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Topic 1.22 Navy Reserves

Topic 1.22 Navy Reserves






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    Topic 1.22 Navy Reserves Topic 1.22 Navy Reserves Presentation Transcript

    • Career Development Training Course Navy Reserve Force 1
    • Navy Reserve ForceEnabling ObjectivesUpon successful completion of this topic, the trainee will be able to: IDENTIFY the role of the CCC in regards to the Navy Reserve Force. STATE the purpose of the Navy Reserve Force. LIST the Navy Reserve Force categories. 2
    • Navy Reserve ForceEnabling Objectives (cont.) IDENTIFY the components of the Selective Reserve:  Affiliation procedures  Programs  Obligations  Benefits IDENTIFY Individual Ready Reserve participation requirements. LIST the benefits of the Individual Ready Reserve. 3
    • Navy Reserve ForceReference Publications OPNAVINST 1040.11(series), Navy Retention and Career Development Program OPNAVINST 1900.1(series), Pre-Separation Counseling by Career Information Teams NAVPERS 15878(series), Career Counselor Handbook NAVADMIN 007/07, Mobilization Deferment Policy for Transition from Active Component to Reserve Component www.navyreserve.com www.tricare.mil/reserve www.insurance.va.gov www.gibill.va.gov/ 4
    • Navy Reserve ForceCCC Role As a CCC, you may be required to give Sailors information on the Navy Reserve as an option during separation. At the transition CDB, this can be further clarified:  Doing so is an integral part of a vigorous and sustained total force retention program. 5
    • Navy Reserve ForceNavy Reserve Purpose Support to the Fleet . . . Ready and Fully Integrated:  The Navy Reserve is a full partner with the Navy’s active duty component. Comprised of mission-capable units, the Navy Reserve is a vital component in the defense of our nation.  The mission of the Navy Reserve is to augment the active duty component with Reservists throughout the full range of operations during peacetime and war.  It comprises 20% of total Navy forces. 6
    • Navy Reserve ForceNavy Reserve Categories Selected Reserve (SELRES):  Sailors in a drill-pay status that actively drill 1 weekend per month and at least 2 weeks per year.  They will be considered for selection for promotion and advancement just like the active component. 7
    • Navy Reserve ForceNavy Reserve Categories (cont.) Individual Ready Reserve (IRR):  Are those Sailors not affiliated with a drilling unit.  Are not eligible for advancement (officers may be considered for promotion).  Can actively participate by completing approved correspondence courses and optional Annual Training. 8
    • Navy Reserve ForceNavy Reserve Categories (cont.) Retired Reserve (USNR-Retired):  Are those who have completed at least 20 years of service (Retired).  May still be recalled to active duty in time of war or national emergency as declared by Congress or when otherwise authorized by law. 9
    • Navy Reserve ForceSelect Reserve Affiliation Procedures DD Form 214 – Ensure Sailor has Member 4 Copy of DD Form 2808/2807-1 (HIV test required) Copy of last 3 evals/fitreps 10
    • Navy Reserve ForceSelect Reserve Programs NAVET (Navy Veteran) OSVET (Other Service Veteran) RESCORE (Change of Rate) DPEP (Direct Procurement Enlisted Program) Non-Prior Service 11
    • Navy Reserve ForceSelect Reserve Obligations Inactive Duty Training (IDT):  1 weekend/16 hours per month/2 IDTs. Annual Training (AT):  12 to 17 days per year. 12
    • Navy Reserve ForceSelect Reserve Benefits Pay:  4 days of active duty base pay for 2 days of weekend training. SGLI:  Up to $400,000, which covers the Sailor 24/7/365. Advancement:  E-5 and below exams in February and August.  CPO exam in February. 13
    • Navy Reserve ForceSelect Reserve Benefits (cont.) Educational Opportunities:  Use of Navy College Offices, CLEP, DANTES, etc. MGIB-SR:  Incur a 6-year Reserve obligation and complete IDTs. (Currently $317.00/month for full-time status). No purchase necessary! Uniform Entitlements:  Uniform swap (an item for an item) 14
    • Navy Reserve ForceSelect Reserve Benefits (cont.) Medical/Dental Coverage-TRICARE:  Sailor Only - $81/month  Family Coverage - $253/month  Covers member(s) - 24/7/365 NEX/Commissary/MWR:  Reservists and their family members are authorized unlimited use of military exchanges and commissaries. “Space A” Air Travel 15
    • Navy Reserve ForceSelect Reserve Benefits (cont.) Mobilization Deferment:  2-year involuntary mobilization deferment – Sailor affiliates within 6 months (183 days) of release from active duty.  1-year involuntary mobilization deferment – Sailor affiliates within 7 to 12 months (184-365 days) of release from active duty. 16
    • Navy Reserve ForceSelect Reserve Benefits (cont.) Overseas Opportunities: London, England Stuttgart, Germany Rota, Spain Naples, Italy Yokosuka, Japan Seoul, Korea Naval Station Guam Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP) Retirement – Earn sufficient points to establish eligibility for retirement with pay at age 60. 17
    • Navy Reserve ForceIndividual Ready Reserve Participation Keep NPC advised Maintain uniforms Respond to all correspondence/annual screening Maintain physical readiness No IDT (drill) requirement Active duty training/active duty for special work available Officers (only) eligible for advancement Contact number: 1-800-535-2699 18
    • Navy Reserve ForceIndividual Ready Reserve Benefits Reenlistment/Extension MWR NEX/Commissary VGLI Reserve retirement Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP) ID card 19
    • Navy Reserve ForceSummary and Review What are the SELRES obligations? Name 3 benefits of the SELRES. What category of the USNR does not require a Sailor to drill? What forms must a Sailor have to affiliate with the Navy Reserve (SELRES)? 20