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  • 1. Command CareerCounselor CourseCareer Navigator Program1
  • 2. Career Navigator ProgramEnabling ObjectivesUpon successful completion of thistopic, the trainee will be able to: IDENTIFY the purpose of the CareerNavigator Program (CNAV). LIST the personnel affected by the CareerWaypoints (C-Way) process. IDENTIFY the Career Waypoints (C-Way)submission and approval processes.2
  • 3. Career Navigator ProgramEnabling Objectives (cont.) LIST the Career Waypointsoptions provided to the Sailor. IDENTIFY the Career Waypointstimeline requirements. IDENTIFY the steps the CCCtakes in the Career Waypointsprocess.3
  • 4. Career Navigator ProgramReference Publications NAVPERS 15560(series), NavalMilitary Personnel Manual(MILPERSMAN) NAVPERS 15878(series), CareerCounselor Handbook (CCH) NAVADMIN 149/13; 150/13 NPC:
  • 5. Career Navigator ProgramCareer Navigator Program PurposeCareer Navigator program is tohelp Sailors make informeddecisions about their personaland professional careeropportunities by placing thepower of Navy careermanagement systems at theirfingertips.5
  • 6. Career Navigator ProgramCareer Navigator Purpose6
  • 7. Career Navigator ProgramCareer Waypoints Purpose Career Waypoints (C-Way) Is a tool that allows CareerCounselors and Sailors to view their“Best Match” ratings. The Career Waypoints-Reenlistment (C-Way-Reen)screening process is to be basedon rank, performance evaluationsand critical NECs.7
  • 8. Career Navigator ProgramCareer Waypoint- Reenlistment(C-way-Reen) Deadline will be 2359(CST) on the lastday of each month. COs, XOs, OICs or designatedcommand representative will haveaccess to C-Way for entry, inquiries,and results of all C-Way-Reenapplications. Submit C-Way-Reen applications NOLATER than 13 months prior toS/EAOS/PRD via Career Waypoints8
  • 9. Career Navigator Program NPC’s normal processing of C-way-Reen applications begins 13months prior to S/EAOS/PRD. Applicants will be submitted eachmonth from 13 to 6 months priorto S/EAOS/PRD. Applicant will be compared nomore than 8 times for an ActiveDuty quota.9C-Way-Reen
  • 10. Career Navigator ProgramC-way-Reen Timeline and Options Months 13/12/11/10During this time, Sailors submitreenlistment applications for:Active Duty In-rateActive Duty ConversionSELRESIntends to Separate10
  • 11. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way-ReenTimeline and Options (cont) Months 9/8/7/6During this period Sailorssubmit applications for:Rating conversionSELRESIn-rate applications are notauthorized.11
  • 12. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way-ReenTimeline and Options(cont.) Months 5/4/3During this period Sailors maysubmit applications fortransition into the SelectedReserves.In rate and conversion optionsare no longer available.12
  • 13. Career Navigator ProgramCareer Waypoint Timeline13
  • 14. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way-Reen Reenlistment Processing Sailors can request up to 3 ratingconversion choices: Rating request must be from themonthly quota conversion list perSailor’s application. Sailors must be fully qualified forthe ratings they are selecting IAWMILPERSMAN 1306-618 and inCareer Waypoints. Retesting of AFCT may be requiredprior to submission.14
  • 15. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way-Reen Approval Process (E-6) E6 Sailors with less than 14years of service who desire toreenlist and have commandapproval will be givenreenlistment approval on theirfirst application. Nuclear ratings will still applyevery month15
  • 16. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way-Reen Approval Process(E5 and Below) Categories of skill sets have beencreated to expedite reenlistmentrequest processing for E5 and below.Open ReenlistmentBalanced ReenlistmentCompetitive ReenlistmentCNAV Skillset list is updated monthlyand can be found at
  • 17. Career Navigator ProgramOpen Reenlistment Sailors in undermanned skillsets.All eligible and commandapproved reenlistment E5 andbelow Sailors in open skill setswill receive approval to reenliston their first application (withinapprox 30 days).17
  • 18. Career Navigator ProgramBalanced ReenlistmentYear Group (YG) – YG isdetermined by the Fiscal Yearof when the Sailor joined theNavy.Example – ADSD – 1 Oct2003 = YG04ADSD – 30 Sep 2003 = YG0318
  • 19. Career Navigator ProgramBalanced Reenlistment Sailors in skill sets that are fully-manned. Reenlistment request processing for alleligible and command approvedreenlistment Sailors will be based on themanning in their Year Group (YG). Sailors in undermanned YG will receiveapproval on their first application, andSailors will know at least 10 months fromEAOS is they will be able to reenlist intheir current rate.19
