OSGi Testing : Pax Exam
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OSGi Testing : Pax Exam

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Quick Talk on Pax Exam held at Devoxx 2009 in Antwerp, Belgium....

Quick Talk on Pax Exam held at Devoxx 2009 in Antwerp, Belgium.
Length: 15mins

More in: Technology , Education
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  • 1. OSGi Testing: Pax Exam by Toni Menzel Software Developer at Sonatype
  • 2. Toni Menzel is a contractor at Sonatype Inc. Author of Pax Exam Committer to other Pax Projects Involved into OSGi since 2006 www.devoxx.com
  • 3. Pax Exam uses the extensive Pax Toolchain for OSGi to deliver an OSGi Integration Testing Platform www.devoxx.com
  • 4. Agenda Very fast overview of Pax Toolchain for OSGi Requirements for OSGi Testing Pax Exam Test Anatomy Pax Exam Inside Gems: TinyBundles Demos www.devoxx.com
  • 5. Pax Umbrella project for all OSGi efforts at Pax Web, Pax URL, Pax Swissbox www.devoxx.com
  • 6. OSGi (Integration-) Testing Run our test in a real osgi environment JVM Framework Components Integrate nicely in any IDE, Maven, Ant etc. Support existing Test and Mock Frameworks www.devoxx.com
  • 7. Anatomy of an Exam Test www.devoxx.com
  • 8. More on Configuration www.devoxx.com
  • 9. Running more Frameworks www.devoxx.com
  • 10. Inside: Before Test Spawn a new JVM JVM OSGi Framework IDE Launch Framework incl. Configuration Test Probe Create and Install Test Probe www.devoxx.com
  • 11. Inside: Test execution Bundle1 Bundle2 Trigger Test via RMI IDE Exam Return results Test Probe www.devoxx.com
  • 12. TinyBundles fluent java library to create bundles (and more) on the fly Part of Pax Swissbox www.devoxx.com
  • 13. Exam + Tinybundles = www.devoxx.com
  • 14. DEMO www.devoxx.com
  • 15. www.devoxx.com Questions
  • 16. Thanks for your attention! http://ops4j.org http://paxexam.ops4j.org www.devoxx.com