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Better Business Newsletter by Tony Ridley

  1. 1. TONY RIDLEY’S NEWSLETTER FEB 2011 Welcome to the February, 2011 edition of the newsletter Profitability, Efficiency and Safety Welcome It has been a busy month! With everything that has been going on around the world and projects I have THIS MONTH been working on I feel like there has ARTICLES not been much time to put in the Crisis Leadership newsletter but as you can see I Egypt Evacuations managed to get out some articles and recordings for your benefit. Travel Alerts VIDEO Business Continuity Articles Crisis Leadership is better than Thailand Travel Threats Crisis Management In the vast majority of cases, regardless of the Travel Risk Management duration, the end success or successful resolution to GPS Traveller Tracking a crisis is determined by the initial actions in the first 24 hours. Often referred to as the “Golden EBOOKS Hour” in emergency medicine, the initial hour of Security Services the first 24 hours is the foundation upon which the Evacuations primary phase is predicated. More Travel Safe The Egypt Evacuations Secret RECOMMENDATIONS Yes, there have been demonstrations, pockets of violence, Wikibrands military and police intervention and government condemnation but this does not warrant wide evacuations Manager’s Guide to Social Media for any group/s. Buildings are still standing, the entire city is SERVICES not without power, water and bodies are not piling up on Asia Pacific Travel Alerts the streets due to mass violence by the second. More NEXT MONTH ROI for Travel Risk Management Social Media for Business Travel Threats 2011HOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MORE PROFITABLE, EFFICIENT AND SAFER
  2. 2. TONY RIDLEY’S NEWSLETTER FEB 2011 EBOOK SECURITY SERVICES: BUYING GUIDE After 10 years of commercial security one of the most common questions I come across, from buyers and providers, is what should they know? After giving it some thought, and looking at my notes accumulated over the past decade, I have put together a simple but effective ebook with all the most important issues. Contact me if you want access to the complimentary first section of the book or you can examine the table of contents and buy directly from my site. BUY The truth about government travel advisories, warnings and alerts If you’re like most people and you believe that government travel advisories, warning and alerts represent the most accurate advice for business travellers then you are terribly mistaken. More Videos Travel Risk Management: GPS Traveller Tracking I speak with the team at RU OK Personal Security about the challenges and solutions to tracking travellers using GPS technology and software. Great insight and tips from the team and you can see the benefits of their new product that solves your GPS travel tracking concerns. MoreHOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MORE PROFITABLE, EFFICIENT AND SAFER
  3. 3. TONY RIDLEY’S NEWSLETTER FEB 2011 EBOOK EVACUATIONS:PLANNING GUIDE It seems it is the season for evacuations or talk of evacuations. Let me know if you want a sneak peak! I have written and read a lot of plans over the years, with my first commercial evacuation plan completed for a remote project in 2001. Many of the same problems and mistakes are repeated, by companies big and small. So I decided to put together a short ebook with all the key issues I have learnt to date. BUY Business Continuity: How to... An interview with Andrew Styles on the key challenges and solutions when tackling a business continuity plan or developing a strategy to make your business more resilient and responsive. MoreTravel Risk Management- Technologyand SoftwareI speak with Charles Brossman on his views aboutmanaging the risks of business travel using technologyand software. Get some great advice on policy, planningand travel management solutions that will save yourcompany time and money. More HOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MORE PROFITABLE, EFFICIENT AND SAFER
  4. 4. TONY RIDLEY’S NEWSLETTER FEB 2011Thailand Travel Safety Review: Feb 2011 month we discuss scams, political updates,demonstrations, crime and emergency services that affecttravellers to Thailand. MoreServicesTravel Alert-Travel Safe: Asia PacificSubscription“When you travel alert, you truly travel safe”. I provide amonthly subscription to his key events and issues affecting businesstravel. MoreTony RidleyConsultant, Speaker, Author & AdvisorAustraliaOffice: +61 3 9016 4280Mobile: +61 401798004Fax: +61 3 99996742Mail: PO Box 24238, Melbourne, VIC 3001, AustraliaSingaporeMobile: +65 82052136Email: tony@tony-ridley.comWebsite: profiles: LinkedIn Twitter SlideShare Tungle.meContact me: tony.ridley tony.ridley tony.ridley tony.ridleyHOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MORE PROFITABLE, EFFICIENT AND SAFER