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Career navigator msc career counselor crash courses

Career navigator msc career counselor crash courses






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  • Please provide a copy for your leadership to view during career navigator discussions. This document will definitely assist you with your counseling efforts.*For all E-5 and below, categories of skill sets have been developed to streamline processing of reenlistment requests.
  • Sailors in skills that are in the open reenlistment category (undermanned) will be approved on their first applications. Sailors who are in skills that are balanced or in the competitive reenlistment category (overmanned), or that have special requirements, will be screened according to their year group manning; some will be approved on their first application and others may have to apply more than once as they compete with other Sailors in their skill sets who are applying to reenlist at that time.
  • * And all Sailors will know at least 10 months from the end of their contract whether they will be able to reenlist in their current rate. (NPC FORCM)In the near future (early Fall 2013), these Sailors will receive real-time confirmation to reenlist.
  • *Sailors can still change their minds after this initial check-in, and we encourage Sailors to let their Career Counselors know as soon as possible.
  • Career Waypoint – Reenlistment5 Things you need to know:You tell the Navy what you want to do (to stay or separate) starting one month earlier. All Sailors will continue to indicate their intentions to reenlist or separate with their career counselor. This check-in will happen 13 months in advance, one month earlier than before. Sailors can still change their minds after this initial check-in, and we encourage them to let their career counselors know if they’ve made a change as soon as possible.For most rates, make E6 and you can reenlist. All eligible and command-approved E-6 Sailors will be approved for reenlistment on their first application. All Sailors will know sooner. Approximately 75% of Sailors requesting reenlistment will receive approval on their first application and all Sailors will know at least 10 months from the end of their contract whether they will be able to reenlist in their current rate. For most Sailors E5 and below who are command-approved to reenlist, you will have approval on your first request, within approximately 30 days. You will know your options in time to make plans. The new reenlistment process is aligned with your orders negotiation window so you have more time to ask for orders you want. If you are not able to reenlist in rate you will have the opportunity to convert to a different rate or transition to the Reserve Component and get an answer in enough time to make informed plans. Immediate confirmations coming soon. In the near future, as our IT system is updated, most Sailors and their commands will receive confirmation immediately upon application submittal resulting in no wait period. Sailors in ratings that have special requirements can expect to see confirmation within approximately 30 days.
  • **Professional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) designation process, and added new processes for Reservists to convert ratings or transition to AC. We are implementing a new career feedback survey in Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS), and will be adding Sailor online access in the near future.

Career navigator msc career counselor crash courses Career navigator msc career counselor crash courses Presentation Transcript

  • MSC Career Counselor Crash CourseNCC(AW/SW/SCW) AstroSlides are effective as June 3, 2013. Visit www.facebook.com/careerwise to get the updated slides.
  • Resources & Career Skill Set•With the release of the Career NavigatorNAVADMINS, NPC have built the CareerWaypoints page on NPC & it just turns live: 3 Jun2013. http://www.public.navy.mil/BUPERS-NPC/CAREER/CAREERCOUNSELING/Pages/CareerWaypointSystem.aspx•Every month CNAV by skill set will be availablefor download via the Career Waypoint link, whichwill be located on the NPC website*.
  • Reenlistment• All Sailors will know the results of theirreenlistment requests sooner. Approximately 75%of Sailors requesting reenlistment will receiveapproval on their first application*•All eligible and command-approved E-6 Sailorswill be approved for reenlistment on their firstrequest (within approximately 30 days).
  • Criteria & Process Time• The reenlistment screening process issimplified to be based on rank, performanceevaluations, and critical NECs.• Sailors will check-in with their CareerCounselors 13 months before the end of theirenlistment contract, one month earlier thanbefore, to indicate their intentions to reenlist orseparate*.
  • Conversion & PCS• Sailors will have time to consider converting toanother rating if there is no room in their currentrating.• The reenlistment request process has beenaligned with orders negotiation through CMS-IDso Sailors will have more time to apply for theorders they want.
  • Sailor Access & Non-Designated• In the near future, Sailors will have onlineaccess to view their information and conduct theirown career research*.• PACT Designation application will be partiallyfilled out with corporate data as soon as Sailorsbecome eligible to strike into a rating**.
  • Navy Reserve / NAVET• Reserve to Active augmentation programrequests is being automated.• Reserve Component rating conversion requestsare being automated.
  • Changes & Improvements
  • Career Waypoint Checklist 1Understand current CAREER WAYPOINT-Reenlistment policy/algorithmhttp://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/career/careercounseling/Pages/FleetRIDE-PTS.aspxIdentify eligible (SEAOS/PRD) Sailors
  • Career Waypoint Checklist 2Ensure CDBs are being conducted (15-24months prior to PRD/SEAOS)Ensure all Sailors are qualifiedEnsure all qualified CAREER WAYPOINT-Reenlistment applications are submitted (13-15months to SEAOS/PRD)
  • Career Waypoint Checklist 3Review monthly results via CAREERWAYPOINT-Reenlistment command reportsPersonally recognize Sailors approved forReenlistmentEnsure counseling is conducted for all Sailorswho have not been selected forINRATE/Conversion approval after tworeviews/looks
  • Career Waypoint Checklist 4Ensure proper command level notification is beingdone for those being separated under ReenlistmentEnsure Sailors not selected for Reenlistment areprovided counseling on the benefits of ReserveAffiliationEnsure CAREER WAYPOINT-Reenlistment is briefedduring Quarterly/Monthly Career Development TeamMeetingsEnsure the Chiefs’ Mess maintains accountability ofCAREER WAYPOINT-Reenlistment with theirrespective departments/divisions
  • Upcoming WEBINAR & Meet MSC CCCHOW TO JOIN the TRAINING or CONFERENCE (WEBINAR)I realize most ships will have bandwidth issues but they can still make a phone call. I suggest you try these steps now & don’t waiton the date of the conference to let me know about a login issue.1. Register via email: lazaro.astro@navy.mil 3 working days prior to WEBINAR Date. 3 minimum participants.2. Dial NUMBER: 877-656-5070 Once you’ve dialed put your PARTICIPANT CODE: 3136323. Please mute your phone to minimize background noise. The conference line will open up 15 minutes prior to start.4. Go to the DCO link to join the meeting: https://connect.dco.dod.mil/nccastro5. Log in as a Guest but State your rate & name (eg. ITCS Seaman) and we’ll accept you into the meeting room. Once, you’relogged into DCO you’ll be able to view information that being displayed. Note – log in to DCO about 15 – 30 minutes prior to the startof the meeting. If it is you’re first time to log on to DCO, it will take 5 -10 minutes for you to log in.•May 21 (0900) - Latest NAVADMIN, PTS, Special Programs, Q&A (Latest CCC Good Practices)•May 28 (1000) - CCC training & Career Development (Same training we had below in May 7 & April 30 - thosewho attended dont need to again)•Jun 4 (1400) - Advancement, Latest NAVADMIN, Q&A (Latest CCC Good Practices)•June 11 (1500) - CCC Training & Career Development , Q&A (Latest CCC Good Practices)•*all are in Norfolk (EST) time OPEN to Navy Career Wise Subscribers.
  • Open Discussion. Questions?Further questions may also be posted and answeredat www.facebook.com/careerwise