failure, it would probably be a good idea to understand why companies don’t follow up.(Please use your knowledge and experience to expand on each bullet point.)Forgetfulnessfocus only on hot leadslet good leads fall through the cracksthink people will call them backdon’t want to be too pushyunaware of the impact that following up can have on their businessCHANGE SLIDE
  • One of the worst byproducts of follow-up failure is that it’s extremely expensive.Did you know that 67% of people that say no today will probably buy within one year? If you don’t follow up with these people, they are going to be saying yes to a different company than yours.Did you also know that 80% of those business leads that you considered DEAD will probably buy your product or service within the next two years? Once again, without proper follow-up, those leads are going to be buying from somebody else.CHANGE SLIDE
  • What follow-up really comes down to is how many times you try to contact your prospect. The more times you try to reach your prospect, the better chance there is of closing that deal. By the numbers on this slide, it is a dramatically better chance2% of deals close on the first call3% of deals close on the second call4% of deals close on the third call10% of deals close on the fourth call81% of deals close on or after the fifth callHow many of you can honestly tell me that you contact every one of your prospects five or more times before considering them a dead prospect? I can only assume that the number of people that do this is very small. Have you ever asked yourself how many calls that you make before you quit? Take a look at this next slide
  • 48% of people went after the first call. That’s almost half.24% of people quit after the second call12% of people quit after the third call6% of people quit after the fourth call10% of the people quit after the fifth callAs you can see, over 70% of people will quit on two or less calls. It’s no wonder that most business owners suffer from follow up failure if they give up after just two calls. Imagine the extra revenue you could generate by reaching out to your prospects just two or three more times. Imagine the level of success you could reach by potentially closing twice the amount of business you are currently closing. Let’s take a look at the next slide and I will show you how doubling your business can be achieved.CHANGE SLIDE
  • (use your finger or some sort of pointer to keep people focused on the numbers you are talking about.)Based on a typical sales process, let’s say that your business generates 10 leads per day. That’s 50 per week or 2500 per year. Out of those leads, you close 10% of them and another 10% are considered warm leads. That leaves the remaining 80% of your leads to be considered as cold leads. That accounts for 2000 leads per year. CHANGE SLIDE
  • So, the big question has to be, “what happens to those 2000 leads?”Unfortunately…CHANGE SLIDES 
  • Most of those leads are going to fall right through the cracks, never to be seen again. It is amazing how much revenue small business owners give up each year by letting so many good leads to fall through the cracks.That’s right. If you are like most small businesses, the majority of those 2000 leads will end up in the trash can. It’s like throwing away money. Is your business so profitable that you can actually throw away money? Of course not! But that’s what many of you are doing every single day.CHANGE SLIDES
  • Now, allow me to show you the power of follow-up. Based on past information, there are eight leads per day, 40 leads per week or 2000 leads per year that are considered as bad leads. Let’s say we contacted each of these leads a couple of times each. Let’s also say, based on this effort, we convert 20% of these leads into sales. Based on $500 per sale, that’s an extra $500 per day, $4000 per week or $200,000 per year in extra revenue. That is an increased return on investment of 260%. Not bad for a little effort.CHANGE SLIDES
  • The best part about these leads is none of them cost you any additional marketing dollars, advertising dollars or prospecting dollars. This new revenue pretty much cost you very little.CHANGE SLIDE
  • Now that you have seen some examples of how proper follow-up can generate tremendous extra revenue for your company, let’s spend a little bit of time talking about how to actually follow up.You want to spend time educating your prospects. In my opinion, educate is just another word for nurture. It is providing your prospect with additional information about your product or service until your prospect is ready to buy. This additional information should primarily focus on the benefits that your product or service offers. Focus on how your product or service can help make your prospects life better.You also want to make sure that you maintain ongoing contact with your prospects. Even if your prospects aren’t ready to buy from you right now, you don’t want them to forget about you. By maintaining ongoing contacts, it gently reminds them that you’re still around and are still very interested in doing business with them. Please make sure that this ongoing contact is it an endless stream of sales pitches. Provide your prospects with information about your product or service, send them an article that might benefit them, invite them to an event that will help them, etc.The goal of follow-up is to provide your prospects with lifetime value. Many people think that they have achieved their goal once the deal has been closed. I believe that the real relationship doesn’t start until after the deal has been done. Provide your prospects with information on how to use your product or service better. Send them information regarding updates, improvements and more. Informed them of any new products or services that you feel would be beneficial to them. Let your prospects know that you are there for the long run, not just until you close the sale.Lastly, the ultimate goal of follow-up is to increase the top of mind awareness for your business. You want to keep your business on the forefront of your prospects mind. Don’t let them forget about you. If your prospects forget you are there, they’re going to spend their money somewhere else. Try and remember that R & R not only means rest and relaxation, it also means remembered and repeated. That’s the goal of follow-up. To be remembered and repeated.CHANGE SLIDES
