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Approaches & resources to promote teacher competencies development for effective interactive whiteboard use, Highlighting 2 EU projects: iTILT and SMARTVET.
Presented at ISNITE Conference 2013, Ankara

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I tilt smartvet_presentation_ankara_final

  1. 1. Approaches & resources to promote teachercompetencies development for effective interactivewhiteboard use.Highlighting 2 EU projects: iTILT and SMARTVET.
Ton Koenraad, Serkan Çelik, Angela Higgins. Emily HillierTon Koenraad - (NL) TELLConsult 
Serkan Çelik - (TR) Kirikkale UniversityISNITE 2013, Ankara
  2. 2. Interactive Technologies In Language Teaching:The IWB in the language classroomEU Project – LLP Programme 2011-2013
  3. 3. Training language teachers touse technology...toolsmaterialsresourcesreflectionpedagogylearnersteacherscollaboration
  4. 4. Supporting Continuous ProfessionalDevelopment of VET teachers in the use ofInteractive WhiteboardsEU-Project Leonardo programme 2011-2013
  5. 5. NeedsAnalysis:Recommendations• Produce modules for basic IWB functionalities+ for ordering, structuring, comparing etc.• Design materials as modular as possible• Demo IWB potential for a variety of disciplines• Include IWB page navigation, assessing,adapting and designing materials• Include (revision of) general pedagogical topicslike ‘active learning’ and general materialsdesign principles.• Foster the ‘added value discussion’
  6. 6. Rationale(Cutrim Schmid 2009, Gray et al. 2007,Cutrim Schmid & Whyte, 2012(Kennewell, 2006; Higgins et al., 2007;Koenraad, 2008; Thomas & CutrimSchmid, 2010)Clear need forprofessional trainingand pedagogicalresources to assistteachers in exploitingIWB in the foreignlanguage classroomLimited uptake inspecific subject areasand educational sectorsTeacher skills key inrealising added valueIWB underused in IrishVET sector
  7. 7. Objectives Develop:NeedsAnalysisIWB train-the-trainersprogramme +materials CPD model forIrish VETsector CoPDevelop- effective IWB training materials- a multi-sector CoP, to sharematerials & discuss ideasInspire teachers with- “Real Life practice instances”
  8. 8. ProjectPhasesIWBTrainingDataCollectionWebsiteNeeds AnalysisTrainingChampionsWorkshops /Teacher contentdevelopmentCoP
  9. 9. TrainingTraining ActivitiesTraining MaterialsTraining ActivitiesTraining Materials
  10. 10. DataCollection
  11. 11. www.itilt.euData Collectionclass filming•2 visits to 6 teachers in 6 partner countrieslearner reflections•group interviews with 4-5 studentsteacher interviews•video stimulated reflection
  12. 12. www.itilt.euWebsite – IWB practice reportsIWB practice report3-4 video clipsper class film•81 class films•44 teachers•267 video clipsexcerpts fromtranscripts of•teachercomments•learner reactionsrelated resources•IWB file•screenshots ofIWB page
  13. 13. => ExampleIWB PracticeReport
  14. 14. QualitativeOutcomesComments by participating iTILT data partner teachers:“I recommend teachers attend regular trainings on IWBs. Teacher education must begiven the utmost importance. I think, training must be provided by languageeducators rather than technology people, and meaningful uses of IWBs for teachingmust be given with sample activities” (T2).“First teachers should know how to use the IWB effectively. If it is necessary theyshould take training before using it” (T6).“Teachers should definitely observe their colleagues to discover the range of activitiesthat can be brought into the classrooms with IWB” (T2).“Teachers can watch their recorded videos of their lessons and evaluate theirteaching (self-reflection) in order to refine the way they use IWBs” (T3).
  15. 15. iTILT-based researchWhyte, S., Beauchamp, G., & Hillier, E. (2012). Perceptions of the IWB for second languageteaching and learning: the iTILT project. In L. Bradley & S. Thouësny (Eds.), CALL: Using,Learning, Knowing, EUROCALL Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden, 22-25 August 2012,Proceedings (pp. 320-6).Exploring how teachers use IWB for language teaching.Cutrim Schmid, E. and Whyte, S. (2012) ‘Interactive whiteboards in state school settings:teacher responses to socio-constructivist hegemonies.’ Language Learning and Technology,16(2), pp. 65 – 86.Exploring whether the introduction of new technologies has led to socio-constructivistpedagogies.Whyte, S., Cutrim Schmid, E., van Hazebrouck, S., & Oberhofer, M. (in press). Openeducational resources for CALL teacher education: the iTILT interactive whiteboardproject. CALL journal.Challenges and opportunities arising during the development of OERs
  16. 16. iTILTExploitationJuly, week 29, Spain August, week 33, PortugalCourses offered in 2013 in …. & ….?More info here
  17. 17. 17Thank you for your attention!Ton Koenraad - (NL) TELLConsult 
Serkan Çelik - (TR) Kirikkale UniversityCredits: Sanderin van Hazebrouck & Shona Whyte