Executive Brief on Aurora property


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Executive Brief on Aurora property

  1. 1. EXECUTIVE BRIEF FOR A 20,000-HECTARE PROPERTY Municipalities of Dipaculao and Dinalungan, Aurora Province, Philippines Prepared by: TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. Email: tierradeoro@ymail.com
  2. 2. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. The property straddles two municipalities, Dipaculao and Dinalungan, in the northeastern Luzon province of Aurora. It is around 243 kilometers northeast of Metro Manila. The property is located around 40 to 50 kilometers from the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone (APECO), a special economic zone that was established in 2007, which is located in the neighboring municipality of Casiguran. The area is accessible by land via the Bongabon-Baler Road or the CanliliPantabangan Road. Once the international port and airport at APECO are built then the property will also be accessible by air and water transportation. Dipaculao and Dinalungan are small municipalities with a combined total population of around 40,000 people. This will change once the APECO is fully operational.
  3. 3. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. The property is around 20,400 hectares facing the Philippine Sea and has a shoreline frontage of 21,700 meters (21.7 kilometers) long including stretches of white sand beach. It’s still mostly raw land with small areas being planted with coconut and other agricultural crops. Cemented roads passing through the property
  4. 4. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. The property has almost 22 kilometers of frontage on the shoreline facing the Philippine Sea. It also has a waterfall in one area and the entire property has an ample supply of water from several rivers and creeks originating from Sierra Madre mountain range. It is located near the mouth Casiguran Bay which provides good shelter from storms because of the Sierra Madre mountain range and the San Ildefonso Peninsula.
  5. 5. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. Ongoing constructionIsabela Road Casiguran-Baler Road There is currently a national road being built between the provincial capital of Baler and the APECO located in the town of Casiguran with a budget of around Php 1.68 Billion (around US$42 Million). This road runs through the property and covers a distance of around 20 kilometers through the property. The road is around 1 to 1 and ½ km from the shoreline. This gives us an interior frontage of around 20 kilometers on both sides. In addition, another road going to the northern province of Isabela is also being built running through the property. The roads are expected to be completed by 2013.
  6. 6. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. The size of the property and its location along the coast allows for many different kinds of projects: • Large-scale agricultural projects • Agro-industrial ventures • Industrial parks • Leisure parks/resorts • Township developments • Aquaculture projects
  7. 7. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. large-scale agricultural ventures It should be noted that coconut water export shot up by 80% in the last year or so adding to the many potential products from coconuts. There are already several thousand coconut trees existing on the property. For agricultural projects the most ideal would be coconut and copra, since Aurora used to be part of Quezon province, the Philippines’ biggest producer of coconut, copra and other coconut-based products. Other crops that would be ideal would be rice, corn, banana, palm, rubber and coffee.
  8. 8. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. large-scale agricultural ventures Cattle-raising, poultry and hogfarming can also be done due to the sheer size of the property. On the parts of the property that are sloping, crops like cassava and corn can be planted. Except for rice, all other crops are export crops with large worldwide demands. These activities will also complement the other agricultural activities by providing a natural and organic source of fertilizer from the manure produced by these activities.
  9. 9. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. agro- industrial ventures With a substantial agricultural base, other agroindustrial projects such as mills, processing plants, chicken dressing plants and refineries can also be established providing value-added services for its agricultural products. India, in particular, imports huge amounts of palm oil, whether crude or refined for its cooking oil needs. Rubber oil, which is used for making waterproof adhesives or sealants, is also on high demand. Cassava and corn crops can be turned into bioethanol or biodiesel end products through a refinery and can be exported through the port being built at APECO. These can all be built or produced on site to complement the agricultural portion of the project.
  10. 10. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. aquaculture projects Aquaculture projects can also be done since the property has a very long coastline frontage. The area is also abundant in tuna and other commercial fish species and can also be used for hatcheries and other aquaculture projects. Value-added services can include canning and processing of the fish that are captured or grown in the projects. One interesting aquaculture product is seaweed, which has applications both as a food and for industrial food production, and where the Philippines has some of the best technology in the world.
  11. 11. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. industrial projects Industrial projects can include an industrial park and even a shipbuilding or a ship repair complex. A port is also possible although and international port is being built at the APECO. Industrial locators can easily ship their goods out via the port and airport being built at the APECO, which is also true for the agricultural projects. The close proximity to these infrastructure facilities will mean cheaper transportation costs for the manufacturers/producers.
  12. 12. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. Tourism Industry Leisure resorts and other recreational projects can also be developed, particularly beachfront resorts. Tourist activities will not be limited exclusively to beach activities as there are other natural attractions in the interior of the property which can be developed into an eco-tourism project or a health spa/farm. The Tourism Bill signed into law a few years ago provides incentives such as tax holidays, tax breaks on capital equipment, and resident visas for foreign workers for any area that can be classified as a Tourism Ecozone. The construction of the new airport and international seaport in the APECO will make it easy to attract and bring foreign tourists.
  13. 13. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. Other Possibilities: Residential Development The development of APECO will lead to the growth and progress of the area, and any project that will bring in jobs will result in urbanization. Foreign principals can also develop township projects where they can build communities which allow their citizens to live, work and play in an environment where everything can be secured and accessible. Retirement communities alone would be a huge market considering the aging populations in Japan, Singapore, and Europe. All these developments and economic activities will result in the need for further residential and commercial expansions.
  14. 14. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. Other Possibilities: Mineral Development / Mining Prospects & Sustainable Logging There is a possibility of mineral development or mining potential in the area - which is known to old local folks as “Gold Country”. But this has to be confirmed through further geological survey. Another possible source of economic activity is selective logging and the growing of hardwood trees that can be logged. This type of sustainable logging can be possible in spite of the current logging ban in the Philippines. The opening of APECO, for which the government has already spent close to Php 1 Billion (US$25 Million) to develop, is expected to spark economic growth in this area. The government is also spending an additional Php 2.7 Billion (US$61 Million) to build an international seaport and to upgrade the existing airport to accommodate international flights. APECO will become the economic and tourism center of the eastern portion of the country.
  15. 15. TIERRA DE ORO REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. The property is legally titled under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, all inquiries & negotiations may be coursed thru its consultants – Tierra De Oro Realty & Development Co., Inc. ( email: tierradeoro@ymail.com ) or Mr. E.L. Salas ( email: elsalas522@yahoo.com ). The property is open for sale, lease, joint venture, or other forms of cooperative arrangements, partially or fully. The seemingly endless possibilities on the property make it an ideal project for foreign investors or conglomerate who can handle largescale developments or multiple projects. The size of the property can answer business and food security concerns of the interested companies, institutions and/or agro-industrial investment funds.