  • The next question people ask me is how do you contact people to follow up with them? It’s a relatively simple answer. You can connect with them through email, direct mail, phone call or just about anything else. It really doesn’t matter how you are reaching out to your prospects/clients, just as long as you are following up with them on a regular and consistent basis. Consistency is the key.CHANGE SLIDES
  • Now that you have made the commitment to follow up with your prospects/clients and you have decided how you plan on connecting with them, now you have to decide what you want to send them to keep them informed and engaged about your product or service. Here are a few examples:White Paper - don’t be freaked out by the term white paper. It is nothing more than a word document that contains usable information for your prospects/clients. Your white paper can provide new ideas, gentle reminders, thoughts and suggestions or tips and tools. E-book - once again, please don’t be freaked out by the idea of an e-book. The average e-book ranges between 15 and 20 pages. As you can see, it does not have to be a novel. An e-book is an opportunity for you to thoroughly explore a specific topic without having to spend months writing a full sized book. Due to major advancements in technology, it is very simple to publish an e-book. There are places you can sell them, as well as promote and distribute them.Video/Podcast - did you know that YouTube is the second most used search engine on the Internet? What does this tell you? That using video is an extremely powerful business tool. If you happen to be one of those people that doesn’t like how you sound or look on video, get over it! People are watching your videos for the content. Most people won’t even pay attention to how you look or how you sound. The same can be said for podcasts. If you hate the sound of your voice, either get over it or higher a celebrity to do your podcast for you. Either way, videos and podcasts are great ways to educate and nurture your prospects/ clients.Almost anything else - there is so much more that you can share with your prospects/clients. You can send them articles that you find online or off-line. You can share with them blog posts that might impact their business. You can send them a CD or DVD that might benefit their business. As you can see, the only limit of what you can provide your prospects/clients is your imagination.CHANGE SLIDE
  • Let’s take a look at a couple of examples. In this first example, let’s look at a website that currently practices no follow. It’s your basic brochure type website. When your prospects go to this website, they have the opportunity to read all about you and your business. As you can see, those that are interested in your product or service are described as hot prospects and traditionally lead to a sale. However, everyone else that isn’t considered a hot prospect is considered wasted traffic because there is no follow up to those people that are not interested in buying your product or service today. Change slide
  • Now, let’s take a look at this website example with a follow-up plan in place. You develop a website that sells your product or service you offer visitors the opportunity to opt in to receive a free report. If they don’t opt in, they get nothing and go away. When they do opt in for the free report, they are provided with a sales offer. Those that buy right now are immediately added to a welcome/new product sequence. If they don’t buy right now, they are added to a sales drip campaign that will provide your prospects with informationabout your product/service until they are ready to buy. Once again, those that buy are added to a welcome/new product and those that are not ready to buy are added to a long term nurture drip system. Can you see how a process such as this would significantly increase your sales today as well as your future sales too? Let’s look at some other examples.Change slide
  • In this example, we are addressing a new customer campaign that currently has no follow up. By not providing any follow-up, you are not only missing out on opportunities for upsell’s, you are also unaware if you have unsatisfied customers. By identifying these unhappy customers, it gives you the opportunity to significantly improve your business and significantly increase your upsell’s. Without follow-up, you’re just another faceless company trying to pitch your customers more stuff.Change slide
  • By providing follow-up to your new customers, you can segment you are unhappy customers and happy customers and provide a different course of follow-up that is appropriate for each. As you can see in this example you send out a one question satisfaction survey email. Those customers that are unhappy are sent a gift and an apology and probably followed up with a human phone call to resolve any further concerns. For those happy customers, you can send a request for a testimonial, a referral or even upsell them on your other products and services. By providing this kind of follow-up helps you develop an overall customer loyalty program.Change slide 
