Navy Career Wise PRINT Edition. For those who have low bandwidth & limited
access online. Compiled from this weeks posting...
*** Top 10 Notes on Post 9-11 GI Bill Transferability ***
1. You CANNOT TRANSFER unless you REENLIST another 4 years and h...
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Here is a summary of what most CCC should have received in their email. We cut a major traffic in putting out email since most of you are in the Navy Career Wise page already (you now probably received an average of 2 out of 20+ this week that all TYCOM/ISIC CCCs get from the top that needs to be put out to all UNLESS if it's specific to you & urgent, you should get an email).

For those who are still not into reading information online or social media, attached is this week's snap shot/summary and highlights of what you can review for your Sailor as posted daily in our page:

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  1. 1. Navy Career Wise PRINT Edition. For those who have low bandwidth & limited access online. Compiled from this weeks posting on MSC Social Media Career Page: . For comments & questions contact Chief Editor: NCC(AW/SW/SCW) Astro at Military Sealift Command via your CCC. There's a lot of information traffic in the last 3 days on many career related issues due to Furlough/Shutdown and here are some of them as summarized that was posted this week daily (with follow up and comments) on our Navy Career Wise (NCW) page: We trust that you get the right information at the right time so if you can use this technology on your phone to streamline your information & spam-free or miss out information due to FULL Mailbox, subscribe to NCW. 811 cannot move the requests at this time) unless they meet one of the exceptions. Members will not lose their quota because of the move to November. Reenlistments for SRB payments will be delayed until funds have been transferred from the Treasury to Navy pay accounts. For other issues, the Command Career Counselor should contact the SRB Help Desk for guidance on processing these issues. Questions should be directed to EMCM Irish (901) 874-2526 or (901) 874-3215. (Capt KS, NPC) In addition and for further clarification: The members with HARD EAOS in OCT *** CCC & NSIPS / CIMS Access Alert ** NSIPS underwent a major face lift on will be able to reenlist in OCT prior to their HARD EAOS. They should not be the SAAR process. The old SAAR form is gone and a new user friendly SAAR moved to Nov. form took its place. If you have not logged into any CIMS/NSIPS related accounts within the past 30 days, your account has been locked out! To *** Post 9-11 GI Bill Brief in Hampton Roads *** Brief will be held at N A S reinstate your ESR (Self Serve) account there is a hyperlink on the splash Oceana on Oct 18 from 1200-1300 at Laser Road Suite 120 Virginia Beach, VA screen to unlock it (NSIPS Self-Service (Unlock). To reinstate your CCC account 23460. Topics of Discussion will includes discussion on: Differences between or NRMS account you will have to resubmit a new SAAR to get them back. You Montgomery and Post 9/11, Transferability rules for the Post 9/11, How to have to log into your account at least every 30 days to keep it. PowerPoint research schools and find Point of Contacts (POC), Open forum for Questions instruction is now posted on NPC, Navy Career Wise. For details email and Answers Understanding Your GI Bill Benefits. For details contact Phone: or contact NCC Kinstle at (901) 874-2533. (NCC K) 757-433-2912 or E-mail: *** Free Access: Alternate from Closed Commissaries *** Sam's Club is *** Career Waypoints-Reenlistment (C-Way-Reen) Quota Policies *** Due to offering military families and retirees free access to its stores while the military the furlough many Personnel Support Detachments (PSDs) no longer have commissaries remain closed. Typically, members pay an annual fee of $45 or personnel authorized to release reenlistment contracts in Navy pay systems. $100 to shop at Sam's Club. The problem this situation creates is that Sailors with an EAOS/SEAOS in October 2013 will no longer be on contract in Navy’s pay systems if the *** SRB Alert due to Furlough and FY Funding *** Annual funding for the reenlistment is not released and will no longer be paid. PERS-26 intends to government expired on September 30, 2013. The Pay Our Military Act (HR have these Sailors execute a one month short term extension to ensure pay 3210) provides for the continuation of military pay and allowances during a continuity. More on this are posted on Career Wise page. For questions government shutdown. Submission of SRB requests should continue and will contact your local PSD or Career Waypoints Help Desk at 901-874-2102 DSN be processed for eligibility and prescreening per OPNAVINST 1160.8A and 882-2102 or NAVADMIN 077/13. Members with pending reenlistment requests for October shall move their SRB request via NSIPS or OPINS to Nov 2013 (PERS-
  2. 2. *** Top 10 Notes on Post 9-11 GI Bill Transferability *** 1. You CANNOT TRANSFER unless you REENLIST another 4 years and have minimum of 6 years. This does not exempt anyone who already on their 14 years - they also must reenlist until their RETIREMENT eligible (i.e. 20) 2. Yellow Ribbon is not available to active duty & spouse. 3. Your MGIB $600 Kicker is NOT transferable. 4. You MUST apply to TRANSFER your P911-GIB while on ACTIVE DUTY. 5. You must meet all the OBLISERVE requirements by 1 August. 6. Your Transfer application will be DENIED if Reenlistment requirement is not posted. No more page 13. 7. Dependents must be on DEERS. 8. Remember: Post 911 GI Bill is a RETENTION TOOL (Must Reenlist or OBLIGATE to TRANSFER). 9. Remember, before you RETIRE, APPLY to TRANSFER while on Active Duty. 10. Go to to transfer your benefits. (Reposted from previous NCW Social Gram) *** More Career Information Related to Furlough/Shutdown (NPC FORCM Weekly) *** PAY AND BONUSES: • For Basic Pay/Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS)/Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).During the shutdown, military members will be paid on time. • Bonuses: Approval of new bonus agreements (enlistment/reenlistment) will be limited during the period of a government shutdown. No payments will be made during a government shutdown. Members will be paid retroactively once the government reopens. NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders will only be allowed in the following cases: Movement to an excepted activity, Movement from an excepted activity if that activity is overburdened. Accession and training moves associated with recruitment and initial entry training will continue, along with movement to first duty station when required by a move to an excepted activity. Movement to comply with separation instructions will continue. • Customer service support will be extremely limited during the shutdown. • Additions and changes to records will not be made at Navy Personnel Command (NPC).Personnel Support Activity Detachment (PSDs) with military support will be open; however, expect limited support and longer wait times. EDUCATION IMPACTS: • Tuition Assistance funding for those classes starting after October 1 will not be available until funding is released. • All Navy College Offices will be closed. • The Virtual Education Center (VEC) will be closed. • Non-Resident Training Course support may be impacted. ADVANCEMENTS: • The Navy Advancement Center (NAC) will be unable to receive, scan and process Cycle 093 Reserve (Aug. 2013) and Cycle 220 Active Duty (September 2013) exam answer sheets during the furlough period. • NAC cannot guarantee eligible candidates will be rank-ordered in time to meet set exam result publication schedules. • It is not known whether pay increments for all advancement-eligible Sailors will be impacted. *** Monthly CCC Area Training *** All Retention Team members and Career Counselors should attend some kind of monthly training (as required per OPNAVINST) in order to get the duties of a career counselor's job efficiently with the most current information. Contact your local Area CCC. In Norfolk Area: As a reminder Area Wide Career Counselor / Retention Team Meeting / Training will be held Thursday October 17 at CEP 86 from 0900-1200. Navy message about this training will be out next week. Initial Topics: Assessments, Effective Communication, Time Management (More to follow). *** Education Tools for Active duty & Transitioning Sailors *** Planning for your education while in transition takes a lot of planning, find out what tools you can use, review this slide presented from last week's CCC monthly workshop: Remember above is only summary. More of these and other Furlough / Navy Career related summary are posted and discuss daily at: