Team Overview Jul09 (2)


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Broad overview of TEAM Industries products and services

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Team Overview Jul09 (2)

  1. 1. Driving Innovation Presenting TEAM Industries Copyright 2005 TEAM Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Driving Innovation What we do: Our core competency is designing and manufacturing systems that transmit power and put it to work quietly and efficiently. We are proud of the American ingenuity that has driven our company and would like to put it to work for you and your organization.
  3. 3. Driving Innovation Background Designing & manufacturing drive-trains, gearboxes, and related components since 1967 Six facilities ISO 9001:2000 certified or compliant  850,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space  1,000 employees
  4. 4. Driving Innovation TEAM Industries • Seven facilities covering 850,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space Cambridge 1967 Audubon 1984 Bagley 1992 Park Rapids 1994 Detroit Lakes 1995 Andrews, NC 2005
  5. 5. Driving Innovation Market Solutions Transmissions/Gear Boxes Traction control products Axles and Axle Housings Differentials Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) Transaxles Wet Brakes Drive Shafts Steering Knuckles
  6. 6. Driving Innovation Market Applications Utility Vehicles Electric vehicles All Terrain Vehicles Snowmobiles Motorcycles Marine Golf Cars Automotive Turf Care Agriculture Off-highway & Construction
  7. 7. Driving Innovation TEAM Customers TEAM manufactures products for a number of customers
  8. 8. Driving Innovation Solutions Provider
  9. 9. Driving Innovation Research & Development Innovative designs Impressive and growing intellectual property portfolio Vibrant “can do” staff Market knowledge Always searching for breakthrough technologies and applications that bring new business to your markets
  10. 10. Driving Innovation Design 35+ stations of Pro Engineer design software Experience to drive our clients’ concepts into robust and cost effective designs Genisys 3-D printer and other prototype techniques used to swiftly produce scale-models for review. Mathematica math modeling software Gear noise synthesis Sound quality prediction “What if” scenarios
  11. 11. Driving Innovation Finite Element Analysis Applied to Pro/E models to verify product integrity MSC (FEA) MSC (Adams) ANSYS (FEA) Pro/Mechanica Modal analysis
  12. 12. Driving Innovation Computerized Flow Diagram Analysis Magma CFD die flow analysis Optimize die design Gate & Runner Overflow Cooling lines Porosity
  13. 13. Driving Innovation Rapid Prototyping Full-service prototyping departments equipped with: CNC mills & lathes CNC hob, gear shaper, spline roller, broach Surface and cylindrical grinders, bore hones Heat treating Sourcing for prototype castings. Bringing ideas to life
  14. 14. Driving Innovation Bench Testing Designs are rigorously bench and field tested to validate FEA results, prove function, and determine reliability.  Fourteen test benches 2 gas powered 10 hydraulic 2 electric Driveline efficiency testing Long-term durability testing Component testing Custom designed testing
  15. 15. Driving Innovation Acoustic Testing  NVH Sound Quality Tools: Hemi-anechoic chamber 25 HP electric motor and dynamometer LMS Cada-X, Pimento Order / Spectral Analysis Structural vibration to airborne noise analysis Microphones, accelerometers, impact hammer
  16. 16. Driving Innovation Field Testing 40 acre test track Variety of conditions available on-site Fleet of test vehicles Component durability testing FEA correlation Data acquisition
  17. 17. Driving Innovation TEAM Industries – Aftermarket In 2000, TEAM Industries created TPS to begin marketing performance enhancing products directly to the powersports industry. TPS gives TEAM the ability to learn what drives our customer’s customer. Goals: •Gain market knowledge •Product testing / research & development •Marketing / brand name recognition
  18. 18. Driving Innovation Dimensional Inspection 10+ Zeiss CNC coordinate measuring machines; most with Vast scanning probes  6 Sheffield Cordax CMMs Four M&M 4 axes CNC gear analyzers Eight Gleason, M&M, and ITW gear rollers Optical comparators, laser micrometers, automated gages and SPC systems. VJ Technologies, Philips, Optimas real-time radiographic imaging system; 160KV X-ray tube, 19”x24”x21” capacity Staff trained to all levels, including Senior Level Certification in ASME Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
