Mindbody express i pad app check in workflow


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MINDBODY Online - Workflow for a Yoga Teacher’s Sign-In Process at the beginning of class: along with Payment options if desired after a class is over.

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  • For more information or a full demo of this and other features, give me a call in the Sydney office at +61 423 980 541 toni.scott@mindbodyonline.com
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Mindbody express i pad app check in workflow

  1. 1. Today’s Schedule upon login You can show all classes, or filter only for the classes that you run…. Let’s start with all classes. Then we click on the class we’re checking in for at the moment:
  2. 2. Now our class is sign in is open and ready for attendees From here a teacher can add a current client in the class by hitting Register Client Button
  3. 3. Type in the client’s name You can type in the first name and list of everyone named Randy will pop up…
  4. 4. Student is NOW SIGNED IN Orange check box notes that he’s signed-in Method of Payment is shown below (this might say 10 Pass Card) Yellow or Red Alerts – possible to use these setting to indicate cash-only NOW let’s add a drop-in student who is NOT in our system yet……
  5. 5. Instead of typing in a name…. New Student Button Red indicates what’s necessary to fill in and grey is optional. A nice feature to include is the email opt-in button as well. HIT SAVE, student is added and shows as unpaid.
  6. 6. Drop in Student is added and shown as signed in Unpaid Yoga is indicated and will stay on her account until paid up. (maybe at front desk on her way out, or you can run a weekly report for unpaid items and send invoices with link to online payment options. Options could be … first class free… 10 pass card, etc. Account Coordinators can help you arrange your setup as you like … or you can come back and add options on your own or with the help of 24/7 Customer Service.
  7. 7. A teacher can also uncheck a student if needed Just uncheck the box. There is a way also, to teach your customers to do a self check-in through our Client-facing app, MINDBODY Connect.
  8. 8. At any point you can let someone purchase At the end of the class, you can then run through purchasing directly through the Express iPad app
  9. 9. Payment can be made directly with the app (cash, check, credit card, gift card, groupon, etc. A receipt is emailed to the client or you can sent to a receipt printer.