  • Speaking of customer loyalty, here are a few suggestions on how you can best staying in touch with your new customers to help build you a higher level of customer loyalty.Send them a thank you note or email. Everyone likes to be thanked for their businessemail them a customer satisfaction survey. You’ll learn how to duplicate all the good things that you did.Ask them for a referral. Phrase it like, “who else might you know that would benefit by using our product or service?”After you have spent all this time developing a higher level of customer loyalty, feel free to present them with a cross sell and or upsell offer.Try not to look at your new customers as walking wallets. Treat them well and they will do the same for you.Change slide
  • In this example, let’s take a look at the type of follow-up you can do on a new lead campaign. This campaign is geared to be sent to new people you meet at assorted business functions or someone that requests a free report on your website. Please remember that if you have no intention of following up with the new people that you meet, please don’t attend these types of functions. You are wasting your time as well as the time of every person you meet.Right after you meet someone or they sign up for your free report, immediately send them that free report.Two days later, email them additional information and resources to help deepen the relationship. The goal of this campaign is to solidify your relationship, not to shove your product or service down their throats.On day six, put together a video that provides them with additional tips, tricks and tools that will help benefit their business.On day nine, send them an email that is offering them another free report. By this time, you might be able to include some sort of sales offer or special. Make it subtle but, after receiving for other messages from you filled with great information, a mild sales pitch should be accepted well.On day 14, offer to add them to a subscription of other value added content. This way, you will have constant communication with your new prospect/client over an extended period of time.The ultimate goal of this campaign is to turn a complete and total stranger into an interested and informed prospect and, eventually, a profitable client.Change slides
  • Based on the last three examples, you can see that there are many benefits to following up with your prospects and clients. Some of the greatest benefits have to be:Converting More of Your Leads into Sales.Generating More Repeat Sales from Your Existing Clientsthe Ability to Grow Your Business without Growing Your Sales or Marketing StaffIt Will Help You Build a More Profitable CompanyChange Slide
  • Now that we have spent substantial time talking about why follow-up is important and how to do effective follow-up, many of you might be asking yourself, “how do I get started following up with my prospects and clients?”Your first step needs to be that you will make a commitment to actively follow-up with all of your prospects and clients. Following up isn’t something you do for a period of time and then stop. Following up is something you do for the rest of your business life. To do it successfully, you must be committed to it.The second step would be to create a follow-up program. The only way to experience long-term follow-up success is by having a program/system/process to guide you. Also, by having a program or system or process to follow, it makes your business much more scalable.After you have created a follow-up program, your third step is to find the system to automate your follow-up program. You don’t want to spend most of your day worrying about following up with your clients and prospects. You want to know that a system is in place and is working automatically. This will provide you the time to work on other areas of your business.Change slide
  • The challenge that most small business owners face when it comes to automating their follow-up process is they end up using a CRM system, an E marketing system, some type of shopping cart, etc. The problem this causes is that none of these systems work together. Click the clickerThey just have an array of systems working independently of one another. In other words, what you get is what we fondly refer to as CLICK THE CLICKERmultisystem chaos.What multisystem chaos causes isCLICK THE CLICKERdisjointed systems manual work and lots of lost opportunities. What can you do to avoid multisystem chaos but still automate your follow-up process? You need to take a serious look at………CHANGE SLIDES
  • INFUSIONSOFT! What is Infusionsoft?CHANGE SLIDES
  • INFUSIONSOFTInfusionsoft is an all-in-one sales and marketing software that combines CRM, e-marketing and e-commerce into one powerful piece of software.What is this mean to you? It means:You will never forget to follow up with your clients and prospectsyour hot leads will never fall through the cracks againyou won’t have to wait for people to call you backyou can focus on other areas of your business besides marketingyou will make more money, you will have more time and you will finally get to live the life of your dreams.CHANGE SLIDES
  • For those of you that are Intrigued? Curious? Interested? Here’s what I would like to you to do. If you give us 10 minutes of your time, we can find out if Infusionsoft is a good fit for your company. All you need to do is…(This is where you need to pass out a handout that will direct them to the link for the demo of our software. If you don’t have a handout, you can write it on a white board, chalkboard or any other board. )(I also suggest using a Bit.Ly link or Tiny URL link to shorten your demo URL so it’s easier for your audience to remember it. If you have NO idea what I’m talking about, let me know and I’ll explain)It's that simple.(Please remember to add your partner code after the last / in this link. If not, you will not be linked tracked to this prospect.)
  • Wrap upEnd your presentation by thanking everybody for attending. If they have questions, feel free to answer them but do not attempt to sell our software. The ultimate goal of this presentation is to drive people to the demo.
  • New fixing follow up failure finished 3 5 13

    1. 1. FIXING FOLLOW-UP FAILUREStrategies to Convert your Lead Graveyard into a Gold Mine
    2. 2. HEADER TEXTOur Sponsor
    3. 3. HEADER TEXTThe #1 All-in-One Sales & Marketing Software• Located in Chandler, AZ(Just outside of Phoenix)• Over 12,000 customers• Over 40,000 users• Over 75 countries• 379 employees• Over $39MM in sales(2012)
    4. 4. HEADER TEXTCore Value #9We Believein People andtheir Dreams!We Believein People andtheir Dreams!
    5. 5. HEADER TEXTFollow-UpFailure
    6. 6. HEADER TEXT Is your lead tracking system disorganized? Does it take longer than a day or two to get back toprospects and clients? Ever forgotten to follow-up? Ever gotten too busy to follow up? Ever let a good lead fall through the cracks? Do you think people will call you back if they’re ready tostart working with you? Are you afraid of coming across as PUSHY if you follow uptoo many times? Do you mark leads “dead” before contacting them at least7 times?Suffer from Follow Up Failure?
    7. 7. HEADER TEXTSuffer from Follow Up Failure?Give yourself one pointfor every “YES” responseIf you scored more than 3 points,you are in the right place toFIX YOURFOLLOW UP FAILURE
    8. 8. HEADER TEXTWhy Don’t Companies Follow Up?• Forgetfulness• Focus only on hot leads• Let good leads fall through cracks• Think people will call them back• Don’t want to be pushy• Unaware of the impact followingup can have on their business
    9. 9. HEADER TEXTFollow-Up Failure is Expensive!67%----------------------80%
    10. 10. HEADER TEXTHow Many Calls?81% close after the 5thcall10% close on the 4th call4% close on the 3rd call2% close on the 1st call3% close on the 2nd call
    11. 11. HEADER TEXTWhen Do They Quit?10% quit after the 5thcall6% quit after the 4th call12% quit after the 3rd call48% quit after the 1st call24% quit after the 2nd call
    12. 12. HEADER TEXTTypical Sales ProcessDay Week YearTotal Leads - 10 50 2500Closed 1 5 250Warm Leads 1 5 250Cold Leads 8 40 2000Sales $500 $2500 $125,000($500 per sale)
    14. 14. HEADER TEXTThe Big Question!
    15. 15. HEADER TEXTThe Power of Follow UpDay Week YearNo Contact Leads - 8 40 2000Follow Up on Leads 1 8 400(20% conversion)Sales $500 $4000 $200,000($500 per sale)Increased ROI 260%
    16. 16. HEADER TEXTThe Best Part about these Leads?• No additional marketing• No additional advertising• No additional prospecting
    17. 17. HEADER TEXTHow Do I Follow Up?Stay top of mindProvide lifetime valueEducate your prospectsMaintain ongoing contact
    18. 18. HEADER TEXTHow Do I Contact Them?Almost ANYTHING Else!PhoneEmailDirect Mail
    19. 19. HEADER TEXTWhat Should I Send Them?Almost ANYTHING ElseVideo/PodcastWhite PaperE-book
    20. 20. HEADER TEXTExample #1 – Website (no follow up)
    21. 21. HEADER TEXTExample #1 – Website (with follow up)
    22. 22. HEADER TEXTExample #2 – New Customer (no follow up)
    23. 23. HEADER TEXTExample #2 – New Customer (with follow up)
    24. 24. HEADER TEXTNew Customer Follow UpAsk for referralCross-sell/upsellSend “thank you” noteSend customer survey
    25. 25. HEADER TEXTExample #3 – New Lead Campaign
    26. 26. HEADER TEXTBenefits of Follow-UpBuilds a profitable companyGrow your business w/ogrowing your staffConvert more leads into salesMore repeat sales from clients
    27. 27. HEADER TEXTTake Your First StepsFind a system to automate yourfollow upMake a commitment to following upCreate a follow up program
    28. 28. Multiple-System ChaosDisjointed systems. Manual work. Lost opportunities.
    29. 29. HEADER TEXT
    30. 30. HEADER TEXTAll-in-One Sales and Marketing Software
    31. 31. HEADER TEXTInfusionsoftCurious?Intrigued?Interested?
    32. 32. FIXING FOLLOW-UP FAILUREStrategies to Convert your Lead Graveyard into a Gold Mine