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Understanding the irr_07_updated[1]
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Understanding the irr_07_updated[1]


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  • Every member of the uniformed services has an EIGHT year service obligation. This is Federal law, and was stipulated in your contract when you entered active duty.
    If you have not completed 8 years on active duty, you must finish your MSO in the Reserves. This can be done either in a drilling (Selected Reserve or Voluntary Training Unit) capacity or a non-drilling capacity (Individual Ready Reserve).
    If you have MSO remaining when you leave active duty and do not join the drilling Naval Reserve, you are placed in the Individual Ready Reserve until the expiration of your Minimum Service Obligation.
    Officers should keep in mind that at the expiration of their MSO, they do not automatically lose their commission. This is the case even if they are not in a drilling status. Officers must resign their commission to no longer be in the Navy/Naval Reserve after their MSO expires.
  • The Ready Reserve includes the Selected Reserve (SELRES) or Drilling Reserves, and the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) or Non-Drilling reserves.
    SELRES members are assigned to specific reserve units, while IRR members are not assigned to specific units and are managed by the Naval Personnel Center (NPC) in Millington, TN.
    Both SELRES and IRR are “active” reserve categories, meaning that they are eligible to train with or without pay (based on member’s category), serve on active duty, active duty for training (ADT) or funeral honors duty, earn retirement points and be considered for advancement or promotion, when eligible.
    The VTU is primarily made up of members of the ready reserve who are too senior for paid billets, or a paid billet is currently unavailable in their rating at their rank, but they wish to continue actively participating as a drilling reservist. For example, once a senior officer has performed two tours as CO of a drilling unit, he or she can not hold another paid billet until they are promoted to the next pay grade.
  • Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) members include members not assigned to a specific drilling unit and those members assigned to a VTU. IRR members in VTUs are not paid for drilling.
    IRR members may be eligible to perform ADT, ADSW or FHD with or without pay. Normally, qualified members can perform up to 29 days paid ADT each year. IRR members are eligible to earn retirement points for performing drills, active duty training and correspondence courses. They may be considered for advancement and promotion (Officers and VTU members), and they may be recalled to active duty (Presidential Authority).
    To earn a qualifying year toward retirement, members must earn at least 50 total points per year. Members will receive 15 gratuitous points each year. Additional points may be earned by drill, active duty periods and correspondence courses.
  • Members of the IRR must meet minimum participation requirements. Officers must earn 27 points per anniversary year. Enlisted members do not have a minimum point requirement, but must maintain their uniforms.
    All members must perform an annual muster when ordered to do so. All members are required by law to respond to all correspondence and update their recall information and status. All members are subject to the UCMJ.
  • Members of the IRR are required to provide updated information on mailing address, phone number, marital status, number of dependents, civilian employer/occupation, changes in education, skills or licenses, changes in physical condition (disabilities, pregnancy, etc.) and any changes that affect their ability to be recalled to active duty (single parent, disability, jail sentence, etc.).
    Contact the Naval Personnel Center (NPC) to make these annual updates. The web address will be shown on the next to last slide.
  • Active Duty for Training (ADT) is designed to provide active duty training to IRR members to maintain their readiness and refresh their job skills. Both paid and unpaid ADT will earn retirement point credit.
  • ADT eligibility depends on reserve category and rating. For more information, see the NPC website or call the toll free number.
  • IRR members may be eligible for re-enlistment or extension in the Naval Reserve, including some Bonus re-enlistment programs (see your recruiter).
    IRR members may earn retirement points, apply for VGLI coverage, receive any reserve medals awarded, ID cards for access to the Exchanges and MWR for both themselves and dependents, and they may earn commissary privileges.
  • For more information on the Naval Reserve, visit the listed websites.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Understanding the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Navy Personnel Command Pers-9 Millington, TN
    • 2. Understanding theUnderstanding the Individual Ready ReserveIndividual Ready Reserve • Military Service Obligation (MSO) • Navy Reserve Categories • Ready Reserve Categories • Individual Ready Reserve Responsibilities • Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) • Active Duty for Training (ADT) • Mobilization
    • 3. Navy Reserve PersonnelNavy Reserve Personnel Center (NRPC)Center (NRPC) • NRPC has been disestablished and merged with Navy Personnel Command under Pers 9 – Located in Millington, TN • Pers 93, IRR Force Management Branch – Manages the IRR – Primary point of contact for IRR Sailors – (800) 535-2699(800) 535-2699
    • 4. Military Service ObligationMilitary Service Obligation (MSO)(MSO) • Your MSO is EIGHTEIGHT years • Based upon your Pay Entry Base Date (PEBD) • Applies to everyevery service member • Mandated by Federal law (Title 10, US Code) • Upon separation from Active Duty, your remaining MSO is served in the Ready Reserve • Your MSO date is listed on your DD-214 or initial service contract
    • 6. Reserve CategoriesReserve Categories
    • 7. Ready ReserveReady Reserve CategoriesCategories • Selected Reserve (SELRES)Selected Reserve (SELRES) – Drill for Pay/Points, Annual Training (AT) • Voluntary Training Unit (VTU)Voluntary Training Unit (VTU) – Drill (non- pay) for Points, AT & Active Duty for Training (ADT) • Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) – No Drills, may perform ADT paid/unpaid, correspondence course for points
    • 8. Individual Ready ReserveIndividual Ready Reserve • No drills, but participation IS required • Eligible for: – ADT – Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW) – Funeral Honors Duty (FHD) – Retirement points • Automatically considered for promotion (Officers) • Eligible for involuntary recall to Active DutyEligible for involuntary recall to Active Duty (Title 10 US Code)(Title 10 US Code)
    • 9. IRR ResponsibilitiesIRR Responsibilities • Must meet certain obligations required by Federal law and Naval Regulations: – Respond to all official correspondence – Update recall information annually or as required (Virtual Screening Program) – Meet participation requirements IAW BUPERSINST 1001.39 series – Maintain uniforms in serviceable condition – Required to physically muster when ordered
    • 10. Updates Required AnnuallyUpdates Required Annually • Residence/Mailing Address/Phone/E-Mail • Marital/Dependency Status • Changes in Education/Licenses/Skills • Changes in physical condition which could affect readiness • Civilian Employer Information (CEI) – even if you are unemployed or a student – provided during annual Virtual Screening
    • 11. Navy Knowledge OnlineNavy Knowledge Online httphttpss:// • Future of the Individual Ready Reserve • Web Portal provides: – Valuable career information – New Virtual Muster link to update mailing address and view your personal record securely onlineonline – Correspondence Courses – Opportunities to Re-serve your country • Search the site for the IRR Community!
