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Pts fleet ride fa qs

  1. 1. Fleet RIDE-PTS Integration FAQs (Updated 1 November 2010)Q1: What is Fleet RIDE-PTS?A1: To modernize and streamline the PTS program, PTS has been recently integrated (29 September2010) into the Fleet Rating Identification Engine (RIDE) computer system.This integration provides many enhancements from the previous pts system to include: • Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, and Command Master Chief access to command PTS reports in Fleet RIDE. These reports depict PTS monthly Rack and Stack results and provide access to all command notification letters. • Single system for identification of qualified PTS opportunities, submission of reenlistment applications, Community Manager decision-making, and publication of results for PTS and Rating Entry General Apprentice (REGA). • Reducing administrative errors and rework by pre-populating PTS applications based on End of Active Obligated Service (EAOS) as extended, also known as “Soft” EAOS (SEAOS). • Batch submission capability to enhance career counselor productivity. Enhanced performance-driven algorithms for INRATE and Conversion applications which compare Sailors in the same Year Group. This improvement provides Sailors and career counselors with increased visibility of INRATE and conversion opportunity, enhancing career decision-making. • Robust reporting to ensure PTS program compliance. Improved inventory control and forecasting for community managers. Required verification check by commands to prevent erroneous application submissions.Q2: Will the members’ information already be inputted into the database? Or will the CareerCounselor be required to enter all of the information of their UICs? Because there is a lot ofinformation that counselors do not have readily available.A2: Most EMF data will be populated within the system such as ADSD, ASVABS, PRD, CriticalNECs, etc. With recent policy/system changes and availability of quality EVAL and PFA data on thehorizon, these elements are planned for inclusion in subsequent releases but is not available at this time.Q3: Is there any action required on my part to ensure my Fleet RIDE-PTS application issubmitted on time for review?A3: First and foremost, Sailors need to take ownership of their career. This includes: Sustainedsuperior performance, advancing on time, and putting yourself in the best position to be able to haveevery option available to you. Sailors should not assume that their application has been entered into the system. Sailors needto be proactive and actually see that their application has been submitted. Ensure that you are pre-qualified in Fleet RIDE to maximize conversion opportunities. In somecases, you may have to retake your ASVAB (AFCT) to increase your conversion possibilities. Themajorities of conversion quotas are in the highly technical ratings and require above average scores.Q4: Will the capability to submit PTS using the current spreadsheet option be eliminated fromthe program?A4: The existing manual work-arounds for limited bandwidth will remain. The PTS Help Desk canreceive and submit single and spreadsheet applications through e-mail. The spreadsheet will be availablefor download on the NPC website once Fleet RIDE PTS deploys.Q5: Who is required to submit Fleet RIDE-PTS applications?A5: All designated E3-E6 personnel with 14 years or less of service. Personnel whose SEAOS is 15months out and those “Special Circumstance” applications (i.e., PRD, EAOS, Decommissioning, etc.)
  2. 2. Q6: When can I start submitting my Fleet RIDE-PTS application?A6: The new Fleet RIDE-PTS program went online 1 October 2010. Applications can be submitted asearly as 15 months prior to SEAOS, but no later than 12 months prior to their Soft End of Active ObligatedService (SEAOS) (EAOS as extended). Twelve months from PRD (if member is required to OBLISERVfor orders) /EAOS. After 1 October, Fleet RIDE-PTS will only operate off of Soft EAOS (EAOS asextended).Q7: For personnel whose PRDs fall before their EAOS by a substantial amount of time willthey get 6 looks based on PRD and if possible 6 more looks based on EAOS? I have quite a fewpersonnel in that current situation but the system just keeps rolling them over. Will they get areset when it is time to be reviewed by their EAOS? I know detailers update the PRDs but canguidance be set on what to do for mbrs that fall in these situations? Some detailers are willing tolet mbrs apply for orders while still pending in PTS and others wont until they get PTS approvalso it gets kind of confusing on how to advise my Sailors.A7: The regular submission cycle is based on the SEAOS. "Special circumstance" applications will beallowed early for PRD, EAOS, STAR, etc... (displayed in associated drop-down list on the application). If amember submitted a special circumstance app prior to their SEAOS window, they will be allowed to applyduring the SEAOS window. PTS approvals expire upon activation of a PRD change or extension. Theteam is coordinating with the detailing community to ensure alignment to business rules. As feedback isformalized, it will be provided to impacted parties and key players within the re-enlistment process.Q8: Is the command required to submit a PTS application on a Sailor under the ProfessionalApprenticeship Career Tracks (PACT) program?A8: NO. Sailors under the PACT program do not require a PTS approval. PACT Sailors need toutilize Fleet RIDE/REGA or designation desires. PACT Sailors who are assigned an "A" School