Needs analysis presentation at Smartvet_conference_2013


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PPT summarizing report 'Needs analysis' , researching the training needs among teachers in vocational education in Wicklow, Ireland, presented at the final conference of the SmartVET project

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Needs analysis presentation at Smartvet_conference_2013

  1. 1. The Needs Analysis Research Ton Koenraad, TELLConsult SmartVET Dissemination Conference, Ireland 2013
  2. 2. Project Phases Needs Analysis (March - June, 2012) IWB train-the-trainers materials + CPD programme Bootcamps + Teacher generated content CPD model for (Irish) VET sector Training Champions CoP
  3. 3. Needs Analysis: Key Questions IWB attitude / familiarity Current IWB use (quantitative / qualitative) Content & delivery mode of training programme
  4. 4. Needs Analysis: Methods  Online Survey *200 respondents Kildare and Wicklow ETB (> 10 Colleges, Centres etc.) * 27 Questions Topics: Personalia, IWB use, IWB & ICT skills * Analysis Quantitative: MC questions Qualitative: Text analysis of open question content  Feedback on results by: Focus group SmartVET team
  5. 5. Needs Analysis: Report Let’s also have your estimates, views and expectations…. Please log on as student: & join ROOM 361904
  6. 6. 1990 – 2011 Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherlands University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Education as student & join ROOM 361904
  7. 7. 2011 – present: TELLConsult Technology Enhanced Lifelong & Language Learning as student join ROOM 361904
  8. 8. Needs Analysis: Users & non-users 63%
  9. 9. Needs Analysis: Causes for non-use 1. Irregular IWB access (83%) 2. More training needed (66%) 3. I can adequately manage with internet + projector (56%) NB: Added value not an issue (67.6% ) 
  10. 10. Needs Analysis: Respondent Profiles IWB users Non-users Gender 74% female 79% female Age 20-30 (29%) Generally older than Users More experienced than users Yes (80%) Teaching 11-20 years Experience (36%) IWB Yes (98%) access
  11. 11. Needs Analysis: Respondent Profiles (2) IWB users Non-users Attitude to IWB Helps student engagement, & motivatation Engages, motivates students Expect added value Willingness to train Yes (93%) Yes (82%) ICT skills OK + adapt, create materials - spreadsheets OK + adapt , create materials - spreadsheets How can IWB use improve? More training Pedagocial approach Access to IWB peripherals More training Technical aspects Subject specific perspective
  12. 12. Needs Analysis: CPD Training Format & Setting Format Preferences Setting Preferences Face to face (93%) Group discussion or workshop (57%) Blended (72%) Classroom with peers Printed materials (61.2%) (56%) 1 : 1 sessions (20%)
  13. 13. Needs Analysis: Conclusion The rationale for the SmartVET project is OK. The majority of the respondents indicate that: a) they currently do not use the IWB b) are interested in using IWB in their teaching c) would welcome training
  14. 14. Needs Analysis: Non-user ‘I think it would be very beneficial to receive training in my subject area and also in applications I can use to create my own content’.
  15. 15. Needs Analysis: IWB user ‘While I have received some training and during these sessions was able to confidently carry out tasks as shown… I would require additional and more intensive training and preferably on-site support (e.g. from another staff member) to become competent and confident in the use of the IWB. Training on how to use the IWB and examples of how it can be used in the specific subjects that I teach’.
  16. 16. Needs Analysis: Recommendations • Develop training for use of basic IWB functionalities. • Educational focus on supporting generic cognitive activities: ordering, categorizing, comparing etc. • Demo IWB potential for a variety of disciplines
  17. 17. Needs Analysis: Recommendations (2) • Design materials as modular as possible to support differentiation. • Include the topics selecting, adapting & designing materials. • (Revise) general pedagogical topics like ‘active learning’ and general materials design principles. • Foster the ‘added value discussion’
  18. 18. SmartVET: Exploitation EU grants for International summercourses: 6 – 11 July, 2014 in ….. ? IWB -Trainer in Vocational Education Using IWB in Vocational Education More info here
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention! Any further questions or comments?