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  • 1. Progression 13th September 2013
  • 2. Olivia Olivia Jack D Harley Jacob Myles Cody Deimante Jess Michael Charlie Millie Leroy Emily Rachel W Mya Callum T Kane WillKeira Tom Brooke Jack Shoheb Chris Amber Grace Josh Y Declan AndrewMyles Myles T1 T2 T3 Above target On target Below target 7AJ
  • 3. V2 Seating Plan for 9c3 1 July Whiteboard Jayden 5b FSM BESD Amy 5b Phil 5b BESD Imogen 5b Tom 4a Cerris 5b PP Jamie 5a Ryan 4a FSM BESD Dylan 5a BESDCourtney 4a PP Lewis 4a FSM James 5a MLD Tianna 4b FSM/BESD Chloe B 4a Rhiannon 5b PP Jack 4a FSM BESD Connor 5b Michael 6c Ashleigh 5c PP Cameron 5b PP/ aut sp Ethan 6c Chloe LJ 5b Hollie 5b PP Meghan 5b Alisha 5c PP/MLD Owain 5b Gaby 5c L.A. MLD 9c3Dom EAL Joe Kieran SLD 5c 5b 5a 5c 5a 5a 4c 4b 5c 5b 5a 5a 4a 5c 5b 5b 5b 5a 4a 5b 5b 4a 4a 5c - - 5c 4a 4a 5a 5c 5c 5b 4b 4a 5b - - 4c 5c 5b 5a 5b 5c 5b 5c 5b 5b 5c 5c 5b 4c 4a 5c 4a 4a 5c4a 5c 5a 4b 4a ? 4a 5c 5b 5b 5b 5a 5c 5c 5c5b 5c 5c 4a 4a 5c 5c 4a 4a 5b 5b 5a - - - 4c 4b 4a T1,T2 data from SISRA. T3 from SIMS Above Target = 14 (46.7%) On Target = 7 (23.3%) Below Target = 7 (23.3) 2 ? (persistent absence/new student)
  • 4. Wall progress charts A creative visual tool that can be used to demonstrate progress over time by adjusting the position of student names accordingly.