via FleetRIDE/REGA can OBLISERV regardless of additional obligated service required to attend "A" School.However, members will require PTS approval for Zones B and C in order to reenlist when the time comes.Q9: For Counselors with minimal bandwidth, will the Excel spreadsheets still be allowed to beemailed to the PTS Help Desk?A9: The existing manual work-arounds for limited bandwidth will remain. The PTS Help Desk canreceive and submit single and spreadsheet applications through e-mail.Q10: If a Sailor desires In-Rate only but there are no quotas available for that rate, should westill apply?A10: YES. Unlike conversion requests, the system will allow in-rate application submission regardlessof quota availability. System generated results based on quota availability and selection algorithmrankings are presented to ECMs for final approval which allows for flexibility based on their businessrules. Since business rules and manning requirements will vary by rating, the benefits associated withapplying without available quotas will be cases by case.Q11: What is the difference between willing to convert and conversion only?A11: On applications where willing to convert is selected, member will be considered for in-ratereenlistment prior to being reviewed for conversion. On applications where conversion only is selected,member will be reviewed only for conversion.Q12: If conversion only is selected will applicants be reviewed for in-rate reenlistment?A12: NO. Applicants who selected conversion only on the PTS application will forfeit the opportunity tobe reviewed for in-rate reenlistment consideration.Q13: What are a Sailor’s options that are approved to convert but decide he/she does not wantto convert or wants to choose a different rating?A13: PTS results are final. Command leadership should contact the Enlisted Community Managers(ECM) if they want to challenge the PTS results.
  3. 3. Q14: What is the purpose of the Validate for Batch Submit and Batch Submit All inputs?A14: The batch functionality was included to allow submission of multiple applications at one time inplace of having applications that did not receive a quota automatically being placed in a "Rollover" status.The Validate for Batch submission allows a counselor to ensure all required information is present onmultiple records prior to submission. Application validate is denoted by a "Y" in the "CO" column. TheBatch Submit All function will take all validated applications on the PTS Application browser and placethem into a "Submitted" state and ready for Rack and Stack instead of having to manually submit eachindividually.Q15: To submit a Sailors PTS request or to check the results, Does the member need to beunder a counselor’s UIC?A15: The roles and privileges for submitting applications are tied to the UIC(s) associated with theCounselor. Due to information assurance requirements and PII concerns, Fleet RIDE accounts areestablished with a list of UICs within a users purview as detailed in the SAAR addendum form. Roles mayhave multiple UICs assigned under their cognizance, especially in the instance of ISIC and TYCOM rolesrequirements.Q16: My Final Look was in September- will I be separated because I don’t have a quota?A16: NO. All Sailors whose final look would have been in September will receive another look duringthe October cycle due to the Fleet RIDE- PTS Integration.Q17: With the old PTS system service members PTS application would keep getting rolled overwithout the counselor having to re-input them. How is that going to work for this program?A17: With the ever changing nature of sailor data and quota availability, validation of applications on aregular basis was determined to be a critical requirement for this release to ensure Sailors do not "loselooks". The batch functionality on the PTS application browser was included to allow submission ofmultiple applications at one time in place of having applications that did not receive a quota automaticallybeing placed in a "Rollover" status. The Validate for Batch submission allows a counselor to ensure allrequired information is present on multiple records prior to submission. Application validate is denoted bya "Y" in the "CO" column. The Batch Submit All function will take all validated applications on the PTSApplication browser and place them into a "Submitted" state and ready for Rack and Stack instead ofhaving to manually submit each individually.Q18: I want to take orders that required OBLISERV. Do I submit my Fleet RIDE-PTS applicationin the usual manner?A18: Special circumstance applications may be submitted regardless of SEAOS based on PRD forSailors requiring to OBLISERV for orders, expiration of active obligated service (EAOS) for SelectiveReenlistment Bonus (SRB), or other special circumstances requiring additional obligated service.Q19: How long is my Fleet RIDE-PTS quota good for?A19: Once additional obligated service is incurred for an approved PTS application, or a period of 13months passes since the quota was issued, the PTS quota is considered expired and is no longer valid.Once a quota is expired, the command will have to contact the ECM to have the Sailor reset to Reapply.PTS quotas issued prior to 1 October 2009 are considered valid until 1 March 2011.Q20: If a command wants to challenge a PTS decision, then who has the authorization tochange the PTS decision?A20: The Enlisted Community Managers (ECM) have the final authority over PTS. The commandshould contact the appropriate ECM to request a "Reset" for an additional review/look.
