The american revolution_an_overview

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  • 1. The American Revolution: An Overview A Coach Odom Production
  • 2. 1775April 18 - British troops clash with American militia at Lexingtonand Concord while searching for Colonial weapons. Britishtroops retreat to Boston, where they are surrounded byAmerican forces.May – Fort Ticonderoga inUpstate New York is capturedBy the Americans.June 17 - British troops drive the Colonials from Charlestownpeninsula at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Although successful, theBritish suffer 1,150 dead and wounded.
  • 3. 1776March - General George Washington seizes DorchesterHeights. Thanks to the arrival of cannons from FortTiconderoga, the British are thenforced to evacuate Boston.July 4 - The Colonies DeclareIndependence.August-Nov. - British GeneralHowe wins control ofNew York City.December 26 - Washington takes Trenton, NJ in a surpriseattack.
  • 4. 1777Jan 3 - Washington defeatsBritish troops at Princeton.Sept 9-11 - British win Battle ofBrandywine Creek.Sept 26 - British General Howeoccupies Philadelphia.Oct 13 - Americans winspectacular victory at Saratoga.
  • 5. 1778-1779February 6 - France allieswith the United States,promising money and troops.July – American GeorgeRogers Clark seizesVincennes in modern-dayIllinois.December 29 - British captureSavannah, GA.December 26 (1779) - BritishGeneral Clinton sails forCharleston, SC with 8000men.
  • 6. 1780May 12 - British captureCharleston, SC.Aug 16 - British Gen.Cornwallis smashesAmerican Gen. Gates atCamden.Sep 23-25 - American Gen.Benedict Arnold turns traitor,His plot to surrender the fortof West Point is exposed. Heescapes to the British and ismade a British General.
  • 7. 1781Jan 17 - American Oct 19 - CornwallisGen. Morgan destroys British surrenders, ending the war.Gen. Tarletons Army atCowpens, SC.Mar 15 - Cornwallis retreatsto the coast and decides toinvade Virginia after heavylosses at GuilfordCourthouse, NC.Sep 28 - Washington andFrench Gen. Rochambeautrap Cornwallis at Yorktown.
  • 8. 1783The Treaty of Paris is signed, establishing the United States asan independent nation. The U.S. is given all the land east ofthe Mississippi River, and south of the Great Lakes (exceptFlorida).