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  • Online paymentsNew payment methods have emergedShift from offline to online , increased importance of e-commerceNew payment contexts (Mobile, Social media, etc)Need for review of current solutions, vendor and costs Does your initial solution still fit today?SEPAend date for existing payment productsImplementation of SEPA framework (IBAN, BIC,..)SEPA regulation (ao PSD)SEPA products (direct debit, SCT)


  • 1. Introducing InnopayeBusiness consultancy tomorrow’s transactions today
  • 2. innopay. tomorrow’s transactions today Online payment• Innopay is an independent full service consultancy firm specialized in financial supply chains E-invoicing• In-depth knowledge of (e-)payments, (e-)invoicing and regulation E-identity• Passionate experts in putting enterprise technology to work Mobile payment• Reputable player with active contribution to development of the industry. Member of a.o. EPCA, EBA en ECP/EPN Cards• Truly independent from IT vendors & financial institutions• Founded in 2000, employs 15 consultants, from Amsterdam Rules2 Introducing Innopay – © Innopay BV. All rights reserved.
  • 3. Our services.Structure & understand™• Help professionals to understand the (online) transaction industry & solutions available• Research and knowledge sharing on key industry topicsChoose & use™• Help companies define & recognize their requirements• Help companies to choose and select the right products / services• Manage implementation to deliver anticipated resultsOur expertise is built on extensive experience in the development of products.3 Introducing Innopay – © Innopay BV. All rights reserved.
  • 4. Our background.• Development of iDeal• Development of Digitale Nota• Development of EBA MyBank initiative• Development of eHerkenning (eIdentity)• Development of PostNL Checkpay• Strategic advisor to EC e-invoicing expert group• Member of eInvoicing stakeholder forum• Strategic advisor to Dutch ministry of economic affairs• Secretary of EESPA• Strategy consulting to major vendors in payment services or enterprise technology4 Introducing Innopay – © Innopay BV. All rights reserved.
  • 5. Tonnis de Boer. • Groningen, 1973, father of twins • Studied International Technology Management in NL ,UK and DE • Strategic advisor to leading e-commerce companies, financial institutions and technology firms • Key fields of expertise include financial supply chain , enterprise information technology, e- payments, e-invoicing, e-identity and software development • Held senior management positions in ERP software (ao. GM at Exact Software). • Getting results by combining strategic management skills with in-depth technology“We cant solve problems by using the same knowledge and a getting things done kind of thinking we used when we created mentality. them.” A. Einstein • At my best when to combine business, people and technology in an entrepreneurial "The future of the internet is easy: any environment industry it hasnt yet dramatically transformed, it will."5 Introducing Innopay – © Innopay BV. All rights reserved.
  • 6. Our focus:“Control & efficiency in the financial (e-)supply chain”6 Introducing Innopay – © Innopay BV. All rights reserved.
  • 7. Our expertise: eTrade eCommerce e-invoicing & e-billing (online) payments SEPA & regulation eArchiving7 Introducing Innopay – © Innopay BV. All rights reserved.
  • 8. What do we solve for financial or IT managers?• For e-commerce − Market (in)transparency − Understanding of the transaction context − A vast variety of online and offline payment methods in different countries − Complex PSP and Acquirer capabilities and industry specific regulations and requirements• For big billers − Total cost of collection − Online payments & contracting − Direct Debit changes under PSD (SEPA) − Less paper• For big buyers − Legal & compliancy, E-signatures, E-archiving − ERP integration / reconciliation − Supply chain finance − International payments, cross border issues8 Introducing Innopay – © Innopay BV. All rights reserved.
  • 9. Typical results of our projects• For e-commerce − Choosing the right payment/e-invoicing service provider − Well informed decisions − Optimization of the checkout process − ..• For big billers − Better services − Decrease DSO or Total Cost of Collection − Less paper − ..• For big buyers − Clear requirements definition − Increased supplier/customer satisfaction − A legally compliant e-invoicing process − eTrade optimalization & IT − ..9 Introducing Innopay – © Innopay BV. All rights reserved.
  • 10. Where we can help you - 3D approach • Define − Scoping of project & processes − Analyze current & future situation − Knowledge transfer, sparring partner Define − Impact analysis − Project plan • Decide – Business case calculation Decide – Make or buy – RFP process – Vendor selection & advice • Deploy − Implementation of solutions Deploy − Project management − Change management processes10 Introducing Innopay – © Innopay BV. All rights reserved.
  • 11. We have in-depth knowledge of the market &available solutions (we even developed some of them)11 Introducing Innopay – © Innopay BV. All rights reserved.
  • 12. Reference customers12 Introducing Innopay – © Innopay BV. All rights reserved.
  • 13. Interested?Feel free to contact usInnopay -, +31 6 21 511 755 tomorrow’s transactions today