  4. 4. Q21: I previously had an approved PTS quota in the Legacy PTS System. Is my quota still validas we transition to the new Fleet RIDE-PTS Integrated system?A21: YES. If you had a previously approved PTS quota in the Legacy PTS system it is still good. Yourcommand needs to submit a spreadsheet to the PTS Helpdesk ( with thefollowing information so that the system can be updated: Last Name, First Name, Last 4 SSN, Rating,PTS Zone, and Month approved.Q22: When the ECM requests additional required documents, could the NOTES be utilized tocommunicate information to the CCC for processing?A22: If an ECM selects to approve a member "Pending Documentation", the Notes field isautomatically forced to prompt the ECM for additional detail. The Notes field is also required when anECM denies an application that was "Tentatively Approved" in effort to provide Command Counselorsdetail needed to drive expectations and manage careers for their Sailors. The reason it was not displayedto in the test environment is due to test data.Q23: I received an in-rate quota and am now being told the quota has been revoked and I needto reapply. Why?A23: Commands will receive individualized messages informing the command that a PTS quota hasbeen revoked for a particular Sailor. The reasons for revocation are as follows: Loss of security clearance Three time PFA failure Non-judicial punishment (NJP) or letter of instruction (LOI) Reduced in rate Submarine disqualified Elected separation Approved for early separationIf a quota has been revoked, the Sailor should resubmit an application if they are considered eligible andqualified for retention consideration.Q24: Are NAVETS/OSVETS exempt from submitting Fleet RIDE-PTS applications?A24: NO. NAVETS/OSVETS are no longer exempt from PTS after their initial permanent duty stationupon reentry to military service.Q25: Can a command submit a PTS application on a Sailor who is currently in a LIMDU(ACC 105) Status?A25: YES. A PTS application can be submitted while a member is on LIMDU status. However themember cant reenlist in a LIMDU status they must be in an ACC 100 prior to reenlisting.Q26: Is Fleet RIDE-PTS going to be a permanent program?A26: Fleet RIDE -PTS is here to stay, and should be taken extremely serious. Sailors need to realizethat they are competing against their contemporaries within their Year Group for limited INRATE quotasfor reenlistment. Each Sailor should ensure that their application is submitted on time and that theinformation within the application is accurate. The key to Fleet RIDE-PTS success is “Sustained SuperiorPerformance” and advancing on time.Q27: I am a Command Career Counselor, what should I be focusing on to ensure that mySailors get the maximum benefit from the Fleet RIDE-PTS program?A27: First, ensure all your Sailors are qualified via the Fleet RIDE program. This will ensure all optionsare known prior to entering the PTS application window. Secondly, ensure that your PTS Application
  5. 5. Browser filters are equal to the processing month you are in based on SEAOS. Then work on submissionof Special Circumstance applications (e.g., SRB, EAOS and PRD [if additional obligated service isrequired]). Lastly, you can then concentrate on 13-15 months out from SEAOS applications.Q28: I saw on the Fleet RIDE-PTS Application Browser two components to choose from (Active/FTS and SELRES Option). Can I choose both to maximize my chances to get approval?A28: NO. Sailors must choose to submit applications for either Active Duty/Full Time Support (FTS) orfor SELRES. Sailors are not permitted to submit applications for both components.Q29: What are the new factors of Fleet RIDE-PTS?A29: Pre-populated applications with authoritative data from “Corporate” sources.  As the integrity of NPC’s corporate data matures, additional elements will be populated (i.e. Evaluations, PFA)These applications are based off of End of Active Obligated Service (as extended) (SEAOS).Applications may still be submitted under Special Circumstances for PRD, EAOS, Decommissioning,STAR, etc.A modified algorithm to include additional performance criteria  Performance Evaluation average for up to five most current evaluations  PFA – number of PFA failures within a four-year periodIncorporated Year Group (YG) quota management for both INRATE and Conversion quotas (Fleet RIDE-PTS Integration)Provide ability for commands to view INRATE, conversion in/out of rating quotas on a monthly basis.Allow system to remain open for new applications during monthly processing.Submit Applications for either AC or RC, not both.Commands will have the ability to review their results via the Command Results Report. The system