Social Marketing Ground Rules
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Social Marketing Ground Rules



Chris Tran, Digital Director shared his experience with Social Media @ the 1st Annual Vietnam Digital Marketing & Technology Conference 2010

Chris Tran, Digital Director shared his experience with Social Media @ the 1st Annual Vietnam Digital Marketing & Technology Conference 2010



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Social Marketing Ground Rules Social Marketing Ground Rules Presentation Transcript

  • Social Marketing Ground Rules
    Chris Tran
    Digital Director
    New Media Edge
    Ho Chi Minh City // December 9, 2010
  • The Three Medias
    Paid, Owned and Earned
  • Long term Strategy acts as Owned Media and provides enough content to create sustained interest from consumers.
    Use Paid Media to drive initial interest to Brand website.
    Use Earned media to share their experiences and get new users over time.
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  • Digital Death
    And three Social Marketing Basics
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  • Support the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • Social Media is designed to connect
  • Production Values
  • Haiti
  • Simplicity Wins
    Social Media emphasizes the less is more approach. Twitter does, after all, limit people to 140 characters.
  • Decembeard
  • Digital Death Results
    So frustrated with the time it was taking, just $450,000 raised in six days, they convinced Brooklyn-born billionaire pharmaceutical executive Stewart Rahr to donate $500,000 so they could resume their digital habits.
  • Viral/social – The RULES
    First a primer
  • TV/Print are interruptive mediums
  • You are forced to watch TVCs
  • Digital is not interruptive.
  • Digital is easily ignored.
  • Must add value!
  • But How to add value?
  • Viral/social – The RULES
    Things the people like to share
  • Social Media Addiction?
  • Laughter
  • Inspiration
  • Cuteness
  • Originality
  • Ghosts????
  • User generated contests
  • User Generated Contests
    What works: Activity and participation around the brand.
    If users get involved, they can win. And the voting structure generates even more activity. Washburn reports that SolidWorks’ “web traffic is up by a factor of four in comparison to previous campaigns.”
    When this doesn’t work: Your brand doesn’t carry either the same kind of mass appeal as Doritos or the committed fandom of SolidWorks.
    Branding consultant Lisa Merriam wrote a case study of a failed contest campaign by a company called Levia. It tried a campaign similar to Doritos, asking consumers to submit a video about the healing power of light.
    Doritos is a mega-brand [with] millions and millions of passionate consumers. And Levia®? You probably never heard of it. Levia® is a device that uses light to treat psoriasis. The set of people who suffer from psoriasis and who have heard of Levia® and who have the technical know-how to produce video and who care enough to come up with winning concepts about light’s power to heal is an infinitesimally small set of people — certainly not a crowd.
  • Making a consumer community
  • Making a Consumer Community
    Marketers have jumped on the relatively recent explosion of online communities. If customers have the ability to talk to one another, why not create an incentive and a space for them to talk about your brand?
    What works: Campaigns that encourage community among their customer base can really help to build loyalty.
    When this doesn’t work: When the campaigns are lazy.
    It’s not fair to say that most company Facebook Pages don’t work, but often the conversations there offer a relatively low level of engagement. Contests, questions and announcements all encourage participation from the customer, but not necessarily participation with each other.
    A lot of brands use Twitter contests in a similar way. A few years ago Squarespace, for instance, gave away an iPhone a day to anyone who mentioned Squarespace in a tweet. While this kind of activity can generate a lot of buzz, the actual customer engagement in the brand is low — the equivalent of dropping your business card in a fishbowl.
  • Case Study
  • Thank you