  • 20. Career Navigator ProgramCompetitive Reenlistment Sailors in skill sets that are over-manned orhave special requirements. Reenlistment request processing for alleligible and command approvedreenlistment Sailors who are in skill setsthat are over manned or that have specialrequirements such as the Nuclearcommunity will know at least 10 monthsfrom the end of their contract whetherthey will be able to reenlist in their currentrate.20
  • 21. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way-Reen Approval Process (cont.) Possible C-Way results: Reenlist in rate. Tentatively Approved for Conversion. Transition into the Selected Reserves Denied-Final Active (Separate at S/EAOS). Monthly reenlistment/conversion quotas foreach rate is assigned by the EnlistedCommunity Managers. Approved quotas will be assigned expirationdates and are valid for 13 months.21
  • 22. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way Reen Approval Process (cont.)22
  • 23. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way-Reen Approval Process (cont.) Applicant who is not selected andhas maximized the number of C-Way comparisons (4 total in rate, 4conversion) will be separated fromActive Duty Navy. Official notification will be postedvia letter for every Sailor in C-Wayonce approved, or denied finalactive.23
  • 24. Career Navigator ProgramProfessional Apprenticeship CareerTrack (PACT) Designation (C-Way-PACT) C-Way-PACT will auto-generatepartially populated applications forPACT Sailors who are: Time in-rate (TIR) eligible for the Navy-Wide Advancement Examination(NWAE) And/or have at least 12 months onboard their first permanent dutystation24
  • 25. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way-PACT Sailors (cont.) PACT Sailors who meet TIRrequirements for the NWAE willbe able to apply for Rating EntryDesignation (RED) or NWAEquotas regardless of Time OnBoard. Red quotas are preferredbecause Sailors are designated inthe same month as the quota isapproved25
  • 26. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way-PACT Sailors (cont.) Direct designation is advantageousfor Sailors because it provides acareer path and eligibility toparticipate in the NWAE as a rated E-3 Sailors on this path may performbetter on the NWAE, increasing theirchances for advancement since theywill have more opportunity to gainexperience and study in their newrating prior to the exam.26
  • 27. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way-PACT Sailors (cont.) Sailors who have at least 12 monthson board their first permanent dutystation following completion of theirinitial skills training will be able toapply for RED or A-school quotas PACT Sailors are encouraged toresearch and review gapped billets*on board their command and apply forratings with gaps, which benefits boththe command and the Sailor27
  • 28. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way-PACT Sailors (cont.) Most Sailors will find theopportunity to gain experienceand study in their new rating maylead to faster promotion, which inturn increases Competitivenessfor reenlistment if desired and forconverting to a different rating inthe future28
  • 29. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way Discussion Topics Ensure Pg 13 is submitted to therespective ECM to return C-Way-Reenquota for Sailors choosing to separate. A monthly review must be done for allpersonnel who have not received final C-Way-Reen results. Ensure applications are updated toinclude changes to evaluations,advancement, PRIMS, NJP, and securityclearance eligibility, etc…29
  • 30. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way Discussion Topics (cont.) CCCs must submit a new SAAR whenthey transfer to a new command toensure their UIC is updated. CCCs must review the conversion quotaslisted for each Sailor each month andupdate all applications based on thecurrent available quotas. If Sailors fail to complete “A” school,they will be processed for separationwithin 60 days.30
  • 31. Career Navigator ProgramC-Way Discussion Topics (cont.) Ensure Sailors understand thatonce they are selected forconversion to a rate through CareerWaypoints, the decision is final.Sailors shouldn’t ask for a rate theydon’t want. Quotas are limited, andthis could cause other Sailors tomiss out on an opportunity toconvert and be separated.31
  • 32. Career Navigator ProgramSummary and Review What is the purpose of CareerNavigator? Which Sailors are affected by theCareer Waypoints process? What are the Career Waypointsoptions provided to the Sailor?32
  • 33. Career Navigator ProgramSummary and Review What is the purpose of CareerWaypoints? What are the inputs to qualify aSailor in Career Waypoints?33