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Highlighting different ways to utilise BackLink data to help promote a website.

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  • Links from other websites to the website you are analysingGoogle nofollow guidelines = paid or not trusted
  • Backlinks are hard to discover, you need a lot of bots like Google.Data providers will crawl and sell you their data.Some are free to verified owners (Google, Bing, Majestic). Open Site Explorer is free for all.
  • Some tools like mine report if the destination page is broken
  • Some tools like mine report if there are redirects involved
  • Find bloggers, forum commenters, article writers who like what you do and already link to you.Connect with them, encourage them, become friends.Also look at Google Analytics referrer data
  • Work out why it attracts links, and repeatToolsValuable informationUnique informationInformation that changes
  • Data is often out of date and contains pages that no longer link to you or have been removed.Some tools like mine report if the source page no longer contains that link.
  • Your helping them by fixing their link. Provide them with a place to fix it to.Bad stuff: Link schemes, paid links, blog networks, paid blogroll links, article submissions/spinning, comment spam, site wide links, footer links, bookmarking, low value directories, foreign websites, idle profilesFind common links to multiple competitors. Indicates an easy to get link.Content ideas
  • Your helping them by fixing their link. Provide them with a place to fix it to.
  • Manual penalty (with warning) or automated Penguin penalty
  • Your helping them by fixing their link. Provide them with a place to fix it to.
  • Work out why it attracts links, and repeat
  • Work out why it attracts links, and repeat
  • BackLink Analysis Presentation

    1. 1. Backlink Analysis To improve your rankings These slides and more can be found at Web Site Advantage
    2. 2. Tony McCreath Software Engineer Web Developer SEO Online Marketing
    3. 3. What are Backlinks? nofollow = No PageRank Link/Anchor text has value PageRank/Authority has value And Traffic
    4. 4. How do you find Backlinks?
    5. 5. WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM? I got backlinks
    6. 6. Find Broken BackLinks • Create a 301 Redirect to a relevant page • Contact the source to try and get it fixed They throw away PageRank
    7. 7. Find Redirecting BackLinks • Contact the source to try and get it fixed • Don’t use 302s, use 301s • Avoid multiple hops They Leak PageRank
    8. 8. Connect with Fans • Provide them with reasons to make more links Who like to link to you
    9. 9. Discover Link Bait And repeat it
    10. 10. Find Lost BackLinks And get them back
    11. 11. WHAT ABOUT COMPETITORS? Mwahahahaahhaha
    12. 12. Find Out Their Tactics And repeat the good ones • Quality Relevant Websites & Directories • Where they Interact and How • Who interacts with them • What did they do that attracted links • What keywords/pages do they focus on • Where do they Advertise • Do they do dodgy stuff • Should you report them! (Mwahahahaahhaha)
    13. 13. Find Broken BackLinks And steal them • Reach out and offer an alternative
    14. 14. I’VE BEEN HIT BY GOOGLE! Oooooops
    15. 15. Clean up your game And remove the rubbish • Talk to Sha ( • Is it a link penalty (Manual or Penguin) • Decide which links are hurting you – Low Trust/Authority/Quality – Some tools help you categorise • Reach out to get them removed • Add domains or links to the disavow tool • If a manual penalty: – Document everything in details – Submit a reconsideration request
    16. 16. Features of a link Is it good or bad • Location (header, content, footer, sidebar) • Page specific or site wide • Authority/relevance of the domain • Commercial or Branded anchor text • Is the page on topic • How deep is the page (from the home page) • Is the page indexed, does it rank • Is it nofollowed • Are there many other links • Co citation, co occurrence!
    17. 17. Domain Buying Is it worth it! • Does it have quality relevant link • After buying, will the links disappear • Do the links look paid for • Has the domain been penalised • Will the domain get penalised
    18. 18. SWAT BackLink Checker
    19. 19. Thankyou Tony McCreath Web Site Advantage Questions?