The why what and how of crowdfunding meet up 2
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The why what and how of crowdfunding meet up 2

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Presented at a crowdfunding meetup in Vancouver, Sept 3/13 ...

Presented at a crowdfunding meetup in Vancouver, Sept 3/13

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  • Thanks for Roger Killen for co-hosting the event.Why ride the crowdfund wave is profitable?1. The public and private capital markets are broken. 2. SMBs are the job creators and access to capital is a global problem3. Technology is re-inventing everything – internet trading, Amazon, Ebay, High frequency trading4. Big data and predictive analytics is reinventing marketing and financing – learning machine Mr Watson5. Cultural shift from pure financial profiteering to social impact, sustainability6. Google has made the encyclopedia word obsolete
  • Objective – educate the audience and prepare for crowdfunding to finance businessTell them about panel how you met them and why invited them.
  • Premarketing (IR/PR) to finance event - most important whether crowdfunding or traditional financing
  • Going main streamGoogle led $125 M investment in the Lending Club
  • Technology changes everything – early adopters and early adopters make the most profit before Early Majority comes in.Law of Diffusion – popularized by sociologist Dr Everett Rogers
  • Survey: How many in the crowd can be using donations, Reward, Debt/ Presales or Equity?
  • YCombinator graduateStarted a prototype called Impulse using Blackberry OSSwitch to Apple IOS rename Pebble WatchMarketing – reached out to great bloggers – called an eye candy; focused on delivering the watch not extraneous productsCharles River Ventures (CRV) led $15 M Series A Preferred financing – avoided equity dilution – use of proceeds : extra capacity, support for 600 apps growth
  • JOBS Act – Title II, III, OSC – consultation paper
  • Premarketing duration depends on relationshipsalready built.Forequity – send me email and will send you 12 Things Must Do Before CrowdfundingFor non-equity – go to Indiegogo – watch Slava Rubin Raising $1M in 30 days
  • Preach what you practiceOnline – blogs, video marketing, twitter, LinkedIn, FBOffline – webinar, seminars, meetups, conferences, trade shows, networking
  • Webinars – as in Axial New York with Narge, Joy, Sara Hanks to do similar ones with clients to showcase on other platformsSpeaking opps – offline and online to get an opportunity to win trust and confidence of target audience; MeetupsSpecial Events – Nutrition House health fair at the mall, dance fitness, 1K Walk Backwards for Alzheimers


  • 1. Ride the Crowdfund Wave The Why What and How
  • 2. Agenda Interactive Format Minutes Tony Arias – opening comments 15 Joy Case – Lobby efforts/ Donations for Cause 10 Dr Andrew Tait – War stories as startup entrepreneur 10 Narges Nirumvala – (moderator) Value of communications offline and online Q&A - 10 15 60 2
  • 3. Crowdfunding 1. Why crowdfunding matters to us 2. What about crowdfunding 3. Premarketing 3
  • 4. Why Crowdfunding for You? Donald Trump Mark Cuban 4
  • 5. The early bird catches the worm Law of Diffusion 5
  • 6. Friends and Family Angels Venture Capital Private Equity IPO 100,000 500,000 1 million 2 million 50 million Crowdfunding Early-Stage Equity Investment Ecosystem Motivation: Only financial return Motivation: An entrepreneurial mix of emotional engagement, social and financial return. Source: Average CF Raise: $100- $250K
  • 7. Funds Raised by Crowdfunding 7
  • 8. What is Crowdfunding? 8
  • 9. Crowdfunding Types Donations Rewards 9
  • 10. Crowdfunding Types Equity Debt / Pre-sales 10
  • 11. What Suits Your Business? • Donation • Reward based • Debt / Pre-Sales • Equity 11
  • 12. Pebble Watch Case 12
  • 13. What is the Securities Regulators Position on Equity? Lobbying activities in US and Canada? 13
  • 14. Equity – What Works Now - Equity based crowdfunding with accredited investors - Liquidity is developing now 14
  • 15. Equity Based for Healthy Crowdfunder - in progress 15 Private equity/VCs - Various Crowdfunding with non- accredited investors Crowdfunding with accredited investors Private company marketplace the new stock exchange Exit Go public Strategic Sale
  • 16. How Do You Start? 16 Pre-marketing phase – investors Pre-marketing phase - customers Capital raising phase
  • 17. Online Marketing & PR Target: Customers and Investors 17
  • 18. Seminars / Webinars Speaking Opportunities Special Events Offline Marketing & PR 18
  • 19. Contact For copies of “12 Things Must Do Before Crowdfunding/ Financing” Antonio Ariston Arias CEO & Co-Founder ALA Midas Capital Inc Healthy Crowdfunder Corp Tel:778 889 8509 Twitter:@alamidas Facebook:healthy.crowdfunder 19
  • 20. Call To Action Seeking professionals: • Software developers/ data scientists • IR/PR/ Marketing/ Social Media • Accountants/ Analysts • Securities Lawyers • Business advisors 20 Join BC Crowdfunding LinkedIn Group
  • 21. Other Links & Alliances 21 Crowdfunding Statistics and Trends Infographics Crowdsourcing