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Best Practices To Boost Your SharePoint Implementation
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Best Practices To Boost Your SharePoint Implementation


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Your organization has deployed SharePoint as the ultimate collaboration platform that will solve all your problems in a blink of an eye. However you, as the content owner, are still struggling with …

Your organization has deployed SharePoint as the ultimate collaboration platform that will solve all your problems in a blink of an eye. However you, as the content owner, are still struggling with end users and all the SharePoint features. In this session we are going to discuss tools you have at hand and simple and effective scenarios you can implement on your portal. These will help end-users to perform day-to-day operations with ease and to boost the overall SharePoint adoption.
Language: English
Session Level: Intermediate

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Best scenarios to boost your SharePoint implementation
    Toni Frankola
    Perpetuum Mobile d.o.o., Croatia
  • 2. Croatia, Europe
  • 3. Contents
  • 4. Quick poll
    My company is:
    Microsoft Partner company
    Small-Medium business (up to 500 employees)
    Enterprise (more than 500 employees)
  • 5. Quick poll (2)
    SharePoint – implementation status:
    Not installed
    Implemented, but still »work in progress«
  • 6. Quick poll (3)
    We are using:
    SharePoint Services 3.0
    SharePoint Standard
    SharePoint Enterprise
  • 7. Contents
  • 8. The dark project reality
  • 9. What about my SharePoint project?
  • 10. The problem
    10% - SharePoint technology
    90% - SharePoint Content and People
  • 11. SharePoint planning / requirements
    Find out what are the requirements
    Requirements gathering before installation
    Find features that you really need:
    Not every enterprise requires MOSS Enterprise
    Build vs. Buy (
  • 12. SharePoint - Lego® approach
  • 13. SharePoint - Lego® approach (2)
    Take small steps
    Simple collaboration and lists
    Education is not enough
    They must use it
    Customize SharePoint for your »child« age
  • 14. Contents
  • 15. SharePoint as you see it
  • 16. SharePoint as End user sees it
  • 17. Recommended reading
  • 18. - Q&A
  • 19. UX – Navigation
  • 20. UX – Navigation (2)
    Author: Paul Grenier 
  • 21. Interface improvements (3)
    Author: Paul Grenier 
  • 22. Simple clean interface
    Author: James Milne 
  • 23. Contents
  • 24. Eat your own dog food
    SharePoint team should publish a blog
    How-to guides
    Information about new features
    Anything SharePoint relegated
    Document SharePoint installations wiki
  • 25. Eat your own dog food (2)
  • 26. Trick – Information push
    End users prefer to be notified via email
    Push info via »Alert me«
    Subscribe their AD group
    They will not be able unsubscribe
  • 27. Contents
  • 28. Automated Knowledge base
  • 29. Automated Knowledge Base (2)
    Apply this rule after the message arrivesfrom Microsoft Support and contains Re: in the subjectforward to ms-knowledgebase@intranet.local
  • 30. Automated Knowledge Base - Benefits
    Everybody can learn from communication
    New employees included
    Available even when you are Out of office
    Please note: Available with Exchange
    SharePoint Search indexes all the solutions
  • 31. Contents
  • 32. Eat your own dog food (3)
    SharePoint Issue tracking on SharePoint
    Start on top of Microsoft Templates
    Expand as needed
    Email integration
    Custom reporting
  • 33. Issue status
  • 34. Contents
  • 35. SharePoint as self-service HR portal
    WIN-WIN situation
    HR Ideas (some available as Microsoft Templates)
    Annual leaves
    Employee training
    Employee activities
    Employee benefits
    Hiring and firing
    Lending libraries
  • 36. HR application »ingredients«
    A workflow tool
    Security, approvals, calculations...
    My recommendation: Use Nintex Workflow 2007
    Managers looove lazy approval
    Keep it simple
    Try to use simple web forms instead of InfoPath
    Make rich UIs with JQuery
  • 37. Workflow benefits
    Cut approval times shortened
    From days to within 1 business hour
    Reports show you bottlenecks
  • 38. Annual leave approval
  • 39. Nintex view
  • 40. HR Portal
  • 41. HR Portal (2)
  • 42. Contents
  • 43. Project Management Scenario
    Resource: SharePoint for Project Management book
    Implement SharePoint for your PMO
    PMs love to control stuff 
  • 44. How might your site look like?
  • 45. Web Parts
    Project Info
    Tasks by Workflow
  • 46. Calendar aggregation
    Web Parts (2)
  • 47. At PMO Level
  • 48. At PMO Level
  • 49. Aggregating information from subsites
    Aggregating data
    CQWP (SharePoint only)
    Lightning Tools
    Bamboo solutions
  • 50. Advanced Meta-data structure
    Meta data that has:
    Many-to-many relationships
    Hierachies Customer > Invoice > Invoice Product
    Report data
    Best practice:
    Use your own database
  • 51. Contents
  • 52. Internal Phonebook Scenario
    OOTB functionality
    Simple to use
    Access 2007 for printing
    Connect to Outlook
    Sync to your Mobile device
    Bamboo > snyc with User Profiles
  • 53. Internal Phonebook Scenario (2)
    Printing with Access 2007 (OOTB)
    Search Contacts as you type (check my blog)
  • 54. Contents
  • 55. The importance of Search
    * Per 1000 employees
    Sources: Versus – Windows Live Enterprise Search, Dec 2006;IDC – Content Technologies Search Study, 2004-2005;Forrester – The Forrester Wave, Enterprise Search Platforms, 2006.
  • 56. Quick wins
    Search as you Type by Jan Tielens
    Customer: Toni, please remove all other searches, we will use this one from now on.
  • 57.
  • 58. Thank you!
    Toni Frankola