    • 12. Satisfactory YearSatisfactory Year • 50 pts = Qualifying year for retirement • Each Reservist receives 15 gratuity membership pts per anniversary year • Remaining 35 points can be earned by: – SELRES/VTU drills (4 pts per weekend) – Correspondence Courses (pts per course vary) – AT/ADT/ADSW (1 pt per day)
    • 13. IRR ParticipationIRR Participation Enlisted with less than 20 years qualifying service • No minimum annual participation is required, however, iit results in non-qualifying year for retirement and member may be ineligible for reenlistment or extension Officer with less than 20 years qualifying service and completed MSO • At least 27 points required per anniversary year (includes 15 gratuity pts) to maintain good standing • Non-participation will result in administrative action Both Officer & Enlisted with 20 or greater years qualifying service • 50 points required per anniversary year
    • 14. IRR BenefitsIRR Benefits • Identification Cards- Department of Defense Guard and Reserve Members and their dependents. • Military Exchange and Commissary- Unlimited use with valid Identification card. • MWR- Unlimited access to Category “C” facilities (clubs, marinas, golf courses, etc.).
    • 15. Funeral Honors Duty (FHD)Funeral Honors Duty (FHD) • Volunteer opportunities via local Navy Operational Support Center – May receive FHD Allowance (approx $50) – Point credit (1 pt per assignment) – Travel costs > 50 miles from place of residence • Managed by Regional CAC/FHD Coordinator
    • 16. Active Duty for TrainingActive Duty for Training • Primary Purpose of ADT:Primary Purpose of ADT: – Train in your Career Field – Maintain Readiness/Mobilization Skills • Secondary Purpose of ADT:Secondary Purpose of ADT: – Support the Fleet – Earn Money/Retirement Points
    • 17. Applying for ADTApplying for ADT • Eligibility:Eligibility: – Mobilization potential (rating/skills) – Bona Fide Training Opportunity • Requests/Information:Requests/Information: – Phone call: (800) 535-2699 – FAX request to (901) 874-2363 – Website: erves/erves/
    • 18. IRR Mobilization PolicyIRR Mobilization Policy • In accordance with Title 10 US Code, all members of the IRR are eligible for involuntary recallinvoluntary recall to Active Duty. • SECNAV has notnot exercised this authority. • Mobilization from the IRR is currently on a voluntary basis, but subject to change.
    • 19. Voluntary MobilizationVoluntary Mobilization • Volunteer opportunities exist for qualified IRR Sailors in support of the GWOT and Operation Iraqi Freedom • Enlisted- NAVELSF Customs Inspector Mission, Kuwait • Officers- Joint billets within CENTCOM AOR • Call Pers 931Pers 931 to volunteer or visit eserveseserves//
    • 20. Mobilization BenefitsMobilization Benefits • Competitive Pay • Healthcare for you and your dependents • Retirement Points • Housing and food allowances • MGIB benefits/time extension • Enlisted Advancement Opportunity • Tax-Free pay (combat zone)
    • 21. Involuntary MobilizationInvoluntary Mobilization • Must be ready to mobilize within 30 days of alert notification • Delay, Deferment & Exemption Requests – Reviewed by DD&E Board – Family, Civilian Career, Financial Hardships or VA disability are notnot automatic exemptions – Case-by-case basis, same standard as Active Duty deployment
    • 22. Involuntary MobilizationInvoluntary Mobilization • It is your obligation to maintain mobilization readiness ANDAND • Notify Pers 93 of any changes in physical or medical condition which could affect your readiness
    • 23. Interested in Drilling?Interested in Drilling? • To join the Selected Reserve visit http://www.navyreserve.com to contact a Reserve Recruiter! • Your local Reserve Recruiter is your best resource to answer your questions about SELRES opportunities!
    • 24. Navy Reserve InformationNavy Reserve Information • Pers 93- IRR Force ManagementPers 93- IRR Force Management – oror – (800) 535-2699(800) 535-2699 to update your recall or statusto update your recall or status • BUPERSINST 1001.39 seriesBUPERSINST 1001.39 series – • Navy Reserve Force opportunitiesNavy Reserve Force opportunities – http://www.navyreserve.com –