Engaging your audience in the flow of their work


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Presentation I gave at Henry Stewart Events - Marketing Analytics Conference in Boston

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  • That allows us to capture stunning images like you see here of Qatar that was captured in September of 2010.
  • The way this works is that we start with a record of event data. We look at different types of spatial events, so it could be terrorist attacks, border crossings, places where disasters occur, where we found oil/gas in the past. Then we correlate that with many layers of factor data which includes both the physical features of an area, so terrain, landmarks, roads, imagery (we’ve been doing some very exciting work in full motion video, as more of these ISR assets get deployed) but we also look at human geography - so demographics, tribal boundaries, political affiliations, religion, socioeconomic data, etc, which allows us to get the full view of a location to then predict future events.
  • The methodology that we employ is that we aggregate both event data and the factor data that has both human and physical geography characteristics. We then have a combination of expertise, tools, and tradecraft that allows us to fuse multi-source data and then run analytical algorithms against that to eventually result in a form of geospatial insight that takes former events and then identifies, based on this analysis, where future events may occur.
  • Engaging your audience in the flow of their work

    1. 1. Engaging your audience inthe flow of their workTony FrazierNovember 10, 2011
    2. 2. My Journey in MarketingConnecting The DotsLessons in Customer Engagement 1. All Revenue Not Created Equal 2. Make Yourself Easy to Find 3. Make Your Product The OfferWhere We Go From Here 2 GeoEye Proprietary
    3. 3. Connecting The Dots Connect Dots Looking Back Find What You Love You Have Nothing To Lose Embrace each experience good or bad and trust the dots will connect in the future 3 GeoEye Proprietary
    4. 4. My Journey To Date Technology Leader Acquisition Platform Venture Startups Strategy Consulting 4 GeoEye Proprietary
    5. 5. What does GeoEye Marketing do? GeoEye Proprietary 5
    6. 6. Our Business Today …2011 YTD Revenue by Product and Customer Segment 25% 23% 8% 70% 75% US Government Imagery Collection Other Domestic Multisource Services International 6 GeoEye Proprietary
    7. 7. 7 Doha, Qatar – September 20, 2010 7 GeoEye Proprietary
    8. 8. Driving Customer EngagementResource AllocationLesson 1: All Revenue Not CreatedEqual Promotional Strategies Lesson 2: Make Yourself Easy to Find Lead Conversion and Nurturing Lesson 3: Make Your Product Your Offer 8 GeoEye Proprietary
    9. 9. Resource AllocationLesson 1: All Revenue Not Created Equal Different Acquisition Costs New Accounts > Cross Sell > Renewal Different Contribution Margin Hardware vs. Software vs. Data vs. Services Allocate Budget To Optimize Long Term Incremental Contribution To Company 9 GeoEye Proprietary
    10. 10. GeoEye Allocation Methodology100% Other Global90% Value Added 12%80% Services 24%70% Federal Value Added60% Services50% International 26% Imagery40%30% Other 18%20% Domestic Imagery10% Federal 20% 0% Imagery Total Total Revenu Growth Campaign Budget Allocation e Illustrative Metrics 10 GeoEye Proprietary
    11. 11. Promotional StrategiesLesson 2: Make Yourself Easy to Find Interactive Media Authoritative Analysis Social Video Integrate Promotional Activities Across Multiple Channels 11 GeoEye Proprietary
    12. 12. Spatial Events Can Be Correlated To Multiple Layers of Geospatial Data Spatial Human Physical Event Data Geograph Geograph y y• Mission Planning • Demographics • Terrain/Elevation• Terrorist Attack • Tribal Boundaries • Landmarks• Border Crossing • Political Boundaries • Roads/Infrastructure• Disaster Response • Religious • Weather Patterns• Oil and Gas Composition • Satellite Imagery Exploration • Socioeconomic Data • UAV Full Motion • Cultural Features Video 12 GeoEye Proprietary
    13. 13. GeoEye Analytics Methodology Spatial Multisource Data GeospatialEvent Data Fusion and Analysis Insight HumanGeograph yPhysical ExpertiseGeograph y Tradecraft Tools 13 GeoEye Proprietary
    14. 14. Scale Promotions With Analytics Analyze Patterns To Target Promotions Discover Most Influential Social Media Outlets Discover Best Locations To Target Your Customers 14 GeoEye Proprietary
    15. 15. SocMetrics Social Media Profile Lead Conversion and Nurturing Lesson 3: Make Your Product Your Offer 15 GeoEye Proprietary
    16. 16. PlaceIQ Location Based Profile 16 GeoEye Proprietary
    17. 17. Lead Conversion and NurturingLesson 3: Make Your Product Your Offer Google Enterprise Blog 40 million people now use Apps. We also announced that 4 million businesses run on Apps and another 5,000 join the movement every day Instead of investing in whitepapers and reports let your users touch and feel your product 17 GeoEye Proprietary
    18. 18. 18 GeoEye Proprietary
    19. 19. GeoEye Google Earth Layer 19
    20. 20. Lead Conversion and Nurturing Low AwarenessAre enough No Real people Needusing your product? Better Alternatives Poor Value Proposition 20 GeoEye Proprietary
    21. 21. The Next Step In Our Journey  Invest appropriately to drive long term profitable growth  Analyze patterns to get your message in front of your users  Minimize barriers between your product and your users 21 GeoEye Proprietary
    22. 22. Thank You!Tony FrazierEmail: frazier.tony@geoeye.comTwitter: @tfraz06LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tonyfrazier22 GeoEye Proprietary