Top 20 games 1 2-17-2011


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Top 20 games 1 2-17-2011

  1. 1. Game Description : Do you want to make your game more value for money? Then try out ten-in-one: Spider / Free cell / Minesweeper / Blackjack / Checkers / Black White / Chess / Teddy Picker / Color balls / Tic-tac-toe. These card and board games are classic computer games. It must be a biggest "puzzle“ for you because this absolutely trains your logical thinking. Furthermore, nice graphics make this game more attracting so that you will never forget the classics. Game Features : This is a combination of classical card and board games with shining games images. What is it? How to play? Find it out yourself in Ten games in ONE app. Ten in One 7.32MB 480*800 Android 1.6 Single Player
  2. 2. Game Description : This is a Chinese Style, “Spot the difference”. This game contains Chinese elements images in it, which contains Chinese Calligraphy, Ancient Architecture, Giant Panda and Paper Cutting. It looks simple, but it is not easy to win the game. Game Features : A Chinese edition classic – Finding Difference Game. Train your observational skills and find the different parts from 2 similar pictures. Time limit increases the difficulty. So come and put your skills to test! Spot the Difference - Chinese Edition 3.78MB 480*800 Android 1.6 Single Player
  3. 3. Game Description : "Hi everybody, my name is Miss Beauty. Oh how beautiful am I!.. but I have a very bad habit of being greedy with food. I like all kinds of food and I do not know my future. Tell me what should I do, please!" Miss Beauty will become fatter and fatter if she does not stop eating. Moreover, there is a dangerous Big Chicken and she should watch out for it. What will happen in this interesting story? Let's challenge ourselves and find out. Game Features : This is a little casual game under the theme of Miss Beauty. She is so greedy that she can eat all kinds of food. Game description of the various foods: Big Chicken: Very dangerous food. Cake: High-calorie food. Ice cream: Medium calories. Sandwich: Miss Beauty likes it. Fruit platter: The smallest role of the game. There are also other props in this game and you just need to move Miss Beauty on the screen. When she meets one of foods, she will become fatter than before. You will fall in love with this game! The Scary Beauty 2.02MB 480*800 Android 1.6 Single Player
  4. 4. Game Description : A new concept puzzle game with nice pictures. In this game, you will see the excellent images under the theme of a farm. This is a happy land with different types of apples. Use your finger to touch or move the position of the apples, there are three positions on the right and left sides. Help: You goal is to eliminate the frames with shadow. You can move the apple along the frame edge. When the apple you are moving meets with the other same color apple (with shadow edge), the "picture with shadow " will be eliminated. If there are 2X of color apples , you can get double scores than normal apples. Game Features : This is a very creative puzzle game with colorful apples. Players need to move the apple into the frame and match the same pattern( with shadow edge), then these 2 same pattern pictures can be eliminated. Of course, you will find more challenges in this game. Apple Farm 3.41MB 480*800 Android 1.6 Single Player
  5. 5. Game Description : This is a story which happened in a farm. The main character is a angry chicken. Her dream is to escape from the farm, but it is always stopped by the hateful fox. In this leisure puzzle game, every time the players click on one of the white circles, the chicken will jump once outwards. The objective is to prevent the chicken from running to the outermost circles. If the chicken jumps to the outermost circle, the chicken will lose its life. The time and score will also be displayed. In order to complete the game, players must judge the walking direction of the chicken, and the props will help you to win the game. Game Features : The angry chicken lives in a farm and something bad happened! What is the end of the story? Let's find out one by one. The chicken will jump once, when you click the white circle. Remember not to let the chicken escape from the farm so that you can win the game. Props make the game easier to play. Beautiful pictures make the game even more attractive. Angry Chicken 1.02MB 480*800 Android 1.6 Single Player
  6. 6. Game Description : Nena is a 16-year-old girl. She has a dream to fly in the sky with the beautiful mushroom. In this game, she will jump higher and faster with the power of the mushrooms and the magic box. Nena will be flying when she hits the magic box and the red mushroom. Game Features : This is a fantastic casual game. The main character Nena is a very lovely little girl full of fantasies. Dream of flying with the mushroom in the sky. Simply move your phone skillfully to control the action of Nena. Blue mushrooms will fracture when it is stamped by Nena. Magic box is a speed tool. Red mushroom makes Nena fly higher and faster. Donut makes Nena accelerate out of control. The Star will make Nena fall down slowly. Reversing tool is used to reverse the direction. Baby carrot will defeat Nena. Nena’s Dream 2.07MB 480*800 Android 1.6 Single Player
  7. 7. Game Description : Do you remember we played Paper Airplane when we were young? Now, let's see this casual gravity sensing game on android OS. The objective of the game is to get the plane to fly in the sky as long as possible. Move the Plane: A slight tilt to the left or right of the phone will result in the plane moving in the left or right direction, respectively. A steeper tilt to the left or right of the phone will result in the plane increasing in height while moving in the left or right direction, respectively. Point System: Points will increase depends on the speed of the plane, and the distance of the plane have free fall. NOTE points will decrease when the plane is moving upwards. Elements in the Game: Paper Plane: The object that you will be directing by tilting the phone to the right or the left. Horizontal Walls: These will push the paper plane up the screen resulting in loss of points. Lightening Bolt: Once the paper plane hits the lightening bolt, it will end your game. How the Game Ends? The game will end when moving off the top of the screen or get struck by the lightening bolt. Game Features : Paper Plane comes back again. Look at this casual gravity sensing game on android OS. Player's need to control the directions of the phone to keep the paper plane in the air. And make sure that it will not be crashed by the obstacles. Impossible Walls 394KB 480*800 Android 1.6 Single Player
  8. 8. Game Description : This is a very amazing 3D mobile game with astonishing design graphics. Simply avoid all obstacles in the tunnel and try to go on for as long as possible without crashing into the tunnel and the obstacles. Collect the blue boxes for extra points. However, if you fail to control the phone in the right direction, there will be a big" CRASH!" showing on the screen. Good luck! Game Features : This mobile game must be a very big surprise for many players. You can choose from various difficulties to begin with in your tunnel adventure. After the game, you can submit your score and compare your score with others! Choose between horizontal tilt and vertical tilt. You can also set the "collision warning" colors. This will be a visual feast. 3D Spider Walk 206KB 480*800 Android 1.6 Single Player
  9. 9. Game Description : Cats likes fish and they love to eat fish. Your mission is to connect the cat with all the fish. Simply click on the tiles and they will rotate to connect all the lines. Game Features : The Player needs to click on the tiles and rotate them so that all the lines will be connected between the fish and the cat. Filet O Fish 741KB 480*800 Android 1.6 Single Player
  10. 10. Game Description : Diamond lasts forever. This game contains shining color diamonds and creative game idea. Simply move the same color diamonds and eliminate them. You may also face some difficulty in each level. It is so popular in all ages. You will discover more surprises in this little puzzle game. Come on and be the biggest winner! Game Features : This is a simple puzzle game with diamond theme pictures. You just need to eliminate the same colored diamonds. You can move these diamonds in the given structure. It seems simple but more challenges are waiting for you in later levels. A very fresh and creative game idea with luxuriously designed pictures. Requires great patience to win the game. Diamond Breaker 1.83MB 480*800 Android 1.6 Single Player