RADM White PERS 4 Manning and Distribution


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RADM White PERS 4 Manning and Distribution

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  • Transient numbers include expired prospective gains.
  • RADM White PERS 4 Manning and Distribution

    1. 1. NC SymposiumRDML Mike White (PERS-4) 24 September 2012 Mission First… Sailors Always
    2. 2. Agenda- Enlisted Distribution Overview- Enlisted Distribution Friction- Status of Initiatives- Billet Based Distribution 2
    4. 4. Enlisted Distribution Roles and Interaction CMS/ID PERS-4013 - Monitors Enlisted Personnel Readiness - Allocates NMP - Represents MCAs for personnel readiness PLACEMENT MCA -Establishes PrioritiesSAILOR TYCOM-Review record at 12-15months prior to PRD to ISICensure data is accurate; ASSIGNMENTSupdate preferences;apply for PTS-9-7 months view available UNITrequisitions and applyCCC NPC Detailers -Make selections-Review CMS/ID w/Sailors -Release orders-Assist Sailor with -Negotiate special casesCMS/ID Negotiations 4
    5. 5. Strategic View: Distribution System Develop Requirements Fund Reqs Generate Sailor(Demand Signal) (BA) NMP 9-7 Mos. Intent Leave Navy Create & Prioritize Requisition Negotiate Load CMS/ID Selects? Advertise N Y Orders (CMS/ID) Develop Inventory (EPA) N Y Orders Manpower Manning/Placement Assignments 5
    6. 6. Create Requisition PERS-4013 Directed NMPNMP Manager Create (MCA) NMP (Compensation Required) Requisition NEC Priority Module Generated (Monthly) MCA Requisition Priority Algorithm WIS NPC (Detailers)AIP Pers-4013 Loads Roller List CMS/ID (Business Rules) MCA Direction Sailor (FDNF rules, critical billets) Negotiation Process Advertise (CMS/ID) REQ Filled? N Y Orders 6
    7. 7. Career Management System – Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID)• PERS-4013 sets CMS/ID based on business rules, Fleet balance, requisition priority, and MCA directions• CMS/ID is set following a ratio of rollers to requisitions (not all command vacancies are advertised in CMS/ID)• PERS 4013 control of CMS/ID keeps the assignment function unbiased• “Green” Reqs: MCA prioritized requisitions (for Sailor applications, all filled each cycle)• “Blue” Reqs: Reqs not advertised via CMS/ID, used for some ratings, commands, special cases, and “A” school grads. Must be approved by PERS-4013. 7
    8. 8. How does CMS/ID work?• Timeliness: - Monthly requisition cycle which includes 4 days to load, 2 weeks for Sailor interaction, 5 days for command input, and 1 week for detailer selections.• Sailor interaction: - Sailors can make 5 selections per cycle for each of their 3 cycles (15 total). - Sailors can make their own application, but still use CCC and/or detailer guidance.• Command interface: - Commands can rank from least to most favorable candidate. - Input is one of many which guide detailer action; but all things equal, commands will get their choice. - Currently used by about 14% of commands.• Detailer Selection: - Choose best candidate for each requisition and post in CMS/ID. - Process is not complete until orders are written, but this can occur later. - New policy change allows non-voluntary assignments as required. 8
    9. 9. Important take-aways• Challenges: - Skill set of Sailors in window may not match skills needed for priority requirements - A subset of Sailor selections are made without use of CMS/ID » Ex: Sailors without internet access, special cases (HUMS, EFM, Dual military…) - Distributable inventory of Sailors is usually less than total number of vacant requirements. - Many billets are not advertised on CMS/ID due to policy » Ex: SPECWAR, Recruiting, RDC… 9
