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Elle Heal Esaftey
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Elle Heal Esaftey


Published on

A Esaftey Quiz x

A Esaftey Quiz x

Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • 1. PLEASE TURN ALL PHONES OFF You Don’t wont to be disturbed NO SMOKING Click here start
  • 2. Esafety Quiz Click Here To Start
  • 3. Your Profile
    • Which one below would be the most suitable for a username in a chatroom?
    Your first name Your First name and surname A nickname Sxcbabe Maggie Blondie Bristol gal Elle Heal Sxc Babe
  • 4. Your Profile
    • What information is OK to give out on the internet.
    Any personal information Your name, age and where you go to school Your hobbies and interests Where you live and your phone number
  • 5. Making friends
    • Which of the following is ok to do with someone you’ve met online.
    P2P chat Give them your real name Meet up with them Chat in a chat room
  • 6. Correct Well Done Never Meet Anyone That You Met On The Internet You don’t know Who They Are ! Click Here For The Next Question
  • 7. Correct Well Done?? Never Give A Person You Don’t Know Your Real Name Or Any Information You Never No Who They Are ?? If Your In A Chat room You have others watching you but if you Meet Up With Them Click Here For The Next Question
  • 8. INCORRECT x WRONG Try Again Click Here To Try Again
  • 9. Responding to nasty messages
    • What Should You Do If You Get A Nasty
    • Email?
    Delete It Respond To The Nasty Email Being Nasty Ignore It Tell Someone
  • 10. Well Done You Should Always Tell Someone If Your Being CyberBullied Its Not Right If You Are Too Scared To Tell Someone Ask A Friend To Come With You Ever Correct Click here for the next question
  • 11. Where to Click ? Here Not Here Possible Click Here And Have A Smile
  • 12. Well Done. You Do Use A Nickname If You Use Your Real Name People No Who You Are But If You Use A Nickname They don’t know Anything About You! Correct! The Next Question Click Here
  • 13. Incorrect X Click Here To Try Again Wrong Try Again
  • 14. Incorrect X Wrong Try Again To Try Again Click Here
  • 15. Incorrect Wrong Try Again X Click Here To Try Again
  • 16. Correct Well Done You Do Only Say Your Interests You Should Never Let Any Personal Information Out Because Some People Could Find Out Things About You The Next Question click Here
  • 17. Incorrect x Click here to try again
  • 18. Correct You Should Of Clicked There Correct Click Here To Finish Quiz
  • 19. You’ve Completed The Quiz !!! Well Done For Completing The Quiz What Have You Learnt?? Well Done Click Here
  • 20. We Only Have One More Question Its Easy SO GET IT WRITE Is This Quiz The Best ?? Nah *no Way* Yeah *Defo 200%
  • 21. *Your The Best * Well Done And Thank you You Have Officially Completed My Quiz you’re a A* Student MR Battista Taught You Well
  • 22. Wrong Click Here To Try Again