willself generate CNPC letters denoting the specific final status (In-rate, Convert or Separation). This will bethe official notification; NO Naval Messages will be transmitted. Conversions requiring additionalpaperwork (e.g., SF-86) will receive an approval pending documentation status (no letter), once finaldetermination is made the final status will be recorded and a letter will be generated.Approved Conversion list is forwarded to school detailers for school seat assignments and follow-onorders.Q30: I dont understand why there are 5 evaluation requests in the PTS submission section.A30: You can input up to 5 of the most recent EVALs to give a more holistic view of Sailorperformance. An average of all entered EVALs is used in the selection algorithm so Sailors with less than5 (e.g. Zone A, OSA/GSA/IA) are not disadvantaged. Blank and NOB EVALs are not included in averagecalculation. NOTE: You must submit at LEAST TWO EVALUATIONS.Q31: How will increasing the number of evaluations in the system affect how a Sailor isselected?A31: There is an increase of evaluations from two up to five evaluations. This will give a better overallassessment of a Sailor’s performance. These evaluations will be a cumulative average vice just aprioritization of the Current and Previous evaluations. All evaluations will be utilized not just RegularPeriodic.Q32: Ive heard warfare qualifications will be added into the algorithm?A32: NO. Warfare qualifications are not a part of the algorithm, however, the Enlisted CommunityManagers (ECMs) will review during the selection process.
  6. 6. Q33: Also what does going on a GSA/OSA IA have to do with PTS?A33: This is an information only piece that had been requested in the past. During the requirementssolicitation focus group, it was determined not to include the information within the system generatedrankings for the algorithm and is an information only item.Q34: On the PTS application screen for security clearance what does LAA confidential and LAAsecret mean?A34: LAA= Limited Access Authorizations. The list of Security Clearance classifications was based oncorporate data classifications. Security clearance status and associated date have been added to theEMF extract provided to Fleet RIDE. This corporate data will be populated when Fleet RIDE PTS goesinto production. Because of the fluid nature of Clearance approvals, information can be updated but themost recent corporate data will be provided.Q35: Does PTS approval also waiver a Sailor who is approaching High Year Tenure (HYT)?A35: NO. A HYT waiver must be requested and approved prior to reenlisting. Waivers are notautomatic.Q36: Is the algorithm different between INRATE and Conversion?A36: YES. The algorithms are standard. For the Conversion Algorithm critical NEC is removed andthe Fleet RIDE ranking score is added.Q37: When looking at the rates for conversion, it would be nice to only have the rates that arecurrently available during that cycle.A37: The rates displayed in the conversion choices drop-down are limited to those rating in which a) aquota exists and b) the Sailor is qualified. The list is a match with those ratings displayed on the Sailorsqualified jobs screen.Q38: Will Sailors who are selected to convert to a new rating via PTS be required to attend “A”School for their new rating?A38: The Navy (Enlisted Community Managers) will determine if additional training is necessary forSailors who get selected for conversion. The scope of the training will depend on the new skills required.In some cases, this may require attending an “A” school or other form of advanced training.Q39: Under the PTS Application Browser there is a "FLAG" column. What does this indicate ona members application?A39: Flags are placed on applications in which associated quotas, Sailor EMF data, or policy tablechanges have occurred to alert to the potential of application approval impacts.Q40: What is Year Group and how does Year Group management benefit Sailors?A40: Year Group (YG) is based on the Fiscal Year (FY) that a Sailor attended Recruit Training (i.e.,entered boot camp December 2009 = YG 2010). Sailors will only be compared against their peers withinthe same Year Group (YG) vice being compared to Sailors in a whole zone (i.e., E5 with 6.5 years in theNavy to an E6 with 9.5 years).Q40: What are the opportunities for obtaining a conversion quota?A40: Conversion quotas are limited and vary month-to-month based on the health of the rating you areapplying for. These quotas are displayed within the Fleet RIDE-PTS Application Browser. This will alsoshow how many conversions in/out quotas are published and how many Sailors made applications forthem.
  7. 7. Q41: I want to get out of the Navy. How does the Fleet RIDE-PTS integration affect me?A41: Regardless of the intentions to reenlist, command must submit an application based on yourdesires. If the Reenlistment Intention question is answered “NO” the application is automatically given a“REJECT” and your command will receive a separation letter on your behalf.Q42: Do I need to submit a PTS application in order to attend Fleet “A” School?A42: Undesignated Sailors must utilize Fleet RIDE/REGA when requesting Fleet “A” Schoolassignments. PACT Sailors are not required to obtain Zone “A” PTS approval in order to attend Fleet “A”School and are authorized to reenlist upon successful completion of Fleet “A” School.Q43: If training is required for conversion, when will the Sailor receive orders?A43: Orders to training for conversion will be based on school seat availability and the applicants PRD.Every attempt will be made to transfer applicants near their PRD, however, school seat availability maydictate an earlier or later transfer. Commands are encouraged to work with Pers 4010s (or specificdetailer for MA, LN and SeaBee’s) for order negotiations.Q44: What happens if I convert to a new rating and then fail out of “A” school? Can I re-attemptthe school or convert to a third rating?A44: These situations will be handled individually on a case-by-case basis. You may be offeredanother rating based on needs of the Navy or be separated under MILPERSMAN 1910-156.Q45: Can I apply for orders via CMS/ID before I receive my Fleet RIDE-PTS quota?A45: An approved Fleet RIDE-PTS quota is required to apply for orders if additional OBLISERV isrequired.Q46: If I am not awarded a quota after my first look, do I have to resubmit my Fleet RIDE-PTSapplication?A46: YES. However, the Command Career Counselor only needs to verify your current application toensure all data is still accurate. Once this is done, the application will just need to be resubmitted.Q47: Is recent advancement off the Navy-wide Advancement Examination (NWAE) or CommandAdvancement Program (CAP) considered during the Fleet RIDE-Selection process?A47: The only automatic PTS quotas offered are for advancements (Selection off of a Navy-wideexamination, CAP Program, etc.) within 12 months of SEAOS.Q48: Does a Sailor who is selected for an officer program need to submit a PTS application?A48: NO. A Sailor who was selected for an officer program does NOT need to submit a PTSapplication.Q49: Will results still be released by Naval message or just the report offered in Fleet RIDE?A49: With the availability of results / official letter in Fleet RIDE and the move to reduce messagetraffic, Naval messages will no longer be sent. If a command is having difficulty with viewing results, ISICsand the PTS help desk will be able to provide needed results.Q50: What are the Reenlistment Codes (RE) and Separation Codes for a Sailor directed toseparate under the PTS Program who have over 6 years of service?A50: RE-1E for Sailors 2 years or greater from HYT; RE-3R for Sailors within 2 years of HYT andmissed opportunity to receive Advancement Exam results due to PTS denial and separation at EAOSprior due to High Year Tenure (HYT). RE-6 for Sailors denied PTS and had the opportunity to see all Advancement Exam results prior to High Year Tenure (HYT).
  8. 8. RE-4 - use as appropriate. RE-4 Sailors should not qualify for PTS submission, but could have been denied PTS, then did something to warrant RE-4 after the fact. To warrant FULL Separation Pay, Separation Codes of JBK or LBK need to be used for Sailors entitled to full separation pay.Q51: Where can I find information about Severance Pay when a Sailor is directed to separate viaPTS?A51: The references for Severance Pay are found in the DODFMR Volume 7A (under Separation Pay)and also in OPNAVINST 1900.4.