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Instructions cims update

  1. 1. Recommended steps for using the Sponsor Menu:1. Obtain a Command Sponsor Coordinator role by submitting a SAAR. If you are already a Command CareerCounselor and have an NSIPS account, you will not need to do this because CCCs have access to the CIMSSponsor Coordinator Menu.2. Run a Sponsor Training list and determine who needs or has gone to Sponsor Training. If you need toupdate the Sponsor Training date, you can do it by updating the “Sponsor Training Date” at the bottom of theSailor’s Career Development page (at the bottom of the CDB page)3. Run a Sponsor Assignment list and look at the sponsor data tab. Add sponsors to PGs that don’t alreadyhave one. Before you assign a sponsor, you can check their Electronic service record by clicking on the “NewWindow” link near the top of the page. This will open a separate window so you can switch back and forthbetween windows without having to switch menus. Once you are sure that you know who you want as asponsor, click the “Add/Modify” sponsor button, then select the Sponsor from list you are provided. You canalso change sponsors the same way by replacing the existing sponsor with a new one.4. Tell the person you assigned as a sponsor to go in to their NSIPS self service account and review theSponsor Agreement. If everything is OK, then the sponsor will accept the assignment and the date will show upon the Sponsor Tab when you run a “Sponsor Assignment” list.5. Re-run the Sponsor Assignment list and go to the Sponsor Tab. Click on the “Modify Data” link and enterthe sponsor’s contact information and dates letters are sent out. DO NOT enter a “Sponsor End Date” until thePG has either reported onboard, or had his/her orders cancelled or modified. Once a “Sponsor End Date” isentered, the PG will never appear on your tracking list again.Note: If you need to change a sponsor, use the “Add/Change” button.Once the PG reports onboard, you can view sponsor assignment history by running a Sponsor History list.6. Check on transferring personnel by running a “Projected Transfers (PRD)” list. There are 2 different options– one is a list of people that have orders, and the other is just a list of personnel with upcoming PRDs that DONOT have orders. By checking the “Personnel with orders” list, you will be able to see if a sponsor has beenassigned to your transferring Sailor. You will also be able to see the sponsor’s contact information which youcan pass along to your transferring Sailor if the sponsor hasn’t already made contact.The pages that follow will help give a visual explanation of these steps
  2. 2. Complete/Submit a SAAR form requesting“Sponsor Coordinator” access. Boxes inRed must be completed.Note: CCCs DO NOT need to submitanother SAAR request because they will“automatically” have access to the CIMSSponsor Coordinator menu.
  3. 3. Sponsor Coordinator MenuThe CIMS Sponsor Coordinator Menu can be used to track Prospective Gains (PGs), monitor sponsor assignments, monitor PGletters (CO, Spouse and Sponsor Letters), monitor Sponsor Training, and monitor upcoming PRD losses to ensure SponsorAssignments are being made by the gaining command. Prospective gains can be monitored by running a list as follows:
  4. 4. Orders Data Tab
  5. 5. Sponsor Data Tab
  6. 6. IMPORTANT!! The only way a prospective gain can be removed from this list is by updating the Sponsor End Date, andentering a reason on the sponsor assigned data page. Once this is done, previous assignments can be viewed on the “SponsorHistory” page (see next page)
  7. 7. Sponsor HistoryUse this option to view previously assigned sponsors or prospective gains.
  8. 8. Sponsor TrainingUse this option to view Sponsor Training completion. Note: Sponsor Training completion dates are updated on the Sailors’Career Development Board (CDB) page.
  9. 9. Sponsor PRD ListUse this option to view personnel transferring that have orders or personnel within a specified PRD window.
  10. 10. Prospective Gain and Sponsor Assignment pagesSailors can open and update the Prospective Gain Questionnaire at any time by logging into their NSIPS SelfService account and going to Employee Self Service > Electronic Service Record > Tasks > GainQuestionnaire. Information entered here will become available to the Sponsor (once assigned) and theCommand Sponsor Coordinator to view.
  11. 11. Once a Sailor has been assigned as a sponsor by the Command Sponsor Coordinator on the “Sponsor Data”page, the assigned sponsor can then open and update the Sponsor Agreement form by logging into their NSIPSSelf Service account and going to Employee Self Service > Electronic Service Record > Tasks > SponsorAgreement. Once accepted, the acceptance date will be displayed on the Sponsor Data list and the sponsor willhave the ability to view the PG orders and Questionnaire until de-assigned by the Sponsor Coordinator.