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ILA Keynote Speech

ILA Keynote Speech

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Dr. Tony O’Driscoll Fuqua School of Business, Duke University Net WORK ed Learning Redefining Learning in a World Gone Web
  • 2. Slide: Test and Disclaimer Conte n t is King Conte x t is the King dom
  • 3. Slide: Agenda
  • 4. Slide: My Vision Educator Perspective My Reality
  • 5. Slide: Enterprise Perspective A fundamental disconnect...
  • 6. Slide: The Problem Knowing Doing http://www.flickr.com/photos/hansvandevorst/216877526/
  • 7. Slide: Seven Scary Problems Autonomous Learner Timing Packaging Performance Routinization Value Transfer
  • 8. Slide: Michael O’Driscoll Grandad
  • 9. Slide: Transatlantic radio Electricity Radio networks Telephone system Automobiles Air travel Washing machines Television Global monetary system Interstate highway system Highrise buildings Electronic computers Space travel Satellite communications The Internet Global positioning system Cable television systems Change
  • 10. Slide: Aidan and Liam
  • 11. Slide: the Info glut By the year 2010 the codified information base of the world is expected to double every ? http://www.rpi.edu/dept/phys/ScIT/InformationTransfer/reflrefr/rr_content/images/space_sign_small_2.gif
  • 12. Slide: By the year 2010 the codified information base of the world is expected to double every Help ! Information Knowledge Wisdom
  • 13. Slide: By 2010 computers will disappear. Visual information will be written directly onto our retinas by devices in our eyeglasses or contact lenses. Going to a “website” will mean entering a virtual reality environment. By 2029 we will have billions of nanobots traveling through the capillaries of our brain communicating directly with our biological neurons. Nanobots will take up positions close to very interneuronal connection coming from all of our biological sensory receptors. When we want to experience NON-VIRTUAL reality, the nanobots will just stay still. If we want to experience virtual reality, they will suppress all input coming from the real senses and replace them with the appropriate signals Kurzweil Aidan = 27 Liam = 24
  • 14. Slide: Explosion of information Hyperinflation of time Accelerated pace of change Constancy in human cognitive ability Digital Divide 100y=20,000y Digital Divide of a Different Kind
  • 15. Slide: Happy 16 th Birthday ! April 22, 1993
  • 16. Slide: Webvolution Connect “ TO” Connect “ THROUGH” Connect “ WITHIN”
  • 17. Web 2.0 = UG X You Tube = User Generated CONTENT Digg = User Generated FILTERING del.icio.us = User Generated ORGANIZATION Blogs = User Generated COMMENTARY Technorati = User Generated PRIORITIZATION RSS = User Generated DISTRIBUTION Web 2.0 = Connecting THROUGH
  • 18. O n My Mind
  • 19. Slide: Getting things done requires good connections, both the human kind and the Internet kind. Schooling has confused us into thinking that learning was equivalent to pouring content into people’s heads. It’s more practical to think of learning as optimizing our networks. Learning=Net WORK ing
  • 20. Slide: Digital Native
  • 21. Slide: Anagram ? CHEAT TEACH
  • 22. Slide: Crowd Sooth ing From blogging to cellphone video, technology has forever changed the way we process and communicate about tragedy — in good ways, and perhaps bad. Since Monday, there has been a non-stop flood of postings on the popular Facebook student site, on MySpace and LiveJournal, and on personal blogs — expressing everything from grief to anger to confusion. "What better place to mourn someone than a place that they themselves built to express who they are, and a place where the deceased and his or her friends may have spent a great deal of time interacting?”
  • 23. Slide: Personal Story
  • 24. Slide: Nancy http://wadatripp.wordpress.com
  • 25. Slide: From / To STOCKS FLOWS
  • 26. Slide: New Value Chain Information = Currency People = Transport Conversation = Transfer Insight = Outcome
  • 27. Slide: I mm ernet ? 3Di = Connecting WITHIN
  • 28. Slide: Quick Poll
  • 29. Slide: Virtual Worlds
  • 30. Slide: Deborah Wince-Smith President, Council on Competitiveness MMORPGs
  • 31. Slide: Unbounded Space Social Interaction Communities User Created Content Business VSW MMORPG Avatar-Mediated Persistent World Reputation Immersive Interactive Real-Time Communication Virtual Economy Assets Unbounded Space Social Interaction Communities User Created Content Business Opportunity Bound by a Narrative Defined Roles NPCs Rules Tokens Ranks and Levels Kin or Twins?
  • 32. Slide: Gutenberg Lumiere Watt Routinization 1785 – Invented 1807 – Steam Boat 1829 – Locomotive 1450 – Invented 1500 – German Bible 1520 – Literature 1895 – Invented 1903 – Great Train Robbery
  • 33. Paving Cow Paths 137 Miles ___ Hours
  • 34. Slide: The Sense of Self The Death of Distance The Power of Presence The Sense of Space The Capability to Co-Create The Pervasiveness of Practice The Enrichment of Experience Differentiation
  • 35. Slide: Self
  • 36. Slide: Distance
  • 37. Slide: Presence
  • 38. Slide: Source: Joe Miller, Linden Labs Perspective
  • 39. Slide: Co-Creation
  • 40. Slide: Practice
  • 41. Slide: Sources: Chris Davis, IBM Experience
  • 42. Slide: Personal Story April 15, 1995 April 16, 2007
  • 43. Slide: Personal Story My name is Arie (Lionel) Librescu and I am Liviu's younger son. I am writing to you regarding the "Virginia Tech Second Life Memorial" Video tribute you have posted on YouTube.com. My family and I would like to thank you very much for the kind and beautiful gesture. Personally, your video has moved me very much and I would like to thank you very much for it. I wish you all the continued luck and success in life. Arie Librescu
  • 44. Slide: Here Comes Everybody
  • 45. Slide: History Lesson 1585-1587
  • 46. Slide: Mind the TRAP ! 1650 1940 1995 2008 Now that we are moving from factory work to anytime, anyplace work, we need an anytime anyplace educational parallel.
  • 47. Get Fired Up ! Start TWITTERING Maintain a BLOG Use a Project WIKI Get on FACEBOOK/MYSPACE Set up a Peer NING site Set up an RSS FEED Start DIGGING Make everything DEL.ICIO.US Get a SECOND LIFE Play MMORPGs Embrace Net WORK ed Learning NOW !
  • 48. Slide: Questions
  • 49. Slide: Connect http://wadatripp.wordpress.com