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the two sided business model based on the consumer being on both sides

the two sided business model based on the consumer being on both sides

Barcelona Feb 2009
Mobile World Congress



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MWC Mobile Web 2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Mobile World Congress – Feb 2009, Barcelona Mobile Web 2.0 and the uniqueness of mobile
  • 2. tonyfish www linkedin skype twitter facebook
  • 3. Actual User Data Actual User Data “ The Business” The User Direct feedback In Direct feedback UnIqUeNeSs
  • 4. Observations
    • Let’s be clear, everyone want to be able to gain knowledge about you as a consumer and milk the trade or barter.
    • What is the relationship between Facebook and a broadband pipe
    • Is there a relationship between Mac OS and MySpace
    • Does an ISP collect data about a users search or Google
    • The broadband model is simple, pay …computer/ access
    • Applications, content and services are a mix of free and paid for
    • Is there any reason why mobile should be different
  • 5. Yes …. because
  • 6. mobile can do ‘stuff’ that you cannot
  • 7. do on the web and via broadcast
  • 8. Value from mobile, broadcast and web Broadcast WEB MOBILE Attention Browse Search Click Create Consumer Location Attention Browse Search Time Who Click Create Consume View Preference Time Presence
  • 9. the implication is that
  • 10. in simple terms the model becomes
  • 11. Store Analysis Value Collection
  • 12. click data content my data social data Collection Value Store Analysis digital footprint behavioural DNA service improvement (existing) web TV mobile m2m service discovery new web TV mobile m2m trade or barter
  • 13. If we now add in where the user is
  • 14. we see the user appears twice
  • 15. as a provider and as a consumer
  • 16. Actual User Data Actual User Data Actual User Data The User Direct feedback In Direct feedback collection store analysis value the provider the consumer
  • 17. adding where the business should be situated
  • 18. we get a two sided model with
  • 19. the user on both sides !
  • 20. Actual User Data Actual User Data Actual User Data “ The Business” The User Direct feedback In Direct feedback collection store analysis value Friends Social norms
  • 21. never has it been more important than being
  • 22. close to your customer
  • 23. assuming you have a customer!
  • 24. open is not the debate
  • 25. who owns the data is the issue
  • 26. U n Iq U e N eS s of mobile
  • 27. More ‘OFF’ Less ‘ON’
  • 28. Let’s put this in a matrix
  • 29. physical passive consumption instruction screen social analysis key stroke click touch boring exciting
  • 30. example of why exciting…
  • 31. store moveable adverse behaviour Click content my normal behaviour graceful opening location route time routine restrictions unique override closing time Take raw data to new provider confidence assurance collection analysis value
  • 32. ‘ Rainbow of Trust’
  • 33. Rainbow of Trust Based on alternative market segmentation open simple structured cautious dangerous
    • un-tethered
    • fashion
    • no help
    • discovery
    • push boundaries
    • social lead
    • banking
    • know limits
    • will explore
    • follow
    • will expand
    • likes portal
    • mass market
    • must work
    • simple
    • marketing works
    • selective
    • privacy protected
    • many persona
    • thoughtful
    • advised
    • give up data without thought
    • passive
    • click on anything
    • no firewall
    • loss of ID
    • follow and lead
    • early and late
    • social leads
    my-way one-way accept authority untrusting and wise untrusting and stupid
  • 34. Access is a commodity and ownership is unimportant. Value will be retained by those who get the deep and dirty in the management of complexity for getting data in, stored and out. In the New Kingdom, Loyalty is Dead, Trust is the Challenger, the Princes’ are Editors, the Princesses are Simplicity, Attention is Queen and Metadata is King.
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  • 41. context personalis- ation recommend- ation requirement/ enforcement/policy security trust login authent ication proof recognition/ desire/ peer pressure/ community attention location time search content create Identity access content consume purchase banking discovery reputation corporate Digital Footprint individual community inputs outputs who benefits motivation database Closed loop of feedback and improvement trade or barter billing accuracy colour intent activity advertising protection