    10. 10. Fleet Fit Metrics Metric Measures RATING FILL Delivers All hands Onboard vs Sailor Onboard Billets Authorized RATING FIT Rating Fill, Fit Forces Skill Rating + Right and NEC Fit ReadyExperience (Pay Grade) Sailor Onboard at Required vs Levels for Tasking Requirement NEC FITDistributed & Qualified Sailor with the NECs Onboard Right Skillset vs and Training NEC Requirement
    11. 11. Fleet Readiness Measures• FDNF – 95% Fit • Ensure units receive only Fit Sailors to support units Full Mission Capability• CONUS • Fleet Requirement for manning deploying Units • Fit – 90% • Fill – 90% • NEC Fit – At least one of each Critical NEC skill-set onboard • Attainment of levels 60 days prior to deployment and sustainment throughout deployment
    13. 13. Distribution of Navy Wide Enlisted Assets (Numbers are USN personnel only) PEBTotal Non–Distributable – 39,971 (15%) (ACCTPP&H – 12,628 (5%) to 8,988 auth 355) [1,071] Transients 25%Students – 27,343 (10%) to 23,009 auth 3% 12,342 Students 68% 27,343 9,874 25,358 216,646 Patients, Prisoners & Holdees [1,683] LIMDUs 4% (ACC 105) 48% 1,100 3,265 3,080Total Distributable – 222,603 (85%) 2,877(includes LIMDUs and pregnancies which 3,145make up 2.7% of the distributable manning) Pregnancies from Sea Duty Dual Military Service Members – 13,591 52% Assignment Limited – 943 Exceptional Family Member – 9,791 Family Advocacy Program - 75 13*Student BA Source is OPNAV-N122 and TFFMS Date of Data: 01 Aug 12 POC: Pers-4013C 901-874-4574
    15. 15. NAVADMINS to Improve Fit/Fill• NAVADMIN 226/12, Changes in Enlisted Distribution to Improve Sea DutyManning • Sailors continue use of CMS/ID to negotiate for assignments, but Detailers must fill all advertised jobs and may use non-volunteers to do so. • Immediate impact, will help fill the most critical requirements first and lower TYCOM directed manning actions to meet deployment standards. This is a long term change to procedures.• NAVADMIN 227/12, Limited Directed Detailing • Pulls Sailors on tail end of shore tours to sea duty early to fill critical fleet deployer needs. Sailors will be financially compensated for each month of shore duty curtailed. • Immediate impact, will improve Fill and Fit for units deploying over the next 12 months. Will allow normal rollers over subsequent months to more efficiently fill needs.• NAVADMIN 229/12, Voluntary Sea Duty Program-Update 2 • Extends current VSDP program one year and adds HYT waivers for E7-9s. • Will continue to voluntarily pull Sailors from shore to sea duty to improve Fill and Fit. Will likely be a long-term program.• NAVADMIN 230/12, Chief Petty Officer Early Return to Sea • Pulls shore duty senior leaders to sea to support critical fleet deployer needs; picks up where Directed Detailing leaves off, but for subset of paygrades and no compensation. • Will improve Fit and Fill, and will likely be a long-term program, used as needed.
    16. 16. VSDP Update All1306s for VSDPPaygrade Ineligible Disapproved Approved Working Total E3 8 2 8 2 20 E4 42 11 50 13 116 E5 89 22 149 33 293 E6 34 7 61 18 120 E7 17 6 33 9 65 E8 4 2 8 4 18 E9 0 1 1 1 3 E2 0 1 0 0 1 Total 194 52 310 80 636 16
    18. 18. Current System vs. Future (BBD)Current Inventory Driven System “BBD” Vacancy Driven System FIT Measured to BA, Assignments based on BA, Balanced by Available Inventory Unit FIT Measured to BA, Assignments based on NMP 18
    19. 19. BBD Desired Effects• Alignment » Matches Sailors to specific billets » Provides visibility to all alignments, quality of alignment, vacant positions, and excess Sailors » Produces requisition based on TFMMS• Readiness » Provides concise measurement of Enlisted Personnel Readiness. » Provides an accurate assessment of Fit during assignment.• Transparency » Allows full visibility and interactive capability with direct linkage to distribution systems. 19
    20. 20. QUESTIONS? 20