  19. 19. Driving Innovation Metallurgical Laboratories Two complete metallurgical labs with Buehler saws, mounting presses, and polishing equipment  Experienced technicians with over 70 years of experience Leco glow discharge spectrometer Tukon micro-hardness testers, numerous Rockwell and Brinell testers Metallurgical microscopes with still and video cameras Magnetic particle and ultrasound testing stations.
  20. 20. Driving Innovation Die Casting High pressure die casting 380, 390, 360, 369 alloys. Squeeze casting 355, 356, 390, 319 alloys. 10 die cast machines from 500-1600 ton locking force. Part sizes from 15-325 sq. inches. Automated pouring, spraying, and extraction for consistent part quality.
  21. 21. Driving Innovation Finishing & Coating  Polishing  Cosmetic and function surface improvement of aluminum castings.  Manual and automated polishing systems.  Chromating  Chrome conversion coating for aluminum.  Coating provides salt spray corrosion resistance.  Coating also improves paint adhesion on aluminum.  E-Coat Painting  Cross-linked epoxy primer designed for marine environment corrosion protection.
  22. 22. Driving Innovation Turning & Milling More than 100 CNC turning centers; as well as a variety of engine lathes Machines from 5hp gangturn to 60hp twin turret; turnings from .25” dia. x 2” to12”dia. x 48”. Twin spindles, gantry and other robotic part handling, live tool milling, and other automation. 100+ CNC machining centers, variety of tool-room mills and dedicated milling equipment. Vertical and horizontal mills from 5hp to 30hp, with spindle speeds to 12,000RPM; working envelope up to 40” x 28” x 28”  Part sizes from grams to 500lbs.
  23. 23. Driving Innovation Gear Cutting Over 2.5 million gears produced per year 12+ CNC parallel-axis gear hobbers, some with auto-loading. Variety of manual hobbers Crossed-axis gearing on five Gleason 175 hypoid machines CNC and manual gear honers, shavers, and shapers  CNC hob and broach sharpeners; Gleason bevel gear cutter sharpener. Six Fassler honing machines with ancillary equipment.
  24. 24. Driving Innovation Heat Treat  In-line induction hardening of shafts  TOCCO scanning induction machine  Tempering ovens  Automatic straightening equipment  Magnetic particle inspection.  In-house carburizing of gears and complex shapes  Super Allcase carburizing furnaces  Endothermic gas generators  Preheat and tempering furnaces  Advanced automation and monitoring systems
  25. 25. Driving Innovation Grinding More than 15 CNC cylindrical grinders for post heat-treat finishing of bearing journals and other features. Centerless grinders. Internal grinders. Surface grinders. Manual cylindrical grinders. Precision bore honing equipment. Equipped with auto-loading robotics where appropriate. Accompanied by precision measuring equipment including laser micrometers and automated gaging.
  26. 26. Driving Innovation Rolling and Broaching Eight broaches up to 15 ton, horizontal and vertical. Thirteen spline rollers for cold forming splines up to 4” in length. Variety of thread rolling and other equipment for cold forming threads or similar external features. Associated in-house tooling for common sizes. Ancillary gages and specialized inspection equipment.
  27. 27. Driving Innovation Cellular Manufacturing Machines grouped together for high-volume parts or families of parts – single piece flow. Horizontal machining centers grouped in pallet pools to eliminate set-up time – flexible scheduling. 45+ pieces of automation equipment from gantry loaders to 6 axis robots -- maximum productivity. In-house induction heat treating and carburizing.
  28. 28. Driving Innovation Assembly Over 1 million assemblies per year Dozens of modular and efficient assembly lines
  29. 29. Driving Innovation Assembly Single piece flow to minimize WIP inventory Highly automated, including robotic assistance Automated 100% monitoring for gear noise levels Continuous streamlining through Kaizen and other techniques.
  30. 30. Driving Innovation Sourcing 30+ years experience sourcing complex sand, permanent mold, investment, and lost foam castings in iron, steel, and aluminum. 20+ million pounds of bar stock annually; mill direct when appropriate. Subcontract for the skills of dozens of platers, painters, annodizers, and other industrial finishers. Sourcing avenues to identify and qualify suppliers around the world.
  31. 31. Driving Innovation Concept to Completion
  32. 32. Driving Innovation Thank You Team Industries 18880 Dan Street Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 (218) 847-9582